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1. Nikolai Sotirov Nikolai Sotirov Actor, The Legend of Hercules
2. Todor Kolev Todor Kolev Actor, The Goat Horn Bulgarian stage and film actor, singer and showman. He graduated from "Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts" as an actor, just as many talented actors from Bulgaria did. Began his career in 1965, Kolev was best known for his roles in comedies like "Opasen Char", "Gospodin Za Edin Den" and "Dvoynikat" as well as for his songs and shows...
3. Anri Kulev Anri Kulev Director, Den kato gluharche Graduated from VGIK (State Institute of Cinematoigraphy)in Moscow in 1975, with a degree in Animation Graphics. In 1974 - 1993 worked at the Boyana Film [bg] (Animation Studio) as a director and animator. He has made over 50 animation films. 'Hypothesis' won the principal awards in Ottawa; Varna, Bulgaria...
4. Krassimir Kroumov Krassimir Kroumov Director, Pod edno nebe Kroumov studied Bulgarian Language and literature at the University of Veliko Tarnovo (1979) and cinema direction at NAFTA (National Academy of Theater and Film Art) in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1994 he was appointed to teach at the Berlin Academy for Cinema and Television. He has written two novels - 'The Drowning Man' and 'The Spirit of Crime'...
5. Boncho Urumov Boncho Urumov Actor, Strogiyat ot kvartal 'Akatziya'
6. Gulhan Sen Gulhan Sen Director, Gulhan'in Galaksi Rehberi
7. Dobri Voynikov Dobri Voynikov Writer, The Phoney Civilization
8. Perry N. Vekroff Perry N. Vekroff Director, A Woman's Experience
9. Nikolai Nikiforov Nikolai Nikiforov Writer, Edinstveniyat svidetel
10. Yevstati Stratev Yevstati Stratev Actor, A Peasant on a Bicycle
11. Tzenko Minkin Tzenko Minkin Composer, Yosif i Mariya
12. Zhorzheta Chakarova Zhorzheta Chakarova Actress, Mazhe v komandirovka
13. Dimitrichka Zlateva Dimitrichka Zlateva Editor, Dawn Over the Drava
14. Yuriy Arnaudov Yuriy Arnaudov Director, Tzar Ivan Shishman
15. Vesselin Stoyanov Vesselin Stoyanov Composer, Legenda za lyubovta
16. Anna Markova Anna Markova Production Designer, Bay Ganyo tragna po Evropa
17. Ivan Gaydardzhiev Ivan Gaydardzhiev Actor, The Dragon
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