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1. Natalie Lisinska Natalie Lisinska Actress, Total Recall
2. Laurie Kynaston Laurie Kynaston Actor, Undercliffe
3. Jonathan Holmes Jonathan Holmes Actor, The BFG
4. Tim Preece Tim Preece Actor, The Ghost Writer
5. Lee Phillips Lee Phillips Producer, Ten Grand Weekend Lee Phillips is a BAFTA winning documentary filmmaker from the UK. After graduating with a Degree in Art and Design, Lee's first film Beyond the Clouds gave viewers an extraordinary glimpse into the terrifying world of sky surfing. Profiling the lives of British champions Chris Gauge and Tim Porter, this...
6. Lol Crawley Lol Crawley Cinematographer, Four Lions
7. Christopher Goh Christopher Goh Actor, Hunter Killer
8. Justin Pearson Justin Pearson Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Professional Stunt Coordinator and Performer, Justin has stunt doubled many actors in a wide range of productions from Kevin Costner to Sean Bean and Sam Worthington to Christopher Eccleston as well as Stunt Coordinating the action on many television and film productions. At a very young age Justin was thrown into the equestrian world having been born into a family horse business in Shropshire...
9. Paul Jones Paul Jones Makeup Department, Silent Hill
10. John R. Walker John R. Walker Actor, Amityville Playhouse
11. Adam Millard Adam Millard Actor, Peter Crombie, Teenage Zombie Adam Millard is an actor, screenwriter, and the author of twenty-two novels, thirteen novellas, several screenplays, and more than two-hundred short stories, which can be found in various collections and anthologies. Probably best known for his post-apocalyptic fiction, Adam also writes fantasy/horror for children...
12. Charles Darwin Charles Darwin
13. Pax Baldwin Pax Baldwin Actor, Paradise Cafe
14. Damian Anderson Damian Anderson Production Manager, Wonder Woman
15. Charles Dyer Charles Dyer Actor, Rattle of a Simple Man
16. Nic Wassell Nic Wassell Director, Souvenir
17. Thom Robson Thom Robson Music Department, Wizards vs. Aliens Thom Robson is a composer based in the United Kingdom. He has worked with filmmakers from the UK and worldwide. Since 2010, he has worked on a number of award winning short films including 'Sit In Silence', which won the BFI Future Film Award (2011) and was one of the chosen films by Warwick Davis to launch the 'Multiverse' channel...
18. Lou Taylor Lou Taylor Costume and Wardrobe Department, Greensleeves
19. Stephen Griffiths Stephen Griffiths Self, Tellystack
20. David Sugarman David Sugarman Writer, Dialogue
21. Anthony Nutting Anthony Nutting Miscellaneous Crew, Lawrence of Arabia
22. William Wycherley William Wycherley Writer, The Country Girl After he wrote the play, "The Gentleman Master", (1672), it was panned by critics, so in the prologue to his most famous play, "The Country Wife", (1676), he offered the actors, mistresses and matrons to the critics in case this was equally badly received. His last play was, "The Plain Dealer", (1676)...
23. Cheryl Jones Cheryl Jones Actor, Sex Scene
24. James Pinches James Pinches Actor, Julius Caesar
25. Nicolas Wall Nicolas Wall Actor, Eleventh Hour
26. David Hughes David Hughes Actor, The Greatest Miracle
27. Bernard McNally Bernard McNally
28. Ray Holder Ray Holder Music Department, Oliver!
29. Frederick Oakeley Frederick Oakeley Soundtrack, Catch Me If You Can
30. Ron Rogers Ron Rogers Soundtrack, Sisters
30 names.