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1. Sean Bean Sean Bean Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Sean Bean, England's most versatile actor, holds a stellar career spanning every medium for approximately 20 years, in theater, radio, television and movies. This soulful, green-eyed blonde's roles are so varied that his magnetic persona convincing plays angst-ridden villians, as in "Clarissa," passionate...
2. Dominic West Dominic West Actor, 300
3. Sophie Lowe Sophie Lowe Actress, After the Dark Sophie is the daughter of Ian and Anne Lowe and younger sister of brother Sam. Sophie moved, with her family, to Australia, at age 10, and first developed an interest in acting, after appearing in a grade school musical production at age 16. Moreover, Lowe did some modeling in her early teens (she was signed to Chadwick Models)...
4. Richard Coyle Richard Coyle Actor, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Richard Coyle was born and raised in Sheffield, in the UK with his four brothers. He began his career when, studying politics and philosophy at York University (1992 - 1995), he got interested in amateur dramatics and traveled to the Edinburgh festival twice. A decision to raise funds to study at the...
5. Michael Palin Michael Palin Writer, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
6. Judy Parfitt Judy Parfitt Actress, Girl with a Pearl Earring Of regal bearing and imposing stance, British classical actress Judy Parfitt is the possessor of the chilliest blue orbs in all of London and has used them to her advantage over the years with her portrayals of haughty, bossy, scheming and deliciously malevolent patricians. Born in Yorkshire, she was...
7. Thomas Craig Thomas Craig Actor, The Navigators
8. William Snape William Snape Actor, The Full Monty
9. Alex Turner Alex Turner Soundtrack, Safety Not Guaranteed
10. Jessica-Jane Stafford Jessica-Jane Stafford Self, Episode #1.1
11. Brian Glover Brian Glover Actor, Alien³ Brian Glover was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire and used to be a professional wrestler going by the name of "Leon Arras the Man From Paris". He also provides one of the voices for the animated "Tetley Tea" TV adverts. His stage work included seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre.
12. Jarvis Cocker Jarvis Cocker Soundtrack, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
13. Joe Cocker Joe Cocker Soundtrack, Family Guy
14. Tony Pitts Tony Pitts Actor, War Horse
15. Ethel Griffies Ethel Griffies Actress, The Birds The daughter of actor-manager Samuel Rupert Woods and actress Lillie Roberts, Ethel Griffies began her own stage career at the age of 3. She was 21 when she finally made her London debut in 1899, and 46 when she made her first Broadway appearance in "Havoc" (1924). Discounting a tentative stab at filmmaking in 1917...
16. Andrew Hawley Andrew Hawley Actor, Snow White and the Huntsman
17. Geoffrey Whitehead Geoffrey Whitehead Actor, -- And Now the Screaming Starts!
18. Michelle B. Michelle B. Actress, Private Black Label 30: The Scottish Loveknot
19. Patricia Haines Patricia Haines Actress, Blood Beast from Outer Space
20. Vivienne Johnson Vivienne Johnson Actress, Clunk Click Blonde, husky voiced Vivienne Johnson is best remembered for her stint as Mr Grace's Nurse in the smash hit comedy series Are You Being Served?. Her three years of work in the popular series made her a well-known face with British TV viewers in the late 1970s and early 80s. Although superb in the role, some may argue she was there for decoration rather than acting...
21. Maurice Colbourne Maurice Colbourne Actor, The Duellists
22. Skelton Knaggs Skelton Knaggs Actor, Terror by Night Skelton Knaggs was a diminutive, emaciated-looking actor who more or less picked up where the late Dwight Frye left off in the early forties, and created a marvelous gallery of eccentric or sinister background characters in various movies. Two of his most memorable roles: as the constantly grumbling villager Steinmuhl in Universal's "House of Dracula" (1945)...
23. Sharon Duce Sharon Duce Actress, Outland
24. Norman Mitchell Norman Mitchell Actor, Oliver!
25. Emma Atkins Emma Atkins Actress, Episode #1.6906
26. Shannon Beer Shannon Beer Actress, Wuthering Heights Shannon Beer is a young aspiring actress from Shirecliffe, Sheffield. Beer was attending Chaucer Secondary School when the casting director for Wuthering Heights visited the school to audition girls for the part of Young Catherine Earnshaw. Beer auditioned and had to improvise several scenes. Beer won the role and left to film the movie during an eight week shoot in the Yorkshire Dales.
27. Solomon Glave Solomon Glave Actor, Wuthering Heights
28. Tim Shaw Tim Shaw Self, Episode #2.5
29. Enzo Squillino Jr. Enzo Squillino Jr. Actor, Mamma Mia! Enzo Squillino Jr, was born of English & Italian parentage. London. He first gained fame for his role in "Buddy, the Buddy Holly Story "(1989) as 50's rock'n'roll singer Ritchie Valens (of La Bamba fame)- which gained him much critical acclaim - but he gained his reputation as a volatile & comic actor...
30. Junade Khan Junade Khan Actor, India: Hostage to Terror
31. Jimmy Jewel Jimmy Jewel Actor, The Krays
32. Keeley Fawcett Keeley Fawcett Actress, Carrie's War
33. Charlotte Hudson Charlotte Hudson Self, Brainiac: History Abuse
34. Rick Savage Rick Savage Soundtrack, Encino Man Rick was born on December 2, 1960. Rick was with his high school girlfriend Joy Major until the Hysteria tour. He had a brief relationship with stylist Julianna Roberts during that tour. He started seeing Dara Corcoran in 1990 and married her on November 25, 1993. They seperated in 1995. He filed for a divorce in 1996...
35. Andrew Squires Andrew Squires Actor, Heretic
36. Sheree Winton Sheree Winton Actress, First Man Into Space
37. Vicky Powell Vicky Powell Actress, Pink Velvet: The Innocence of Lesbian Love
38. Dianne Lee Dianne Lee Self, Episode dated 25 April 1974
39. Julie Lee Julie Lee Actress, Emmanuelle in Soho
40. Mark Taylor Mark Taylor Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
41. Jessica Ennis Jessica Ennis Self, Daniel Radcliffe/Jessica Ennis/Ricky Gervais/Bruno Mars
42. Kristin Atherton Kristin Atherton Actress, New Highs, New Lows
43. Margaret Drabble Margaret Drabble Writer, A Touch of Love
44. Basil Dignam Basil Dignam Actor, Young Winston
45. Ray Ashcroft Ray Ashcroft Actor, Birth of the Beatles
46. Stuart Golland Stuart Golland Actor, Emmerdale
47. John Du Prez John Du Prez Composer, The Meaning of Life John Du Prez is a musician and composer best known as a past member of 1980's multi-hit New Wave Salsa group Modern Romance (1981-83). The band achieved eight top-forty hits and two hit albums and John - who played trumpet with Modern Romance - even had a song named after him: 'Who Is John Du Prez?', the b-side to the group's hit 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White'...
48. Phil Oakey Phil Oakey Soundtrack, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Born and bred in Sheffield, Phil co-founded the group "The Human League" in 1977. The groups first single "Being Boiled" was released in 1978 (but would have to wait 4 years before hitting the UK singles chart). October 1979 saw the release of their first album, "Reproduction", complete with a somewhat distasteful album cover...
49. Steven Houghton Steven Houghton Actor, Episode #1.7718
50. Alex Blake Alex Blake Actor, Longford Alex was born in Sheffield. He went to Marlborough College, Cambridge University, where he read English, and trained at LAMDA. On television, he has appeared in many popular TV shows including New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, Silent Witness and Inspector Lynley. He has also appeared in a number of major one-off television dramas...
1-50 of 137 names.