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1. Jack Oakie Jack Oakie Actor, The Great Dictator "America's Joyboy," beefy, plump-faced comedian Jack Oakie, was one of the funniest top and second banana jokesters of stage, radio and especially film's "Golden Age." He would accomplish so much despite the fact that he was "functionally deaf" throughout his career and performed primarily with the aid of lip reading or vibrations...
2. Stephen J. Eads Stephen J. Eads Producer, Live Free or Die Hard Stephen Eads (Co-Producer) has been working with Bruce Willis since the early 1990s on such films as Pulp Fiction, Twelve Monkeys, The Sixth Sense, The Last Boy Scout, Death Becomes Her, Striking Distance, Armageddon, The Siege, Unbreakable, and Sin City among others. Eads' associate-producer credits include The Whole Nine Yards...
3. Ox Baker Ox Baker Actor, Escape from New York Douglas Baker, better known by his moniker "Ox" was one of the meanest, vicious, hated and ugliest wrestlers ever. Bald, with a hairy chest, arms and back, Baker would deliberately grow his mustache long and curl his eyebrows up to gain a more "evil" look. It paid off as Baker was jeered and hated by wrestling fans all over...
4. Ann Baker Ann Baker Actress, Meet Corliss Archer
5. Charles Wolfe Charles Wolfe Music Department, The Atomic Cafe
6. Ivadell Carter Ivadell Carter Actor, Jubilo, Jr.
7. Dorothy Dwan Dorothy Dwan Actress, The Wizard of Oz
8. Mrs. Sidney Drew Mrs. Sidney Drew Actress, The Emotional Miss Vaughn Lucille McVey was a writer at Vitagraph when she met Sidney Drew shortly after his wife's death. They married almost immediately although he was more than twice her age. She scripted and he directed a number of domestic comedies, said to be more subtle and wholesome than those previously filmed. After his death she lost interest in films. She died in 1925 after a lingering illness.
9. Clyde De Vinna Clyde De Vinna Cinematographer, Tarzan the Ape Man Educated at the University of Arkansas, Clyde De Vinna entered the film business almost at its beginnings, and became a cinematographer in 1915. He was behind the camera on dozens of films for many different studios, but did much work for independent producer Thomas H. Ince and MGM. De Vinna didn't care for studio-shot pictures...
10. Johnny Luther Johnny Luther Actor, Law of the Northwest
11. Priscilla Moran Priscilla Moran Actress, The Toll of the Sea Priscilla Moran was born into poverty, her parents both ill with tuberculosis at the time of her birth (and from which, neither ever recovered.) Her father owned and ran a small movie house in Sedalia, and she was named for actress Priscilla Dean. When she was barely four, it was suggested that the family move to a drier climate to try to improve their health...
12. Charles G. Finney Charles G. Finney Writer, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
13. Joe Harris Joe Harris Self, Ben Pollack & His Orchestra
14. Fern Carter Fern Carter Actress, Mike Fright
15. Patricia West Patricia West Actress, Broadway Serenade
16. Joel Townsley Rogers Joel Townsley Rogers Writer, Suspense
17. Doug Van Horn Doug Van Horn Self, The NFL on CBS
18. Jack Bland Jack Bland Actor, Juno and the Paycock
18 names.