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1. Melanie Smith Melanie Smith Actress, As the World Turns
2. Michael Patrick King Michael Patrick King Producer, Sex and the City
3. Lizabeth Scott Lizabeth Scott Actress, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Lizabeth Scott was born Emma Matzo on September 29, 1922 to Russian parents in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scott attended Marywood Seminary and the Alvienne School of the Theatre in New York City, where she adopted the stage name of "Elizabeth Scott." After doing a national tour of Hellzapoppin, she was discovered by Broadway producer Michael Myerberg in 1942...
4. Beverly Tyler Beverly Tyler Actress, The Green Years This relatively obscure, sweet-faced "B" level ingénue of the post-war 40s and 50s was born Beverly Jean Saul of modest beginnings in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on July 5, 1927. Her mother was a secretary who secured piano and music lessons for her young daughter. Her father was employed with a typewriter company...
5. Joe Biden Joe Biden Self, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama
6. Byrne Piven Byrne Piven Actor, Being John Malkovich
7. Cy Endfield Cy Endfield Director, Zulu The son of a struggling businessman, Cy Endfield--born Cyril Raker Endfield--worked hard to be admitted to Yale University in 1933. While completing his education he became enamored with progressive theatre and appeared in a New Haven production of a minor Russian play in 1934. He was also profoundly influenced by such friends as writer Paul Jarrico...
8. Desira Pesta Desira Pesta Actress, Chasing Taste Desira Pesta is an East Coast bred visual and performance artist & writer who was raised by two bikers in the woods of Scranton, Pennsylvania. She spent the early part of her life driving tractors, bulldozers, and diesel truck to high school. A tomboy, she spent much of her youth in the woods, which gave way to an enhanced creative inner world...
9. Jerry Penacoli Jerry Penacoli Actor, Galaxy Quest
10. Grace Albertson Grace Albertson Actress, Shadow of Terror
11. Lauren Weisberger Lauren Weisberger Actress, The Devil Wears Prada
12. Charles MacArthur Charles MacArthur Writer, His Girl Friday "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers out there are starving!" When Patrick Dennis's fictional Auntie Mame uttered this pithy observation, she could have been speaking of Charles MacArthur. Charlie never shied away from the feast, and he certainly never went hungry. Arriving in November 1895 in Scranton...
13. Ria Coyne Ria Coyne Actress, Batman Forever
14. Chris Barnes Chris Barnes Actor, Return to Me
15. Amy Wilson Amy Wilson Actress, Kinsey
16. Louise Williams Louise Williams Actress, Gus
17. Todd Senofonte Todd Senofonte Actor, A Reason to Live Todd has been in the movie business for two decades, he is an actor/stuntman/athlete and a man of many talents. He always dreamed of being in movies. With his drive and persistence he was hired on the film Sudden Death in 1994 to be Jean-Claude Van Damme's stand-in/photo double. After a few films he also became Van Damme's stunt double...
18. Joe Van Wie Joe Van Wie Actor, Gentleman Jack Following a spirited and notorious adolescence in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Joe did at stretch a New York University and ended up spending nearly a decade in New York City as an accomplished part of the City's lively film and TV industry. During this time he racked up credits ranging from producing...
19. Robert Reich Robert Reich Self, Inequality for All
20. Ned Washington Ned Washington Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Prolific American lyricist and songwriter, one of the giants of Tin Pan Alley. He contributed numerous popular standards to jazz and to the big band scene. His catalogue includes such titles as "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (theme song for bandleader Tommy Dorsey), the ballad "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You"...
21. Pete Barbutti Pete Barbutti Self, Pete's Place
22. Wanda Hawley Wanda Hawley Actress, The Affairs of Anatol Wanda Hawley was a popular leading lady of the silent era who specialized in sweet romantic comedies and romantic dramas. Due to Wanda's petite status, she billed herself as Wanda Petit for a brief period in her career. She rose to stardom in Cecil B. DeMille films and later starred in films for director Sam Wood...
23. Ann Crowley Ann Crowley Actress, Cinderella '53
24. Walter Bobbie Walter Bobbie Actor, One Life to Live
25. Dylan Hubbard Dylan Hubbard Actor, Bruno
26. Harry M. Leonard Harry M. Leonard Sound Department, The Day the Earth Stood Still
27. Lindsay Barrasse Lindsay Barrasse Actress, Pub Culture Lindsay Barrasse was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her father is a culinary artist and her mother is an art teacher. She has one younger sister. Lindsay's passion in the entertainment business began at a young age. She started creating short films, often casting herself in roles, around the age of 11...
28. Scott Bushnell Scott Bushnell Producer, The Player
29. John Kilker John Kilker Producer, The Paragon Cortex
30. Joseph Fedo Joseph Fedo Art Department, Disturbia
31. William Kotzwinkle William Kotzwinkle Writer, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
32. Judy McGrath Judy McGrath Thanks, Clueless
33. Polly Bailey Polly Bailey Actress, The Hero
34. Emile de Antonio Emile de Antonio Director, In the Year of the Pig The son of a wealthy physician, Emile de Antonio grew up in the tough coal-mining town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and it made a deep impression on him. His sympathies were always with working-class people (although he was a Harvard graduate, he was at times a dock worker, a peddler, the captain of a river barge and a broker in war-surplus equipment)...
35. Alexander Lester Alexander Lester Actor, Signals 2 Alexander Lester was born in Eastern Pennsylvania. His father owned a construction company, and his mother, was a successful Legal Supervisor. Alexander demonstrated his strong personality from the early age, he declined his parent's request for him to play sports, because he was fond of acting, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life!
36. Michael Yanni Michael Yanni Miscellaneous Crew, Enough Michael Yanni was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania and has lived in Los Angeles since July 2001. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Michael worked on the 2000 Britney Spears Oops! I did it again World Tour. Michael became a manager in 2005 after working in the Entertainment and Music Industry for over 10 years.
37. Dylan Jury Dylan Jury Casting Department, The Dark Knight
38. Jeanne Madden Jeanne Madden Actress, Sea Racketeers
39. Brian Stann Brian Stann Self, Urijah Faber vs. Chance Farrar
40. Ann Evers Ann Evers Actress, The Mad Miss Manton
41. Sonny Burke Sonny Burke Music Department, The Wild Bunch Songwriter ("Midnight Sun", "Black Coffee"), arranger, conductor, composer, and record executive, educated at the University of Detroit and Duke University. He arranged for dance orchestras, and was artists-and-repertoire director for Decca Records for fourteen years and Reprise Records for three years...
42. Chad Damiani Chad Damiani Writer, The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards
43. Jean Kerr Jean Kerr Writer, Please Don't Eat the Daisies Author, playwright and songwriter. She joined ASCAP in 1959, and her chief musical collaborators included LeRoy Anderson, Jay Gorney, Jean Ford, and her husband, Walter Kerr. She authored "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and "The Snake Has All the Lines", the plays "Jenny Kiss'd Me", "King of Hearts"...
44. Alex Crisci Alex Crisci Actor, The Harder They Fall
45. Charles Taylor Charles Taylor Actor, The Edge of Night
46. Tim Ruddy Tim Ruddy Actor, Gettysburg
47. Jonathan Lomma Jonathan Lomma Actor, Brain Twisters
48. Robert Pittack Robert Pittack Cinematographer, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock
49. Karl R. Coolidge Karl R. Coolidge Writer, The Fast Express
50. Charles Emmett Mack Charles Emmett Mack Actor, The Unknown Soldier
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