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1. Johnny Arthur Johnny Arthur Actor, My Stars American actor who specialized in timid or whiny characters. He appeared on the stage in England and in the USA, and performed in musical comedy. He began his film work in silents and often worked in the films of Hal Roach.
2. Tessa Markle Tessa Markle Actress, Dysfunktion
3. Lillian Peacock Lillian Peacock Actress, Lemonade Aids Cupid While filming a comedy in 1918, Lillian fell while leaping from one running automobile to another. She suffered severe internal injuries but was able to appear before the cameras again later on. However, during a later filming, the injuries sustained in the previous accident, caused her to become incapacitated and eventually caused her untimely death...
4. Ira Webb Ira Webb Producer, King of the Bullwhip
5. Leonard H. Goldenson Leonard H. Goldenson Producer, Orson Welles at Large: Portrait of Gina
5 names.