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1. Fanny Ardant Fanny Ardant Actress, Paris, je t'aime Fanny Ardent was the youngest of 5 children born to a cavalry officer and his wife. She was raised in Monte Carlo where she was educated at a convent school. A voracious reader, she discovered Proust at age 15 and felt as though his writings were for her. When she was 17 her father died and the shock of his loss never left her...
2. Dominique Pinon Dominique Pinon Actor, Amélie Born in Saumur, France on 4th March, 1955, Dominique Pinon made his first cinematic appearance in 1980, in La Decouverte. Since that time he has gained a somewhat cult status due to his 'rubber' features, gaining roles in French surrealist films. Pinon's most notable roles include Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amélie and Delicatessen...
3. Coco Chanel Coco Chanel Costume Designer, The Rules of the Game
4. Yves Robert Yves Robert Actor, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
5. Karyn Balm Karyn Balm Actress, Cinq jours d'automne
6. Tony Baillargeat Tony Baillargeat Actor, Les déclassés
7. Jean-Guy Talamoni Jean-Guy Talamoni Self, Le vrai journal
8. Jacques Bobet Jacques Bobet Producer, L'âge de la machine
8 names.