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1. Emir Kusturica Emir Kusturica Director, Underground A Serbian film director. Born in 1954 in Sarajevo. Graduated in film directing at the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague in 1978. During his studies, he was awarded several times for his short movies including Guernica (1978), which took first prize at the Student's Film Festival in Karlovy Vary...
2. Goran Kostic Goran Kostic Actor, The Zookeeper's Wife
3. Zana Marjanovic Zana Marjanovic Actress, In the Land of Blood and Honey
4. Mediha Musliovic Mediha Musliovic Actress, The November Man
5. Adnan Haskovic Adnan Haskovic Actor, Twice Born
6. Fedja Stukan Fedja Stukan Actor, A Perfect Day
7. Bekim Fehmiu Bekim Fehmiu Actor, Skupljaci perja
8. Luna Zimic Mijovic Luna Zimic Mijovic Actress, Grbavica Born in Sarajevo, 2nd of December 1991. Her acting career started in 2005 when chosen to play the role of Sara in "Grbavica" (directed by Jasmila Zbanic, winner of the Golden Bear 2006.) It was her first acting experience and she continues to do acting in Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Holland, Austria and Germany.
9. Miraj Grbic Miraj Grbic Actor, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Miraj Grbic was born on July 17th, 1976 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia. Miraj is Film, TV and Theatre actor known for Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011), Halima's Path (2012), The Hunting Party (2007). He was accepted to the Academy of Performing Arts University of Sarajevo where he studied Acting for four years...
10. Alena Dzebo Alena Dzebo Actress, Sabina K.
11. Muhamed Hadzovic Muhamed Hadzovic Actor, Smrt u Sarajevu
12. Tomo Milicevic Tomo Milicevic Self, Artifact
13. Branko Djuric Branko Djuric Actor, No Man's Land He is married to Slovenian actress and singer Tanja Ribic. He has two Daughters, Zala and Ela. From a previous marriage he has a son Filip. He Lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He also has a band Bombaj Stampa. He has Also received several awards including Best Actor - Valencia Film Festiva, Best Actor - Terra di Siena...
14. Goran Bregovic Goran Bregovic Composer, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan In the end of '70s and all through the '80s, he was the leader of the most popular Yugoslav band "Bijelo dugme" (from Sarajevo). They published more than 10 LPs, selling altogether more than 15 million copies. He was the first one to introduce "shepperd's rock" (a kind of folk-rock) into popular Yugoslav music...
15. Ermin Bravo Ermin Bravo Actor, In the Land of Blood and Honey
16. Davor Dujmovic Davor Dujmovic Actor, Dom za vesanje
17. Dragan Marinkovic Dragan Marinkovic Actor, Behind Enemy Lines
18. Srdjan Koljevic Srdjan Koljevic Writer, Sivi kamion crvene boje
19. Radivoje Andric Radivoje Andric Director, Kad porastem bicu Kengur Radivoje Andric, born 1967, a film and television director. Prior to his studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, he directed the performances at the Dadov amateur theatre: "Tomb for Boris Davidovich" (Grobnica za Borisa Davidovica) by Danilo Kis and "Che - the Lasting Tragedy" (Ce-tragedija koja traje) by Dusko Radovic and Matija Beckovic...
20. Brankica Sebastijanovic Brankica Sebastijanovic Actress, Sindjelici
21. Milan Pavlovic Milan Pavlovic Actor, Lud, zbunjen, normalan
22. Jasmila Zbanic Jasmila Zbanic Director, Grbavica
23. Abdulah Sidran Abdulah Sidran Writer, Otac na sluzbenom putu
24. Zinaid Memisevic Zinaid Memisevic Actor, 2012
25. Tatjana Sojic Tatjana Sojic Actress, Lud, zbunjen, normalan
26. Sasa Petrovic Sasa Petrovic Actor, Lud, zbunjen, normalan
27. Toma Kuruzovic Toma Kuruzovic Actor, Sivi kamion crvene boje This film and TV actor, director and writer born in 1930 in Sarajevo. His father worked in the Sarajevo theater as hairdressers, wigs and make-up artist, and his mother as a seamstress. Since actor Tom 1948 ends Teachers school in Sarajevo and works as a teacher for a year. He came to Belgrade in 1949...
28. Danina Jeftic Danina Jeftic Actress, Montevideo, Bog te video!
29. Hajrudin Krvavac Hajrudin Krvavac Director, Valter brani Sarajevo Hajrudin "Siba" Krvavac (22 December 1926 - 11 July 1992) was a Bosnian film director most notable for directing movies from the Partisan film genre during 1960s and 70s. His gift for precise storytelling was visible in his early documentaries and would become a staple of his feature films later on...
30. Pjer Zalica Pjer Zalica Director, Gori vatra
31. Irfan Mensur Irfan Mensur Actor, Jelena
32. Zorana Becic Zorana Becic Actress, Mala nocna muzika
33. Emina Muftic Emina Muftic Actress, Viza za buducnost
34. Vanja Rukavina Vanja Rukavina Actor, Magnesium
35. Ademir Kenovic Ademir Kenovic Director, The Perfect Circle
36. Lana Stanisic Lana Stanisic Actress, Ritam zivota
37. Mirvad Kuric Mirvad Kuric Actor, Viza za buducnost
38. Boris Ler Boris Ler Actor, In the Land of Blood and Honey
39. Zoran Maksimovic Zoran Maksimovic Sound Department, Parada Born in Sarajevo where he made his first steps as a musician, after moving to Belgrade in the early 1990's, he studied at Faculty of Electrical Engineering until Department of Sound Recording and Design has been founded at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1997. There he started exploring sound design as an art discipline...
40. Nada Jurisic Nada Jurisic Actress, Nova godina u Petlovcu
41. Amra Kapidzic Amra Kapidzic Actress, Viza za buducnost
42. Admir Glamocak Admir Glamocak Actor, Viza za buducnost
43. Semka Sokolovic-Bertok Semka Sokolovic-Bertok Actress, Grbavica
44. Miralem Zupcevic Miralem Zupcevic Actor, Dobro ustimani mrtvaci
45. Miroslav Mandic Miroslav Mandic Writer, Short Skin - I dolori del giovane Edo
46. Vanessa Glodjo Vanessa Glodjo Actress, In the Land of Blood and Honey
47. Vesna Malohodzic Vesna Malohodzic Actress, Jedanaesta zapovijed
48. Daria Lorenci Daria Lorenci Actress, Oprosti za kung fu
49. Edo Perocevic Edo Perocevic Actor, Vlak u snijegu
50. Boro Draskovic Boro Draskovic Writer, Vukovar, jedna prica
1-50 of 137 names.