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1. Alejandro Amenábar Alejandro Amenábar Writer, The Others Amenábar was born in Santiago Chile, on the eve of Pinochet's 1973 coup-de-état, such that his mother, who had already gone through the Spanish Civil War, uprooted the whole family and fled back to Spain. He grew up in Madrid and entered the Sciences Information Faculty at Madrid's Complutense University...
2. Tara Holiday Tara Holiday Actress, Mothers & Sons Short (5'3"), but buxom, freckled, and shapely brunette Tara Holiday was born on May 11, 1967 in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Her first job was working as a children's classical ballet teacher. After doing her initial hardcore shoot for the adult website Reality Kings, Holiday started performing in explicit movies in her early 40's in 2010...
3. Paulina Gálvez Paulina Gálvez Actress, El cartel 2 - La guerra total Born in Santiago to a Chilean mother and a Spanish father, both economists, but was raised in Madrid from the age of eight. Started her artistic career as a Flamenco dancer in several companies (Carmen Cortes, Zambra), her first acting work was leading the film Bazar Viena with renewed actor Alfredo Landa...
4. Manuel Alberto Claro Manuel Alberto Claro Cinematographer, Melancholia
5. Pablo Hidalgo Pablo Hidalgo Miscellaneous Crew, Star Wars Rebels
6. Beto Cuevas Beto Cuevas Actor, Borderland
7. Mariana Loyola Mariana Loyola Actress, Dos por Uno
8. Patricio Contreras Patricio Contreras Actor, Santa Barbara
9. Gonzalo Vivanco Gonzalo Vivanco Actor, 2091 Born in 1972 Chile under a government of dictatorship, famed South American actor Gonzalo Vivanco is widely recognized for his versatility, which perhaps is directly connected to the fact that the Chilean-born television and film star has lived in eight different countries. In his first six years, his parents moved young Gonzalo and his even younger brother to Argentina...
10. Raquel Evans Raquel Evans Actress, Emmanuelle y Carol
11. Ingrid Isensee Ingrid Isensee Actress, La Voz en Off
12. Christopher Murray Christopher Murray Director, El Cristo Ciego
13. Monna Bell Monna Bell Actress, Las recién casadas In the mid 1950s Monna Bell was barely in her teens when she took part in a talent-search contest held at Radio Minerias, then Chile's most popular radio station. Her voice and style won over the listeners and she became a regular at the station's live music shows. She was praised by her ability to sing both romantic ballads and swinging jazz tunes and blues...
14. Antonio Vico Antonio Vico Actor, Marcelino pan y vino
15. Claudia Di Girólamo Claudia Di Girólamo Actress, La Doña Claudia Di Girólamo was born on December 30, 1956 in Santiago de Chile, Chile as Claudia del Carmen Di Girólamo Quesney. She is an actress, known for [[La fiera]] (1999), [[Romané]] (2000) and [[El circo de las Montini]] (2002). She was previously married to Cristián Campos and Ismael Frigerio. She studied theater in Universidad de Chile...
16. Lucio A. Rojas Lucio A. Rojas Director, Sendero
17. Marco Bechis Marco Bechis Writer, Garage Olimpo The son of a Chilean woman of Swiss-French origins and an Italian father, he grew up in Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires. At the age of twenty he was expelled from Argentina for political reasons: he landed in Milan and there he lived throughout the 1980s, while also spending lots of time in New York, Los Angeles and Paris...
18. María José Prieto María José Prieto Actress, Machos
19. Antonio de Santos Antonio de Santos Director, Szaman Writer, Visual Artist Antonio de Santos has been devoted to developing the experimental arts, mainly the reconstruction of poetic language through cinema, theater, plastic and literature. It is considered a cursed artist in the 90's generation for their involvement with death, madness and excess. The...
20. Luis Dubó Luis Dubó Actor, The Maid
21. Nicolás Saavedra Nicolás Saavedra Actor, Lola
22. Ignacio Agüero Ignacio Agüero Director, Cien niños esperando un tren
23. Coco Legrand Coco Legrand Self, Ciudad gótica
24. Ricardo Larraín Ricardo Larraín Director, La Frontera
25. Yasmín Valdés Yasmín Valdés Self, Volverías con tu Ex?
26. Michael Tregor Michael Tregor Actor, Drei D
27. Ariel Glazer Ariel Glazer Production Designer, Ha-Kochavim Shel Shlomi
28. Cristián Campos Cristián Campos Actor, Gatas & Tuercas
29. Elvira Cristi Elvira Cristi Actress, Lola
30. Luciano Cruz Coke Luciano Cruz Coke Actor, Gatas & Tuercas
31. Ricardo Carrasco Ricardo Carrasco Director, Negocio Redondo
32. Delfina Guzmán Delfina Guzmán Actress, Témpano
33. Ángela Contreras Ángela Contreras Actress, Amores de Mercado
34. Amaya Forch Amaya Forch Actress, Ugly Me
35. Esteban Serrador Esteban Serrador Actor, Las sorpresas del divorcio
36. Jorge Mateos Jorge Mateos Actor, El libro de piedra
37. Alejandra Vega Alejandra Vega Actress, Malta con huevo
38. Patricia Rivadeneira Patricia Rivadeneira Actress, Vuelve Temprano
39. Gonzalo Justiniano Gonzalo Justiniano Director, B-Happy
40. Humberto Maturana Humberto Maturana Self, Monte Grande: What Is Life?
41. Carlos Tarque Carlos Tarque Self, Murcia Supersónica
42. Francisco Varela Francisco Varela Self, Monte Grande: What Is Life?
43. Bernardo Palau Bernardo Palau Director, Salvarte
44. Sonia Viveros Sonia Viveros Actress, La torre 10
45. Felipe Camiroaga Felipe Camiroaga Self, Animal nocturno
46. Catalina Sofía Negrete Catalina Sofía Negrete Makeup Department, S & M Date
47. Isabel Parra Isabel Parra Actress, No
48. Gabriel Brncic Gabriel Brncic Composer, El crimen perfecto
49. Domingo Guzmán Domingo Guzmán Actor, Buen partido
50. Juan Downey Juan Downey Actor, ****
1-50 of 92 names.