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1. Anna Gunn Anna Gunn Actress, Ozymandias An actress on both stage and screen, Anna Gunn has portrayed a vast array of complex and powerful characters throughout her career. Anna grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico after her parents transplanted the family from Cleveland, Ohio to the Southwest in the late seventies. She discovered acting in a...
2. Adrian Grenier Adrian Grenier Actor, Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
3. Aviva Baumann Aviva Baumann Actress, Superbad
4. Julia Lee Julia Lee Actress, A Man Apart
5. America Young America Young Actress, Electoral Emissions
6. Jeremy Ray Valdez Jeremy Ray Valdez Actor, Constantine Jeremy Ray Valdez has had nearly fifty television and film roles in the last decade. Valdez, recipient of the 2010 Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actor in La Mission, opposite Benjamin Bratt, just completed four feature film projects of which will be premiered in 2013. In addition, he's taking his skills behind the scenes having just produced on his first feature...
7. Lori Nelson Lori Nelson Actress, Revenge of the Creature Lori Nelson began her show biz career at the age of two-and-a-half, dancing in a show in her native Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was voted Santa Fe's most talented and beautiful child, and toured the state billed as "Santa Fe's Shirley Temple." At age four, Nelson moved to Hollywood with her parents and there was named Little Miss America...
8. Mitch Cullin Mitch Cullin Writer, Tideland
9. Megan Pepin Megan Pepin Actress, Center Stage
10. Michelle Tomlinson Michelle Tomlinson Actress, The Cellar Door Michelle Tomlinson was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. Heavily involved in Video Productions in High School, she flipped to the other side of the camera and began Acting Classes while attending Eastern New Mexico University. (Where she earned her BFA in Theatre Peformance.) Immediately upon graduation...
11. Karen Ericson Karen Ericson Actress, Night of the Demons
12. Joe Kapp Joe Kapp Actor, The Longest Yard
13. Milton Kibbee Milton Kibbee Actor, The Luckiest Guy in the World
14. Everette Scott Ortiz Everette Scott Ortiz Actor, The Ties That Bind
15. Zora Andrich Zora Andrich Self, The Aftermath Zora Sabrina Andrich Young. Zora was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico circa 1972 and grew up in Boulder, Colorado with her mother, Vujka Andrich, who emigrated from Serbia (Yugoslavia) in the mid-60s. Her mother got involved in the counterculture movement upon reaching the US and moved to the Southwest...
16. Russell Wait Russell Wait Actor, Ultraviolet
17. Jann K. Engel Jann K. Engel Art Department, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
18. Matt Martinez Matt Martinez Actor, Any Given Sunday
19. Jaslin Diaz Jaslin Diaz Actress, The Initiation of Nikki Jayne
20. Peter Neil Peter Neil Actor, Meet Mr. Callaghan
21. Leroy Petry Leroy Petry Self, Episode #19.6
22. Tami Lynn Tami Lynn Actress, Sweetheart
23. Thaddeus Wadleigh Thaddeus Wadleigh Cinematographer, Who Killed the Electric Car?
24. William Martin Brennan William Martin Brennan Actor, Rock Star Played the drums and managed several rock bands in Albuquerque. Started Western Stunts Unlimited doing western type gun fights and bar fighting in Old Town Albuquerque. Attended New Mexico Military Institute, graduating from High School and Junior College then went on to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) for his BA in Theater...
25. Teissia Treynet Teissia Treynet Actress, The Road to Sundance
26. Zach Condon Zach Condon Soundtrack, The Counselor
27. Karen Koch Karen Koch Producer, Can't Hardly Wait
28. Fabián Chávez Fabián Chávez Actor, Trap at Cordova
29. Matt Sanford Matt Sanford Actor, The Donor Conspiracy Matt Sanford (born 12 September 1985 as Matthew Joseph Rodriguez-Sanford) was born and raised in the arts mecca of the Southwest, Santa Fe, New Mexico. He began acting at the age of nine in the Santa Fe Opera production of "Las Mananitas" and continued acting in local and regional theater throughout his teens...
30. Dante Halleck Dante Halleck Actor, Highway Heartbreaker
31. Ryan Scheer Ryan Scheer Producer, Me & Mr. Wailes
32. Joe D'Igalo Joe D'Igalo Animation Department, Gulliver's Travels A U.S. Army veteran of World War 1, Joe added the D' to his surname after going to Chicago to study art. He began his career as an animator with Walt Disney Studios in 1930, leaving for Walter Lantz and subsequently for Warner Bros.' Schlesinger Studio, where he worked for directors Jack King and Frank "Tish Tash" Tashlin...
33. Christopher Norris Christopher Norris Camera and Electrical Department, Thor
34. Norm Evans Norm Evans Self, Super Bowl VII
35. Tricia Barrett Tricia Barrett Visual Effects, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
36. April Russell April Russell Actress, Fool for Love
37. Hunter Krestan Hunter Krestan Actor, Save Me
38. Russ Noble Russ Noble Thanks, Into the Woods
39. Jake Maymudes Jake Maymudes Visual Effects, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Born August 27th 1979 in Santa Fe New Mexico. His parents are author Linda Wylie and Victor Maymudes. He has one sister, Aerie Maymudes. Jake graduated from Expression's Center for New Media with a BAS in animation and filmmaking. After school he was hired as a digital artist at Industrial Light & Magic...
40. Michael Moxey Michael Moxey Actor, Thicker Than Water
41. Samuel M. Dabbs Samuel M. Dabbs Visual Effects, The Blind Side
42. Adolfo Barela Adolfo Barela Actor, Salt of the Earth
43. Chuck Roberts Chuck Roberts Self, Episode dated 21 June 2007
44. Thomas Riddell Thomas Riddell Camera and Electrical Department, Five Star Final
45. Bryan Johnson Bryan Johnson Director, World Series Open 2006
46. Nick Littlejohn Nick Littlejohn Camera and Electrical Department, El Maya
47. Zac Sneesby Zac Sneesby Sound Department, The Lost Room
48. Peter Indall Peter Indall Thanks, Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman
49. Alberto Crane Alberto Crane Self, UFC 74: Respect
49 names.