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1. Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer Actress, Scarface Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana, California, to Donna Jean (Taverna) and Richard Pfeiffer, a heating and air-conditioning contractor. She has an older brother and two younger sisters - Dedee Pfeiffer, and Lori Pfeiffer, who both dabbled in acting and modeling but decided against making it their life's work...
2. Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan Actor, Chronicle Michael B. Jordan, middle of three children, was born in Santa Ana, California, to Donna (Davis), who works at Arts High, and Michael A. Jordan, a caterer. His middle name means "noble promise" in Swahili. Jordan has starred in two of the most significant television dramas of the past decade. First...
3. Drake Bell Drake Bell Actor, Superhero Movie
4. Robert Webber Robert Webber Actor, 12 Angry Men Over his 40-year career as one of Hollywood's veteran character actors, Robert Webber always marked his spot by playing all types of roles and was not stereotyped into playing just one kind of character. Sometimes he even got to play a leading role (see Hysteria). Webber first started out in...
5. Brett Halsey Brett Halsey Actor, General Hospital Brett Halsey, of the handsome beefcake variety, came to Hollywood during the James Dean era of delinquents on motorcycles. After a series of bit roles, he more or less came into his own in such forgettable cheapjack productions as Hot Rod Rumble, High School Hellcats, Roger Corman's The Cry Baby Killer and Speed Crazy...
6. Bill Medley Bill Medley Self, The Last Boy Scout
7. Ryan Conner Ryan Conner Actress, Paranoia, Inc.
8. Jennifer Tedmori Jennifer Tedmori Actress, The Jet Set
9. John Raitt John Raitt Actor, The Pajama Game One of the top Broadway baritones of the post WWII period, John Raitt maintained an incredibly resilient career that spanned over 60 years, showing remarkable power, range and stamina for a man who defied the odds by concertizing well into his 80s. He was born in Santa Ana, California in 1917, the son of Archie John Raitt and Stella Eulalie Walton...
10. Dani Woodward Dani Woodward Actress, House on Hooter Hill Lovely and lissome redhead stunner Dani Woodward was born Sara Combest on March 7, 1984 at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, Michigan. Woodward attended both Stevenson High School in Livonia, Michigan and the vocational school the Livonia Career Technical Center (she graduated from both schools in 2002)...
11. Al St. John Al St. John Actor, Riders of Destiny Silent-film comic who appeared in dozens of Mack Sennett's early Keystone comedies and would eventually create and star in his own vehicles for other studios. With the advent of sound, he became a character actor in westerns and later the bewhiskered sidekick of B-western heroes like Buster Crabbe, Robert Livingston and Lash La Rue.
12. Barbara Merrill Barbara Merrill Actress, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
13. William Kirby Cullen William Kirby Cullen Actor, The Macahans
14. Matt Leinart Matt Leinart Self, The House Bunny
15. Aaron Harvey Aaron Harvey Director, Catch .44
16. Marita De Leon Marita De Leon Actress, The Wager
17. Shelley Beattie Shelley Beattie Self, First Half Preliminary Round 4: Street vs. Cooley/Montalvo vs. Pepe Shelley Ann Beattie was born in Orange County, California, where she at the age of three suffered from severe hearing loss due to overdose of aspirins; the overdose caused her to lose all her ability to hear in one ear and reduced her ability to hear by thirty percent in the other. This event changed her life at an early age...
18. Wade Boteler Wade Boteler Actor, The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Ubiquitous character actor in scores of Hollywood films from the 20's until his death, very often in the role of police inspector.
19. Ericka Bryce Ericka Bryce Miscellaneous Crew, Superbad
20. Donna Garrett Donna Garrett Stunts, Ghostbusters II
21. Elvis Dino Esquivel Elvis Dino Esquivel Actor, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie
22. David 'Elsewhere' Bernal David 'Elsewhere' Bernal Actor, Alice in Wonderland
23. Mistress Persephone Mistress Persephone Actress, The Hunted Woman
24. Billy Bean Billy Bean Actor, Without a Mom
25. Andy Morrow Andy Morrow Actor, A.I. Artificial Intelligence
26. Ace Guillen Ace Guillen Self, Extreme Championship Comedy Takeover
27. Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly Actor, Once Upon a Time in Queens
28. Dale Fuller Dale Fuller Actress, Greed
29. Taylor Bills Taylor Bills Self, Finding the Ring
30. Lenny Dykstra Lenny Dykstra Self, 1993 World Series Video: Philadelphia vs Toronto Blue Jays
31. Tina Q. Nguyen Tina Q. Nguyen Self, ATLA Pre Pilot Red Carpet Event Interviews Tina Q. Nguyen was born in Santa Ana, CA on June 4, 1993 to Huan and Huong Nguyen and is of the Vietnamese, Chinese, and French descent. At a young age, she had taken ballet, hip hop, cheerleading, piano, and choir. She had competed in national dance competitions in hip hop, ballet, and cheerleading at the age of 9 years to 11 years...
32. Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Soundtrack, Jack Frost
33. Robert Bradford Robert Bradford Producer, Hold the Dream
34. Sokhan Sar Sokhan Sar Actor, Kite Hill Born in Santa Ana, California, Sokhan Sar grew in the "Inland Empire", residing in California. Sar comes from a life of living in low-income neighborhoods and emerged out of a hostile environment to pursue his abilities in art and film. Expressing his creativity through the medium of cinema, Sar moved to Los Angeles...
35. Katie Morrow Katie Morrow Actress, Unauthorized: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story
36. Janet Warren Janet Warren Actress, The Jade Mask
37. Adele Palmer Adele Palmer Costume and Wardrobe Department, The Quiet Man
38. Misa Doi Misa Doi Actress, Party Foul
39. Jon Fordham Jon Fordham Cinematographer, Four Eyed Monsters
40. Nicole Leiter Nicole Leiter Make-Up Department, Pig
41. Mitch Williams Mitch Williams Self, Episode dated 30 September 2009
42. Dale Reynolds Dale Reynolds Actor, Repo Man
43. Jenz Merrill Jenz Merrill Editorial Department, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
44. Roy Estrada Roy Estrada Self, Baby Snakes
45. Nina Alexander Nina Alexander Art Department, Clerks II
46. Norma Nichols Norma Nichols Actress, Fatty's Tintype Tangle
47. Curtis Dean Harrier Curtis Dean Harrier Actor, Abeo Pharisee It's been said it's not where you're from but where you belong. From the field of dreams to the glamour of the silver screen a tried and true Southern California native boy by the name of Curtis Dean Harrier would take heed to an undeniable calling. Born as the son of Mark Raymond Harrier a young Curtis...
48. Troy Sims Troy Sims Actor, One of Our Own
49. Carl Boles Carl Boles Camera and Electrical Department, The Fast and the Furious
50. Isaac Curtis Isaac Curtis Self, Super Bowl XVI
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