8 names.

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1. Victor Rivers Victor Rivers Actor, The Mask of Zorro
2. George Alvarez George Alvarez Actor, General Hospital
3. Ariadna Romero Ariadna Romero Actress, Finalmente la felicità
4. Jorge Gonzalez Jorge Gonzalez Self, Let's Dance Born 1968 in Cuba, he promoted as Nuclear Ecologist at the University of Bratislava / (Czecho-)Slovakia. Yet besides his studies, he jobbed as fashion model, and after the fall of the Iron Curtain he worked with international fashion artists, among them Laura Biagiotti, Versace and Vivienne Westwood. Nowadays he is occupied as a catwalk coach and image consultant.
5. René de la Cruz René de la Cruz Actor, Memories of Underdevelopment
6. Manuel Zayas Manuel Zayas Director, Seres extravagantes
7. Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan Actor, Memories of Underdevelopment
8. Enrique Ferrer Orsini Enrique Ferrer Orsini Music Department, Habana Blues
8 names.