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1. Cameron Palatas Cameron Palatas Actor, Pass the Light Cameron was born in San Pedro, CA, while his father, a US Navy officer, was deployed to the Arabian Gulf. His dad returned when Cameron was almost 6 months old whereupon the family moved to Dad's new duty station in Newport, Rhode Island. Later they moved to Yokosuka, Japan; Monterey,California; and Kansas City, Missouri. However, Cameron always longed to move "back home" to Los Angeles...
2. Anna Sophia Berglund Anna Sophia Berglund Actress, Bad Mother's Handbook Cute, buxom, and shapely blonde bombshell Anna Sophia Berglund was born on April 5, 1986 in San Pedro, California. She's of Swedish descent and has a younger brother. Anna graduated from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Berglund received a degree in Theater from UCLA in 2008 and has studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse...
3. Ray Oriel Ray Oriel Actor, Point of No Return
4. Denise Austin Denise Austin Self, Denise Austin: Hit the Spot (Abs)
5. Gabrielle Evans Gabrielle Evans Casting Director, Garbage Gabrielle attended UCLA with an interest in dance only to move to NYC to dance at Broadway Dance Center. Interning at a local sports show lead to interning at several NYC casting offices. She re-located back to Southern California after the tragic viewing of 911. She began her professional career as...
6. Mark O'Hare Mark O'Hare Art Department, Despicable Me
7. Patricia Barry Patricia Barry Actress, Bored of Education
8. Kevin Elster Kevin Elster Self, Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
9. Christine McCarthy Christine McCarthy Actress, Wedding Blues Christine McCarthy was born Christine Gage on Nov 10, 1985 in southern California. Her father was active duty with the Air Force and she spent her childhood in various parts of the country. At the age of 11, her family settled in the Boston area where she attended middle and high school before heading to the University of Notre Dame to earn her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science...
10. Claire Isabella Claire Isabella Actress, Rift
11. D. Boon D. Boon Soundtrack, Jackass: The Movie D. Boon created the legendary punk rock band, Minutemen, with George Hurley and Mike Watt in 1980. The trio went on to release 11 albums in less than six years and toured maniacally until Boon's tragic death in late December of 1985 caused the group's abrupt demise.
12. Bryan Bagby Bryan Bagby Writer, L.I.N.X.
13. Bob Jay Mills Bob Jay Mills Actor, Better Housekeeping
14. Henry Alvarez Henry Alvarez Art Department, RoboCop
15. Matt Joseph Misetich Matt Joseph Misetich Miscellaneous Crew, Operation: Endgame
16. Jesse Schoem Jesse Schoem Actor, Katydid
17. Tod Modisett Tod Modisett Editor, Behind the Music
18. Glenn Carano Glenn Carano Self, Episode #1.1
19. Ayesha Orange Ayesha Orange Actress, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
20. Christopher J.C. Agajanian Christopher J.C. Agajanian Self, Gone in 60 Seconds
21. Melissa Brooke Powell Melissa Brooke Powell Actress, Shortened
22. Devin DiGonno Devin DiGonno Actress, Carrier
23. Shawn Palmer Shawn Palmer Art Department, Episode VI: It's a Trap
24. Billy Moses Billy Moses Actor, The Hammer Billy Moses was born to Danny Moses and Kathryn Holub on September 3rd, 1988. In 1994, Billy's parents split up due to his father's continued drug use. This setback affected Billy; his academic work suffered and he barely scraped through high school. However, the school years saw the start of Billy's media career...
25. Russell A. Cully Russell A. Cully Special Effects, It's a Wonderful Life
26. Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson Self, Arnold 'Red' Auerbach
27. Matt Chamberlain Matt Chamberlain Music Department, Man of Steel
28. Robb Nen Robb Nen Self, 2002 World Series
29. Julie Bescos Julie Bescos Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty
30. John Olguin John Olguin Self, Port Town
31. Gilbert O. Parra Gilbert O. Parra Miscellaneous Crew, Heat
32. Yuri Kochiyama Yuri Kochiyama Self, Death of a Prophet
33. David E. Rice David E. Rice Director, Lava Lounge
34. John Sliskovich John Sliskovich Actor, Brother's War
35. Yo Murphy Yo Murphy Self, Super Bowl XXXVI
36. Gary Gabelich Gary Gabelich Actor, Joyride to Nowhere
37. Louise Alvarez Louise Alvarez Special Effects, Total Recall
38. Becky Ochoa Becky Ochoa Special Effects, Total Recall
39. Bob Gross Bob Gross Self, Mania
40. Brian Ted Brian Ted Self, Episode #2.1
41. Darin Costa Darin Costa Actor, Vampire Abstracta D. Vincent Costa was born and raised in the Port Town of San Pedro, California on September 28, 1968. Horror and SciFi films being his first love, he was mesmerized by a viewing of Fritz Lang's Metropolis at the age of 12. This film would give him the desire to be an independent movie maker. In high school film courses he worked with Director Doug Scott...
42. Richard Taylor Richard Taylor Writer, The Storm
43. Eugene Amano Eugene Amano Self, 2004 NFL Draft
44. Joe Leitel Joe Leitel Actor, The Case of My Vanishing Master: Part 1
45. Geraldine Barton Geraldine Barton Actress, Hypnotized
46. Gwen Stith Gwen Stith Miscellaneous Crew, Ziegfeld Girl
47. Bill Austin Bill Austin Self, With Love & Respect: A Reunion of the Lombardi Green Bay Packers
48. Jake Brady Jake Brady Actor, The Best Picture Show
49. Max Alvarez Max Alvarez Make-Up Department, Army of Darkness
50. Dickie Post Dickie Post Self, Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers
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