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1. Pete Turner Pete Turner Stunts, The Terminator Grew up in Westport, Connecticut, and graduated Staples H.S. Enlisted in the delayed entry program at 16 for the U.S. Army Ranger Battalion and then later became a member the most decorated unit from the Vietnam War, the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. After active duty, Pete met Bobby Bass who gave him his first job on a Hal Needham film.
2. Steven G. Kaplan Steven G. Kaplan Producer, Fuck Steve's passion for filmmaking arose organically from his travel, life experiences, education and a broad palette of literature. After attending San Diego State University, U.C.L.A. and Oxford University, Steve obtained his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. His early law career was spent as a trial and entertainment lawyer...
3. Candace Garvey Candace Garvey Self, Home & Family
4. Angela de Silva Angela de Silva Actress, Can You Do Me a Favor? Los Angeles native, Angela de Silva, after studying film and sociology at UC Irvine and graduating from The Second City, has appeared in several televisions shows, national commercials, and worldwide print campaigns including 2 Broke Girls, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Happy Endings...
5. Don Eitner Don Eitner Actor, Charlie X
6. Stephan Pastis Stephan Pastis Writer, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown
7. Serenity Caldwell Serenity Caldwell Actress, Triptych-à-Tête
8. Susan Benjamin Susan Benjamin Actress, Who's Been Sleeping in Daddy's Bed
9. Mark Cowen Mark Cowen Producer, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D
9 names.