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1. Lupe Velez Lupe Velez Actress, The Girl from Mexico Together with Dolores del Rio, Ramon Novarro, Lupe Velez and José Mojica as among the few Mexican people who made history in the early years of Hollywood. Vélez career began in Mexico City, where she lived with her mother and sisters. In 1925, while working in a clothes store, Vélez caught the attention of three theatrical managers who were impressed by her beauty and grace...
2. Mike Biaggio Mike Biaggio Actor, Qué bonito amor Born as Miguel Angel Olivares Biagi on September 3, 1977 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. His parents names are Miguel Angel Olivares and Araceli Biagi, and has a sister, Araceli, who is 2 years younger then him, whom he adores. He also has a son, Gibran Daniel, who was born on November 22 of 1997. Ever since Mike was little...
3. Alberto Rodríguez Alberto Rodríguez Actor, WWE Raw
4. Lourdes Reyes Lourdes Reyes Actress, Juro que te amo
5. Gerardo Davila Gerardo Davila Actor, Six Gerardo Davila was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and grew up in Garland, Tx. In his late teens he used his music background and formed a rap group called Latin Royalty that was an opening act around the Dallas scene. He gave up his musical aspirations as a young adult and began his acting career at the age of 29 jumping right into theatre at Teatro Dallas...
6. Mil Máscaras Mil Máscaras Actor, Los canallas
7. Carlos Palomino Carlos Palomino Actor, Geronimo: An American Legend
8. Ana Barbara Ana Barbara Self, Latin Grammy Celebra José José
9. Silvia Derbez Silvia Derbez Actress, Con quién andan nuestras hijas
10. Arturo Martínez Arturo Martínez Actor, La escondida
11. Noé Murayama Noé Murayama Actor, Nazarin Noah Tudon Murayama was born July 4, 1930 in Ciudad Del Maiz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Doctor's son from Japan Masaki Murayama and Maria Teresa Tudon. The third of eight children. He studied to be a dentist in Mexico City to please his father. He debuted at the university theater, then studied acting at the School of the ANDA...
12. Pascual García Peña Pascual García Peña Actor, The Big Steal
13. Gastón Santos Gastón Santos Actor, The Black Pit of Dr. M
14. Emma Roldán Emma Roldán Actress, Hell Without Limits
15. Eduardo Rodríguez Eduardo Rodríguez Actor, Broken Vessels
16. Dolores Camarillo Dolores Camarillo Actress, Tlayucan
17. Emilio Gómez Muriel Emilio Gómez Muriel Director, Con quién andan nuestras hijas
18. Antonio R. Frausto Antonio R. Frausto Actor, Let's Go with Pancho Villa
19. Lupe Inclán Lupe Inclán Actress, El niño y la niebla
20. Claudio Obregón Claudio Obregón Actor, De noche vienes, Esmeralda Obregón began his professional career as a radio announcer in the late 1950s. His screen career began in the 1960s, and he has continued to work in films, TV and the stage ever since. Obregón was one of the actors who rebelled against the ANDA actors' union in the 1970s, forming the Independent Actors Syndicate...
21. Adolfo Girón Adolfo Girón Actor, Over the Waves
22. Icaro Cisneros Icaro Cisneros Writer, Las sobrinas del diablo
23. Patricia Santos Patricia Santos Actress, Aguas blancas
24. Ruben Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Self, Noches tapatias
25. Juan José Ortega Juan José Ortega Director, Frente al pecado de ayer
26. Fermín Rivera Fermín Rivera Actor, The Brave One
27. Omar Flores Sarabia Omar Flores Sarabia Writer, Peyote
28. Marina Herrera Marina Herrera Actress, Los hijos de Don Venancio
29. Fausto Zapata Fausto Zapata Self, Díalogos políticos
30. Angelica Perez Angelica Perez Visual Effects, Life of Pi
31. Roberto Font Roberto Font Actor, Yo no soy la Mata-Hari
32. Juan Frausto Juan Frausto Director, Drive by Mr. Juan J. Frausto is the oldest of his parents seven children. As a young boy he remembers his father taking the family to the show and watch Mexican films and especially all the Bruce Lee's movies ever made. What caught his attention to storytelling were two films by filmmaker Felipe Cazal's Canoa and El Apando...
33. Rafael Gama Rafael Gama Composer, Mexican Sportland
34. Guillermo Hernández Guillermo Hernández Music Department, The Way of the Gun
35. Miguel Álvarez Acosta Miguel Álvarez Acosta Writer, The River and Death
36. Rafael Piñero Rafael Piñero Director, El desconocido Born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on December the 2nd, 1972. Son of Juan Manuel Piñero-Domecq and Rafaela Ortiz de Piñero, the family is in the Chewing Gum Business. He first got into filmmaking at the age of 15. In 1997 he earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University ITESM in Monterrey...
37. Edgardo Resendiz Edgardo Resendiz Director, Años
38. Lupe Alvarado Lupe Alvarado Actress, Around the World in Eighty Days
39. José Martínez de la Vega José Martínez de la Vega Writer, El signo de la muerte
40. Verónica Sánchez Verónica Sánchez Self, Mexico's Next Top Model
41. Antonio Helú Antonio Helú Writer, ¡Cuando la tierra tembló!
42. Jorge Ferretis Jorge Ferretis Writer, La barca de oro
43. Dos Caras Dos Caras Self, World Pro Wrestling TV
44. Jesus Goytortua Jesus Goytortua Writer, Lluvia roja
45. Paola Longoria Paola Longoria Self, República deportiva
46. Gerardo Dávila Gerardo Dávila Actor, The Lottery Ticket
46 names.