40 names.

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1. Gary Scott Thompson Gary Scott Thompson Writer, The Fast and the Furious Gary Scott Thompson is a writer, producer, and director. Among his many films and TV series: writer of "The Fast and the Furious," creator and executive producer of NBC's "Las Vegas," co-developer, writer, and executive producer of TF1 and NBC's "Taxi Brooklyn," and executive producer of NBC's reboot "Knight Rider." Thompson grew up in Pago Pago...
2. Matt Anoai Matt Anoai Actor, WWE Raw
3. Pua Magasiva Pua Magasiva Actor, Shortland Street
4. Al Harrington Al Harrington Actor, Forrest Gump
5. Peter Navy Tuiasosopo Peter Navy Tuiasosopo Actor, The Fast and the Furious
6. Peter Fanene Maivia Peter Fanene Maivia Actor, You Only Live Twice "High Chief" Peter Maivia, originally from Samoa, wrestled for several years in Asia and the United States. He gained his greatest fame as a fan favorite in the WWWF (now WWE), taking on such heels as "Superstar" Billy Graham, Ken Patera, and Ivan Koloff. Maivia though later turned into a heel himself (at the behest of manager "Classy" Freddie Blassie) towards the end of his career...
7. Setu Taase Setu Taase Actor, Crank: High Voltage
8. Monica Galetti Monica Galetti Self, MasterChef: The Professionals
9. Tina Marie Tina Marie Actress, Firestorm
10. Sika Anoai Sika Anoai Actor, Body Slam
11. Shalimar Seiuli Shalimar Seiuli Self, 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment
12. Afa Anoai Afa Anoai Self, Mr. Nanny
13. Jerado Decordovier Jerado Decordovier Actor, Alligator
14. Sam Anoai Sam Anoai Actor, WWE Raw
15. Jerry Groves Jerry Groves Actor, The Ten Commandments
16. Jaiyah Saelua Jaiyah Saelua Self, Next Goal Wins
17. John Kneubuhl John Kneubuhl Writer, The Screaming Skull
18. Musashimaru Musashimaru Self, Ocean's Thirteen
19. Tasi Alabastro Tasi Alabastro Actor, Stuffed
20. Freddie Letuli Freddie Letuli Actor, Holiday Rhythm
21. Sonny Siaki Sonny Siaki Actor, NWA: Total Nonstop Action
22. Pio Sagapolutele Pio Sagapolutele Self, Super Bowl XXXI
23. David Tua David Tua Actor, Documentary New Zealand: Otara Markets
24. Kristi Strain Kristi Strain Actress, Armageddon Boulevard
25. Eugene Wolfgramm Eugene Wolfgramm Soundtrack, The Jets in Hawaii
26. Tau Moe Tau Moe Music Department, Die Dritte von rechts
27. Papaliitele Max Amata Taogaga Papaliitele Max Amata Taogaga Actor, Best of the WWF Volume 9
28. Max Reid Max Reid Actor, The Revolt of Mamie Stover
29. Jesse Sapolu Jesse Sapolu Self, NFL Monday Night Football
30. Sweet Essence Sweet Essence Actress, 1st Time Black Amateurs 1
31. Satini Pualoa Satini Pualoa Actor, Wings Over the Pacific
32. Sonny Schmidt Sonny Schmidt Self, IFBB Mr. Olympia XXXI Sonny Schmidt was a professional bodybuilder. His birth name was Edmond Alten Schmidt. He grew up in Western Samoa. Later Sonny moved to Melbourne, Australia. From early childhood, Sonny was fond of bodybuilding. This was the child who always knew what he would be when he grows up. But he started his competitive career quite late...
33. Ching Cheung Ching Cheung Actor, Long hang tian xia
34. Uluao Letuli Uluao Letuli Actor, On an Island with You
35. Va'a Va'a Actress, Return to Paradise
36. Donald Tauvao Donald Tauvao Self, The X Factor
37. Jack Thompson Jack Thompson Self, Super Bowl XVI
38. Jerry Collins Jerry Collins Self, Undercover Coach
39. Mosi Tatupu Mosi Tatupu Self, Super Bowl XX
40. Ele Opeloge Ele Opeloge Self, Commonwealth Games
40 names.