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1. Mike Flanagan Mike Flanagan Editor, Oculus Mike Flanagan was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1978 to Timothy and Laura Flanagan. The family relocated frequently, as Timothy was in the U.S. Coast Guard, and finally settled in Bowie, Maryland. As a child, he would shoot and edit short movies on VHS. This continued as he attended Archbishop Spalding High School in Severna Park...
2. Mark Slade Mark Slade Actor, Benji Mark Slade was born in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1956, he enrolled at the Worcester Academy, intending to make a career of his great interest and hobby, cartooning. However, after filling in at the last minute for a sick classmate in a play entitled "The Male Animal", he founds himself smitten with the stage-bug and decided to become an actor, instead...
3. Cazi Greene Cazi Greene Actor, The Maze Runner Born in Salem, Massachusetts, Greene spent his childhood performing in anything from talent shows to tap dancing competitions while sports were well in the mix. It was from these experiences that Greene learned that any opportunity is a good one and should be taken. Through these trials he discovered his love for competition and achieving...
4. John Larch John Larch Actor, Dirty Harry Instantly recognizable American character actor with bulbous nose and heavily lined face, who could convey integrity or menace to equal effect. He first came to prominence on radio as (Captain) Starr of Space (1953), using ray guns to combat Martians and alien queens. Beginning in 1953, Larch accumulated an impressive resume of TV series credits...
5. Al Ruscio Al Ruscio Actor, The Godfather: Part III
6. Michael MacRae Michael MacRae Actor, Battlefield Earth
7. Dick Elliott Dick Elliott Actor, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington In the thirties, forties, and especially the 1950's, if a director wanted a short, fat actor to play a windy storekeeper or a raucous conventioneer, he might well cast Dick Elliott. He was one of those actors who, whenever he appeared on screen, often for less than a minute, the audience would think, "Oh, it's that guy." Yet few would ever know his name...
8. Kyle Cooper Kyle Cooper Miscellaneous Crew, Se7en Kyle Cooper has directed over 150 film title sequences, and has been credited with "almost single-handedly revitalizing the main-title sequence as an art form". He is the founder of two internationally recognized film design companies, Imaginary Forces and Prologue Films. Cooper earned a M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art...
9. Lisa Hammer Lisa Hammer Actress, The Sisters Plotz Lisa Hammer is a NY underground film director. She is best known for her surrealist, German Expressionist films and experimental horror-fairy tales, as well as the voice of Triana Orpheus on Adult Swim's hit cartoon The Venture Brothers. She was also lead singer of the gothic rock bands Mors Syphilitica and Requiem In White...
10. Mariana Tosca Mariana Tosca Actress, Christmas in the Clouds Mariana Tosca is an actor, producer and social activist. She sits on the Board of TheTenDollarClub.org, a nonprofit organization which funds poverty alleviation projects in underdeveloped countries and founded the Los Angeles Homeless Coalition, offering shelter, relief and skills training to the homeless population there...
11. Nathaniel Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorne Writer, The Scarlet Letter One of the greatest fiction writers in American literature, he is best known for "The Scarlet Letter" (1850) and "The House of the Seven Gables" (1851).
12. Ben Bornstein Ben Bornstein Make-Up Department, The Fighter
13. Charlotte Fullerton Charlotte Fullerton Writer, The More Things Change: Part One
14. Curtis James Salt Curtis James Salt Director, Mosden
15. Matt Leslie Matt Leslie Miscellaneous Crew, Brick Mansions
16. Matt Geiger Matt Geiger Sound Department, Waiting for the Coroner
17. Stephen L. Antczak Stephen L. Antczak Writer, No Witness Stephen L. Antczak was born in Salem, MA. He grew up in Margate, FL and attended the University of Florida in Gainesville. He moved to metro Atlanta in 1990, where he has lived ever since. He now resides with his long-time girlfriend, Suzi, and their pets. As a writer he has had over 40 short stories published, primarily horror, fantasy, and science fiction.
18. Albin Irzyk Albin Irzyk Self, The Battle of Arracourt
19. Helder Sun Helder Sun Visual Effects, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
20. Frances Raymond Frances Raymond Actress, Seven Chances
21. Rita Stanwood Rita Stanwood Actress, The Ghost Breaker
22. Rebecca Hodges Rebecca Hodges Actress, Loves Me Not
23. Greg St. Pierre Greg St. Pierre Actor, Pizza
24. Raymond Knight Raymond Knight Actor, Signing Off
25. Frank Perkins Frank Perkins Music Department, Gypsy
26. Tim McKay Tim McKay Actor, Pack of Dogs Tim McKay was born in Salem, Massachussetts. He then moved to Windsor, Connecticut, where he attended high school. His father is an attorney and his mother, a school administrator. Two weeks before he was scheduled to attend Roger Williams University, in Rhode Island, he decided to move out to California.
27. Eugene Solow Eugene Solow Writer, Of Mice and Men
28. Jesse Barrett-Mills Jesse Barrett-Mills Director, 7 Men Jesse Barrett-Mills is an award-winning Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. His work has screened at several international film festivals including New York, Berkeley, and Cannes. He is the Founder and CEO of JBM Films, an independent media company dedicated to the production and distribution of feature-length films...
29. Larry Weeks Larry Weeks Actor, This Is the Army
30. Rose Tapley Rose Tapley Actress, Sex Madness Rose Tapley was born on June 30, 1881 in Salem, Massachusetts. She was primarily a stage actress when, in 1912, she was picked to play Queen Victoria in The Victoria Cross. She was 31, an age that some producers would have bypassed an actress, but she was a seasoned performer so she made it rather easily...
31. Ben Turbett Ben Turbett Director, The Voice of the Violin
32. Gordon Russell Gordon Russell Writer, House of Dark Shadows
33. Mike Schmidt Mike Schmidt Actor, Latter Days
34. Norman D. Vaughan Norman D. Vaughan Self, With Byrd at the South Pole
35. John Evans John Evans Sound Department, Twilight
36. Dan Coffey Dan Coffey Producer, CS50 Live
37. Jonathan Poirier Jonathan Poirier Editorial Department, Hellboy
38. James E. Casey James E. Casey Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Farmer's Daughter
39. Bob Thomson Bob Thomson Self, The Victory Garden
40. John L. Cass John L. Cass Sound Department, Bringing Up Baby
41. Marian Babson Marian Babson Writer, Bejewelled
42. Erik Smith Erik Smith Miscellaneous Crew, Fantasia/2000
43. Robert Seamans Robert Seamans Self, Failure Is Not an Option
44. Jim McCarron Jim McCarron Producer, Broken
45. Corinne Bennett Corinne Bennett Miscellaneous Crew, Alma Mater
46. Jim McCarron Jim McCarron Production Designer, Desire Street
47. Ruth Phelps Ruth Phelps Actress, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
48. James W. Croke James W. Croke Miscellaneous Crew, Scream 2
49. Stephen Pizzello Stephen Pizzello Director, Porkchop Playhouse
50. Mary Lou Lord Mary Lou Lord Soundtrack, Zero Effect
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