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1. James Gunn James Gunn Writer, Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri in a large Irish Catholic family. His father and his uncles were all lawyers. He has been writing and performing as long as he can remember. He began making 8mm films at the age of 12. Many of these were comedic splatter films featuring his brothers being disemboweled by zombies...
2. Mykelti Williamson Mykelti Williamson Actor, Con Air Perhaps best remembered for his touching performance as "Bubba" opposite Tom Hanks in the Academy Award-winning Forrest Gump, Mykelti Williamson is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, who has been steadily honing his craft since he first began acting professionally at the age of 18...
3. Erin Marie Hogan Erin Marie Hogan Actress, House of Manson Best known for her roles as Samantha Finley in Paranormal Entity, and Natasha in Hold Your Breath, Erin is no stranger to horror and the paranormal. Erin's parents claim she experienced paranormal encounters as early as the age of three, and spoke with her deceased grandfather on a consistent basis. While Erin recalls informing her parents of these occurrences...
4. Gregg Berger Gregg Berger Actor, Garfield and Friends
5. Jason Sklar Jason Sklar Actor, Wild Hogs
6. Bill Chott Bill Chott Actor, Dude, Where's My Car? From St. Louis, Missouri. An alumnus of Chicago's ImprovOlympic and Second City. Toured the country with the traveling Second City troupe in the 90s. A student of Del Close. Besides voice-overs, commercial work, television and film, Bill continues to perform improv in various shows around Los Angeles (Improv Olympic West) as well as festivals/events in Canada and throughout Europe.
7. Randy Sklar Randy Sklar Actor, Wild Hogs
8. Noah Antwiler Noah Antwiler Actor, Nostalgia Critic
9. Steven Cutts Steven Cutts Actor, Camp
10. Darwin Harris Darwin Harris Actor, Home Alone 3 Darwin is a graduate of Truman State University where he earned a B.A. in Theatre. He caught his bug for acting with childhood buddy Leonard Roberts in a high school production of West Side Story. Darwin's Dad is a minister, his Mom is an elementary school teacher, and his brother Darold is a middle school teacher. Darwin currently resides in Hollywood.
11. Tommy Nelms Tommy Nelms Actor, That's Not Us
12. Joe Camp Joe Camp Writer, Benji's Very Own Christmas Story
13. Devin Mroz Devin Mroz Actor, Beastly
14. Teighlor Teighlor Actress, Fatliners
15. Andrew James Andrew James Cinematographer, Cleanflix Andrew James is a nonfiction filmmaker pursuing uniquely American stories with an emphasis on character and place. He has a BA in English Literature from Brigham Young University. In 2009, he completed Cleanflix, a feature-length documentary about Mormon movie sanitizers re-editing Hollywood films without permission...
16. Ernie Joseph Ernie Joseph Actor, Chemistry Ernie Joseph, is an American born actor from St. Louis, MO. Also a singer and musician he moved to Seattle at the age of 18 and embarked on a musical journey for the better part of the 90's. Having mostly given up on music after spending many, mostly unfulfilled years in corporate America, he decided to get back in touch with his naturally creative side and re-enter the world of acting...
17. Edwin August Edwin August Actor, The Taint of an Alien
18. Russ Mitchell Russ Mitchell Self, CBS News Up to the Minute
19. Earl K. Brent Earl K. Brent Soundtrack, The Ides of March Songwriter ("Love Is Where You Find It"), composer and lyricist, he joined ASCAP in 1946. His other songs include, but are not limited to, "How Strange", "Around the Corner", "Say That We're Sweethearts Again", "Waltz Serenade", "His", "To The End of the World", "You, So It's You", "Serenade", and "Time and Time Again".
20. Devon Arielle Cahill Devon Arielle Cahill Actress, My Antonia
21. Lisa Rachel Harris Lisa Rachel Harris Actress, Osi Lisa Rachel Harris, is a native of St. Louis,Missouri. She is a veteran performer with over 25 years in the entertainment industry. Lisa has appeared in the "Malcolm X" starring Denzel Washington, "The Informant" starring Matt Damon, and most recently, The Whitney Houston Story, directed by Angela Bassett...
22. Kevin 'TONG' McCameron Kevin 'TONG' McCameron Actor, Three Stooges in Stupor Heroes Kevin McCameron has a long history working with the Arts and Arts Organizations in St Louis. He has performed in over 75 Theatrical Stage productions, 5 Feature films, numerous short films, 3 commercials, and organized and hosted The St. Louis Poetry Slam for the past 10 years. In that same time, he has taught workshops & classes on poetry...
23. Robert Baldwin Robert Baldwin Actor, The Girl from Scotland Yard
24. Kyle Billingsley Kyle Billingsley Sound Department, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
25. Richard L. Ulrich Richard L. Ulrich Actor, Splatter
26. Tony Scotino Tony Scotino Miscellaneous Crew, Important Things with Demetri Martin
27. Darcey Rhoads Darcey Rhoads Actress, Shot to Death Actress Darcey Rhoads was born in St. Louis on Valentine's Day. Her family moved to Houston, Texas when she was 5 years old. It quickly became apparent that Darcey would not grow up to be a "normal" sort of girl, when asked what she wanted to be at the age of 6 she quickly replied "An actress-musician-comedienne-gymnast!" She is a classically trained French Horn player...
28. Manon Cleary Manon Cleary Thanks, Real Sex
29. Sara Teasdale Sara Teasdale Writer, New in November 2011
30. Ashley Kelly Ashley Kelly Self, Pontiac American Team Cup
31. Brion Ozim Brion Ozim Miscellaneous Crew, Dumb and Dumber To Writer/ Producer/ Director, Brion Ozim moved to Atlanta, GA in 1993 after graduating from the University of Virginia, where he studied Architecture. After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998 with a Masters of Architecture and working in that field over ten years, he discovered his love and passion for film...
32. Corey Eisenstein Corey Eisenstein Camera and Electrical Department, Man on Wire
33. Melvonna Ballenger Melvonna Ballenger Director, Nappy-Headed Lady
34. Brendan McMullan Brendan McMullan Actor, Diary of a Co-Worker Born in St. Louis, Missouri on July 13, 1981, Brendan was very shy as a child and showed very little interest in acting until he was well into his teens. He did possess a great interest in it, but his desire to act was overshadowed by his inability to come out of his shell. Before that time he had spent years recreating his favorite movie moments alone...
35. Tasha Ledbetter Tasha Ledbetter Graduated from the MU with a B.A. in English; Attended Webster University where she received a Master's in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing and Management; She received her start in the business through legendary Hollywood music arranger, producer and composer Buddy Bregman -the father of Y & R actress Tracey Bregman...
36. Daniel Vassalli Daniel Vassalli Actor, LAX
37. Abby Schwartz Abby Schwartz
38. Rocky Frisco Rocky Frisco Self, Crossroads Guitar Festival
39. James Joseph Raymond III James Joseph Raymond III Self, Jesus Conspiracies
40. Scott King Scott King Scott King is Producer based in St. Louis, MO with experience is event, entertainment and music production. Specializing in live music and entertainment production for large scale events. In 2013, Scott was commissioned by OUT Music Awards (LGBT Academy of Recording Arts)to produce the 9th OUT Music Awards live in New York City, January 2015...
41. Derrick Freeman Derrick Freeman Actor, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
42. Elisa Leighton Elisa Leighton Actress, Vampyre Web
43. Lillian Wechter Lillian Wechter Actress, Gravity
44. Jeff Roorda Jeff Roorda Self, The Allman Report Jeff Roorda is a public figure from St. Louis, Missouri. Roorda retired from a 17 year career in law enforcement after being elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 2004. Roorda was term-limited in January of 2015 after serving four terms in Missouri House. Since 2011, Roorda has been the union business manager and spokesman for the St...
45. Shirmeka Payne Shirmeka Payne Actress, And We're Open Sundays
46. William Holloman William Holloman Miscellaneous Crew, Red Tails
47. Paris E. Drake Paris E. Drake Self, Up on High Ground
48. Andrew P. Koenig Andrew P. Koenig Self, Rescued Nation TV
49. Zack Estes Zack Estes Sound Department, To Kill A Cowboy Zack Estes (Zachary Estes) Was born in St. Louis on January 19th 1990 and continued his education throughout the St. Louis area. he attended High School at Oakville Senior High in Oakville Mo. and continued his education at St. Louis community college. Zack has done work alongside Randy Manning, Gary C. Warren, Janet Mason, and Rob Hahn.
50. Tara Daniels Tara Daniels Location Management, Casualties of the State
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