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1. Maïwenn Maïwenn Actress, Léon: The Professional
2. Saïd Taghmaoui Saïd Taghmaoui Actor, American Hustle Saïd Taghmaoui was born July 19th 1973 in Villepinte, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, to Moroccan immigrant parents. He has 9 siblings. He dropped out of school at a young age and became a boxer; at one point ranking number 2 in France in his category. He met Mathieu Kassovitz with whom he co-wrote the 1995 French film "La Haine" which won the Best Director award in Cannes...
3. Manuel Ferrara Manuel Ferrara Actor, Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge
4. Élodie Fontan Élodie Fontan Actress, Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?
5. Niels Arestrup Niels Arestrup Actor, A Prophet
6. Élodie Bouchez Élodie Bouchez Actress, The Dreamlife of Angels
7. Thierry Neuvic Thierry Neuvic Actor, Hereafter
8. Sabrina Ouazani Sabrina Ouazani Actress, Le passé
9. Raffaëla Anderson Raffaëla Anderson Actress, Rape Me
10. Maria Falconetti Maria Falconetti Actress, The Passion of Joan of Arc
11. Joey Starr Joey Starr Actor, Polisse
12. Anne Vernon Anne Vernon Actress, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Gallic Actress Anne Vernon, who was born Edith Antoinette Alexandrine Vignaud in Saint-Denis, France, on January 24, 1925, is not well known outside of Europe. Following graduation from the Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts, she found work as a model and apprenticed with an advertising designer. Developing an interest in acting...
13. Tabatha Cash Tabatha Cash Actress, Rai Lovely brunette stunner Tabatha Cash was born Celine Barbe to a Japanese father and Italian mother on December 27, 1973 in Paris, France. Since Cash grew up in a very poor family, she resorted to stealing purses and wallets in order to eke out a living. Tabatha was arrested for shoplifting and other crimes at age fifteen...
14. Jean Yanne Jean Yanne Actor, Weekend
15. Catherine Hiegel Catherine Hiegel Actress, French Twist
16. Grand Corps Malade Grand Corps Malade Self, Décroche
17. Manu Payet Manu Payet Actor, Relationship Status: It's Complicated
18. Valérie Karsenti Valérie Karsenti Actress, Scènes de ménages
19. Marie Rivière Marie Rivière Actress, Summer
20. Jean Delannoy Jean Delannoy Director, Inspector Maigret Jean Delannoy began his film career in the 1920s as an actor. By the 1930s he had switched careers and become an editor, then a short-subjects director. By the mid-'30s he was a full-fledged director, and soon garnered a reputation as a sensitive, understated craftsman with a thorough command of the medium...
21. Michel Lemoine Michel Lemoine Actor, Seven Women for Satan Actor, writer, director, and producer Michel Charles Lemoine was born on September 30, 1922 in Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis, France. Michel trained under Rene Alexandre of the Comedie Francaise in the 1940's and toured extensively playing a wide variety of roles in student theater productions. His first...
22. Anne Collette Anne Collette Actress, Who's That Knocking at My Door
23. Henri Decaë Henri Decaë Cinematographer, The 400 Blows Although Henri Decaë gained fame as a cinematographer, he actually entered the film industry as an editor and soundman. Serving as a cameraman in the French army during WW II, upon his release he began making documentaries and directing and photographing industrial and commercial films, then in 1947 made his first feature...
24. Jeanne d'Alcy Jeanne d'Alcy Actress, Bluebeard
25. Jean-Claude Bouillon Jean-Claude Bouillon Actor, Les brigades du Tigre
26. Elisa Servier Elisa Servier Actress, Tendres cousines
27. Boris Terral Boris Terral Actor, Le roi danse
28. Nicolas Aithadi Nicolas Aithadi Visual Effects, Guardians of the Galaxy
29. Clémence Bretécher Clémence Bretécher Actress, Paris 16ème
30. Christian Barbier Christian Barbier Actor, Army of Shadows
31. Émile Reynaud Émile Reynaud Director, Pauvre Pierrot His father was a watchmaker, his mother a schoolteacher. He was taught by his parents, and they believed he should learn whilst having fun. When his father died, him and mother both left Paris for Puy-en-Velay. He became a professor of physics and natural sciences, and taught from 1873 to 1877. During this time he invented the "praxinoscope" which is an instrument that creates optical illusions...
32. Sabine Haudepin Sabine Haudepin Actress, Jules and Jim
33. Guy Decomble Guy Decomble Actor, The 400 Blows
34. Daniel Costelle Daniel Costelle Writer, Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale
35. Denise Vernac Denise Vernac Actress, La danse de mort
36. Christiane Minazzoli Christiane Minazzoli Actress, Madame Bovary
37. Filip Nikolic Filip Nikolic Actor, Pour être libre Filip Nikolitch was born on the 1st of September 1974 in Saint Ouen, France. Though his parents are of Yugoslavian origin, he grew up in Longjumeau (a suburban town outside of Paris, France). He has a sister and brother, Jessica and Såsa (Sacha). He has hazel-green eyes and brown hair. Filip's talents range from gymnastics (he was a champion in France)...
38. Patrick Hernandez Patrick Hernandez Soundtrack, Vegas Vacation
39. Scott Tixier Scott Tixier Music Department, Selma Scott Tixier (born 26 February 1986, Montreuil, France) is an award-winning French jazz violinist and a recording artist. He was born in Montreuil and studied classical violin at the conservatory in Paris. Following that, he studied improvisation as a self-educated jazz musician and under Florin Niculescu then Malo Vallois...
40. Samy Seghir Samy Seghir Actor, En solitaire
41. Yasmine Belmadi Yasmine Belmadi Actor, Wild Side Killed by a scooter at the age of 33, what a sad end for this kid from Aubervilliers who had just got a major role in Goodbye Gary Cooper, in which he had had the opportunity to show all the range of his talent as Jean-Pierre Bacri's son. Quiet desperation had rarely been expressed with such sensitivity and...
42. Alain Goraguer Alain Goraguer Composer, Fantastic Planet
43. Gilbert Roussel Gilbert Roussel Director, À l'est du Rio Concho
44. Roger Lumont Roger Lumont Actor, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
45. Harmandeep Palminder Harmandeep Palminder Actor, Young Tiger
46. Djamel Bensalah Djamel Bensalah Writer, Neuilly sa mère!
47. Lise Delamare Lise Delamare Actress, Baxter
48. Rosine Delamare Rosine Delamare Costume Designer, The Day of the Jackal
49. Jonathan Hazan Jonathan Hazan Producer, Electric Indigo
50. Jean-Marc Tennberg Jean-Marc Tennberg Actor, Fan-Fan the Tulip
1-50 of 145 names.