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1. Daniel Grao Daniel Grao Actor, Julieta
2. Marina Gatell Marina Gatell Actress, Lalola
3. Montse Germán Montse Germán Actress, Laberint d'ombres
4. Ramon Madaula Ramon Madaula Actor, Ventdelplà
5. Javier Ríos Javier Ríos Actor, Noviembre
6. Carlota Olcina Carlota Olcina Actress, Amar en tiempos revueltos
7. Pep Ambròs Pep Ambròs Actor, El olivo
8. Sergi Mateu Sergi Mateu Actor, Hospital Central
9. Jaume Madaula Jaume Madaula Actor, La Riera
10. Mariona Ribas Mariona Ribas Actress, El cor de la ciutat
11. Octavi Pujades Octavi Pujades Actor, Centro médico
12. Rosa Renom Rosa Renom Actress, Poble Nou
13. Àlex Batllori Àlex Batllori Actor, [Rec] 2
14. Lorenzo Llobet Gracia Lorenzo Llobet Gracia Writer, Vida en sombras
15. Albert Madaula Albert Madaula Director, Limon
16. Lluís Villanueva Lluís Villanueva Actor, Plats bruts
17. Jordi Boixaderas Jordi Boixaderas Actor, Poble Nou
18. Sergio Busquets Sergio Busquets Self, ¡Campeones! La Roja
19. Albert Pla Albert Pla Self, Vida y milagros
20. Pep Torrents Pep Torrents Actor, Poble Nou
21. Francesc Bellmunt Francesc Bellmunt Writer, Thanks for the Tip
22. Dani Pedrosa Dani Pedrosa Self, Why We Ride
23. Jaume García Arija Jaume García Arija Actor, Amar en tiempos revueltos
24. Sergio Dalma Sergio Dalma Self, Via Dalma
25. Miquel Calçada Miquel Calçada Director, Afers exteriors
26. Gara Roda Gara Roda Actress, Madison Class of '64
27. Pep Muñoz Pep Muñoz Actor, Hunter&Game
28. Manuel Bocero Manuel Bocero Director, El meu amic Amaruk
29. Alba Madriles Alba Madriles Actress, Madison Class of '64
30. Noé Blancafort Noé Blancafort Actor, Fist of Jesus
31. Sergi Rubió Sergi Rubió Director, Mohamed He has an extensive filmography dating back to 1993, which includes work as both Director and Producer of Shorts and Documentaries, in conjunction with his film studies in both New York and Barcelona. In 1996, at the age of 18, he directed his first feature-length film, Torrella, una vida pel cinema, a biographical documentary on the life of Catalan writer Josep Torrella...
32. Xavier Vinader Xavier Vinader Actor, Garbo: El espía
33. Aida Ten Aida Ten Actress, Rebelión en el campamento
34. Teresa Cunillé Teresa Cunillé Actress, Si te dicen que caí.
35. Jordi Solé Jordi Solé Self, El club
36. Mercè Martínez Mercè Martínez Actress, La Riera
37. Claudia Dasca Claudia Dasca Self, Retransmisión de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012
38. Elisabet Carnicé Elisabet Carnicé Self, Tvist
39. Duquende Duquende Self, Paco de Lucía: la búsqueda
40. Tomàs Pladevall Tomàs Pladevall Cinematographer, Leo
41. Maite Ferrer Maite Ferrer Casting Director, Madison Class of '64
42. Josep Torrella Josep Torrella Self, Torrella, una vida pel cinema A Catalan writer and filmmaker, who dedicated his life to writing books, novels, plays, scripts for documentaries, and essays, and who with a life of love and passion as a cinema-enthusiast worked as a critic, journalist, writer and investigator not only of Spanish Cinema after the Civil Spanish War(with his book "Rodatges de postguerra a Barcelona"...
43. Ramon Tello Ramon Tello Producer, Lisístrata
44. Joan Rufas Joan Rufas Director, Crackòvia
45. Teresa Vilardell Teresa Vilardell Writer, Poble Nou
46. Carles Guarch Carles Guarch Writer, La acera
47. Domènec Vilarrasa Domènec Vilarrasa Actor, La teranyina
48. Xavier Valles Xavier Valles Self, Retransmisión de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012
49. Joan Baptista Torrella Joan Baptista Torrella Self, Torrella, una vida pel cinema
50. Pere Quart Pere Quart Writer, Acte institucional de l'Onze de Setembre
1-50 of 69 names.