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1. Max Ophüls Max Ophüls Director, Lola Montès Director Max Ophüls was born Max Oppenheimer in Saarbrücken, Germany. He began his career as a stage actor and director in the golden twenties. He worked in cities such as Stuttgart, Dortmund, Wuppertal, Vienna, Frankfurt, Breslau and Berlin. In 1929 his son Marcel Ophüls was born in Frankfurt, Germany...
2. Peter E. Funck Peter E. Funck Actor, Drei gegen drei
3. Sabine Urig Sabine Urig Actress, The Grand Budapest Hotel Born in the Saarland, Sabine Urig received her acting education in Wiesbaden and Mainz, and has worked in theaters in Stuttgart, Potsdam, and Berlin. Her repertoire comprises, among others, the roles of Mrs. Peachum in 'The Three Penny Opera', Kalonike in 'Lysistrata, The Odyssee's Penelope' and Faust in 'Faust III'...
4. Alice Liu Alice Liu Actress, Stepmom
5. Fiona Erdmann Fiona Erdmann Self, Ausgabe 6
6. Maria Isabella Kirkitadse Maria Isabella Kirkitadse Uncategorised
7. Kurt Wagner Kurt Wagner Actor, Die stolzen Jahre - 1967-1969
8. Daniel Helfer Daniel Helfer Director, The Record
9. Daniel Fünffrock Daniel Fünffrock Actor, Checkmate
10. Caroline Clifford Caroline Clifford Animation Department, Mulan
11. Markus Rudolf Goerg Markus Rudolf Goerg Director, Wide Asleep
12. Manuel Laval Manuel Laval Sound Department, Mute Witness
13. Florian Opitz Florian Opitz Director, The Big Sellout
14. Gerd Dudenhöffer Gerd Dudenhöffer Actor, Tach Herr Dokter - Der Heinz Becker Film
15. Dominik Hammes Dominik Hammes Actor, Episode #1.875 The German writer and media freelancer was born in 1982 in his homeland's smallest state, the Saarland, where he spend most of his life. He contributed to the local edition of the experimental TV show GIGA for some time as an intern and after that in an occasional fashion as guest and best boy. He also gained experience in the publishing business and supports fellow writers by editing their work...
16. Yves Massard Yves Massard Actor, Main Street Yves Massard was born in 1925 in Saarland, a German region close to the French border, occupied at the time by French troops according to the provisions of the Versailles Treaty. Drawn to the theater, Massard was trained by Pierre Fresnay and started a fruitful career on the boards in such prestigious plays as 'Une grande fille toute simple' (by André Roussin)...
17. Erich Honecker Erich Honecker Self, Waiting for Fidel
18. Tilli Breidenbach Tilli Breidenbach Actress, Große Liebe
19. Hao Li Hao Li Visual Effects, Noah Hao Li is an assistant professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California since 2013. In 2012, he worked at the R&D group of Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm as a research lead, developing next generation real-time performance capture technologies for the virtual production efforts of Lucasfilm...
20. Mathias Kniesbeck Mathias Kniesbeck Actor, Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding
21. Siegmund Nimsgern Siegmund Nimsgern Actor, Nabucco
22. Norbert Berger Norbert Berger Self, Show #291 - Wie Frauen an Dessous sparen
23. Volker Panzer Volker Panzer Self, München '72 - Das Attentat und seine Folgen
24. Stefan Kuntz Stefan Kuntz Self, Kasperletheater mit Stefan Kuntz
25. Gerd Biewer Gerd Biewer Actor, Nachtasyl
26. Mario Lauer Mario Lauer Music Department, Schtonk!
27. Bert Bellman Bert Bellman Actor, Swedish Sex Games
28. Peter Müller Peter Müller Self, Christoph Schlingensief - Die Piloten
29. Klaus Beyer Klaus Beyer Actor, Little Annabelle
30. Esther Bejarano Esther Bejarano Self, Ester Bejerano
31. Bernhard Koch Bernhard Koch Miscellaneous Crew, The Cave of the Yellow Dog
32. Gustav Regler Gustav Regler Writer, Brennendes Herz
33. Sigi Siegert Sigi Siegert Actress, Ants in the Pants
34. Marie-Luise Scherer Marie-Luise Scherer Self, Der kleine Godard an das Kuratorium junger deutscher Film
35. Maximiliane Ackers Maximiliane Ackers Actress, Brennendes Land
36. Peter Rafael Peter Rafael Self, Malta International TV Song Festival
37. Rita Waschbüsch Rita Waschbüsch Self, Leben? Geschenkt!
38. Elke Hermann Elke Hermann Actress, Heiße Träume auf der Schulbank
39. Ferdi Welter Ferdi Welter Actor, Tankstelle
40. Oskar Lafontaine Oskar Lafontaine Self, Nach dem Krisen-Gipfel - Geht's jetzt auch mit Deutschland bergab?
41. Michael Morgan Michael Morgan Self, Episode dated 23 August 2009
42. Joachim Deckarm Joachim Deckarm Self, Sportler des Jahrhunderts
43. Ottmar Schreiner Ottmar Schreiner Self, Episode #2.4
44. Henning Hoffsten Henning Hoffsten Actor, No More School
45. Mara Stange Mara Stange
46. Benjamin Benjamin Actor, Episode #1.875
47. Thomas Wilding Thomas Wilding Self, LOve & MOtion
48. Frank Bohr Frank Bohr Actor, Wilder Westen, inclusive
49. Stella Denis Stella Denis Actress, Auf schmalem Grat
50. Susanne Serwe Susanne Serwe Director, Corpus delicti
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