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1. Alice Braga Alice Braga Actress, I Am Legend
2. Lino Facioli Lino Facioli Actor, Get Him to the Greek Lino was born in Brazil, where he used to live until moving to London in 2005 (aged 4) with both his parents. His father is a graphic artist and animator, his mother an architect and jewellery designer. Being brewed in a creative environment, Lino always showed a very inquisitive nature, and has had since tender age an unusually strong interest in wearing costumes and performing characters...
3. Fernando Meirelles Fernando Meirelles Director, City of God Fernando Meirelles was born in a middle class family in São Paulo City, Brazil. He studied architecture at the university of São Paulo. At the same time he developed an interest in filmmaking. With a group of friends he started producing experimental videos. They won a huge number of awards in Brazilian film festivals...
4. Izabel Goulart Izabel Goulart Self, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
5. Fernanda Andrade Fernanda Andrade Actress, The Devil Inside
6. Débora Nascimento Débora Nascimento Actress, The Incredible Hulk
7. Mariah Buzolin Mariah Buzolin Actress, Hotel for Dogs Mariah Buzolin, youngest child of two, was born in Brazil in 1991. At the age of six, Mariah moved with her family to Chicago, where in less than three months she was fluent in the language. In 2003, Mariah's first professional opportunities began to appear when she won a fashion contest, competing against hundreds of other girls nationwide...
8. Laura Neiva Laura Neiva Actress, Adrift
9. Glenn McMillan Glenn McMillan Actor, Zenon: Z3
10. Jonathan Scott-Taylor Jonathan Scott-Taylor Actor, Damien: Omen II
11. Kátia Lund Kátia Lund Director, City of God
12. Matheus Nachtergaele Matheus Nachtergaele Actor, City of God Matheus Nachtergaele was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1969. He is one of the best young Brazilian actor at the moment. He showed his talent in many beautiful roles, both in cinema and television. For the TV he workes in the TV series "Hilda Furacao" in the role of the transexual Cintura Fina, in the TV series "A muralha" in the role of a problematic and frantic Catholic priest in Brazil of 1600...
13. Neymar Neymar Self, Neymar
14. Daniel Ribeiro Daniel Ribeiro Director, Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho
15. Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna Self, Roda Viva Ayrton Senna da Silva was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to a wealthy family. When he was four years old his father Milton bought him a go-kart, and by age eight Ayrton was regularly competing in karting events. His career progressed quickly, and in 1982 he moved to England to pursue his racing. In 1984 he came to the attention of the whole world by racing in Formula One...
16. Thierre Di Castro Thierre Di Castro Actor, Cesar's Wife
17. Guy Ecker Guy Ecker Actor, Guajira Guy Ecker was the third of five children born to Marion and Bob Ecker. Guy's father was a Wisconsin businessman with a passion for South America. His work with various multinational companies allowed him to live his passion, working not only in Brazil, but also in Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. In fact Guy's brother and three sisters were all born in South America...
18. Bianca Rinaldi Bianca Rinaldi Actress, Sinal Born in São Paulo, Brazil. She trained as a gymnast from ages 8 to 13. It was in 1990 that she became well known when chosen to be a "Paquita" for Xuxa Show. Her career on the show lasted until 1995 when she left to pursue an acting career on Brazilian TV and theater. She received critical acclaim by...
19. Robert M. Rey Robert M. Rey Self, Pits Stops on the Road to Perfection
20. José Mojica Marins José Mojica Marins Actor, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul José Mojica Marins was born on March 13, 1936 in San Paulo, Brazil, to a family of simple means. José's love of movies began at an early age. He spent a great deal of his time with his family at the local movie house, which his father helped manage. By the time he was eighteen, he had completed over eighty films...
21. Kid Bengala Kid Bengala Self, A Primeira Vez do Cinema Brasileiro
22. Helio Castroneves Helio Castroneves Self, Helio Castroneves/Ian O'Connor/Orlando Hudson
23. Caio Blat Caio Blat Actor, Bróder Caio Blat is certainly the most talented young actor in Brazil. His successful career began at age 9, in TV-commercials and guest appearances in educational shows in public broadcast. In 1994, his debut as Young Carlos in the series "Éramos Seis" was well received by the public and critics, but mostly in his local town...
24. Camilla DeCastro Camilla DeCastro Actress, My Girlfriends Cock 2
25. Guile Branco Guile Branco Actor, The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain Like so many immigrants before him, Brazilian Guile Branco sought a better life in America. But once he arrived in the U.S., he discovered the hard realities of being a stranger in a strange land. Nevertheless, a stern dedication to succeed saw him through, and now Guile is living his American dream...
26. Paolla Oliveira Paolla Oliveira Actress, An Extremely Nutty Teacher
27. Gaia Bermani Amaral Gaia Bermani Amaral Actress, I giorni dell'abbandono
28. Reynaldo Gianecchini Reynaldo Gianecchini Actor, Esperança
29. Marcio Rosario Marcio Rosario Actor, The Expendables Brazilian actor, Marcio Rosario, originally from the coast town Santos in São Paulo, worked his way through Television, Theater and Cinema in Brazil. He started acting at the age of 4, and hasn't left the national and international scene since. At the age of 12 he made his debut in the movies, shooting the film 'Young Girl' directed by Wilson Rodrigues...
30. Fábio Assunção Fábio Assunção Actor, Os Maias
31. Monica Mattos Monica Mattos Actress, O Estripador da Rua Augusta
32. Gabriel Liotta Gabriel Liotta Uncategorised The natural talent, charisma, and good looks which Gabriel Liotta exude are aspects that are quickly helping pave his way in Hollywood. Born in Sao Paulo, moved to Los Angeles with his family when he was eleven years old, where in less than three months he was fluent in the local language, English. He was first bitten by the acting bug at an early age...
33. Alessandra Negrini Alessandra Negrini Actress, Two Rabbits
34. Matilde Mastrangi Matilde Mastrangi Actress, S.O.S. Sex-Shop
35. Vanessa Alves Vanessa Alves Actress, Garotas do ABC
36. Mariana Ximenes Mariana Ximenes Actress, The Trespasser
37. Milhem Cortaz Milhem Cortaz Actor, Elite Squad
38. Cristiana Réali Cristiana Réali Actress, Monsieur Hire Cristiana Reali was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on 16 March 1965. In 1987, aged 22, she decided to move to Paris to follow the Florent lesson taught by Francis Huster. Shortly after, she and Francis became a lifetime couple. Together they have two daughters (Elisa, born 4 May 1998 and Toscane, born 20 March 2003). Huster and Réali played together in theatre in Molière and Corneille.
39. Vera Blasi Vera Blasi Writer, Woman on Top
40. Luciana Gimenez Luciana Gimenez Self, Dani Calabresa
41. Eduardo Coutinho Eduardo Coutinho Director, Edifício Master
42. Lucélia Santos Lucélia Santos Actress, Luz del Fuego
43. Regina Duarte Regina Duarte Actress, Desejos de Mulher
44. Helena Ramos Helena Ramos Actress, A Mulher Sensual
45. Rogério Cardoso Rogério Cardoso Actor, A Dog's Will
46. Vivianne Pasmanter Vivianne Pasmanter Actress, Speaker Phone
47. Ana Paula Arósio Ana Paula Arósio Actress, Esperança
48. Nelson Pereira dos Santos Nelson Pereira dos Santos Director, Barren Lives
49. Eliane Giardini Eliane Giardini Actress, Uma Vida em Segredo
50. Fernando Ramos da Silva Fernando Ramos da Silva Actor, Pixote Fernando was the star of only one film in his short life. He played Pixote - a street child - in Pixote. During his short period of fame, Fernando was seen as a symbol of hope for the Brazilian street kids. He grew up in a poor neighborhood of Diadema - a industrial city close to São Paulo - Brazil...
1-50 of 1,715 names.