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1. Abbey Hoes Abbey Hoes Actress, Nena Emily Abigail Ashley Hoes was born on May 20th, 1994 in the city of Rotterdam. At the age of 10 she started taking singing, dancing and acting lessons at the Hofplein Children's theatre. After a couple of auditions for musical she discovered that acting instead of singing was where her heart was and landed a role in a television commercial for Roosvicee soft drink...
2. Gaite Jansen Gaite Jansen Actress, 170 Hz Gaite Jansen (1991) is considered to be one the most talented Dutch actresses of her generation. At the age of 16, she was awarded Best Actress Award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Amsterdam for her role in Luwte. Her performance as a troubled deaf teenager in the acclaimed art house film 170Hz (2011)...
3. Annet Malherbe Annet Malherbe Actress, The Northerners
4. Manouk van der Meulen Manouk van der Meulen Actress, R.I.P.
5. Daan Schuurmans Daan Schuurmans Actor, Volle maan
6. Peter Paul Muller Peter Paul Muller Actor, The Preacher
7. Robert Wolders Robert Wolders Actor, Tobruk
8. Jan Kooijman Jan Kooijman Actor, Verliefd op Ibiza
9. Hans Kesting Hans Kesting Actor, Character
10. Lindsay Zwaan Lindsay Zwaan Actress, My Life on Planet B
11. Jeroen Spitzenberger Jeroen Spitzenberger Actor, Süskind Jeroen Spitzenberger (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1976) is best known internationally for his supporting role in the Oscar-nominated film Twin Sisters. Graduating from the Institute of Arts in 1998, Jeroen quickly became a beloved stage and screen actor. His past credits include roles in local box office hits such as Love is All (Alles is Liefde) as well as popular TV series...
12. Susan Visser Susan Visser Actress, Gooische vrouwen
13. Nasrdin Dchar Nasrdin Dchar Actor, Infiltrant
14. Kate More Kate More Actress, Jekyll & Hyde
15. Joris Lutz Joris Lutz Actor, The Tech Files
16. Ancilla Tilia Ancilla Tilia Actress, Circus 3D
17. Martin van Waardenberg Martin van Waardenberg Actor, De Marathon
18. Bruni Heinke Bruni Heinke Actress, Soldier of Orange
19. Priscilla Knetemann Priscilla Knetemann Actress, Mass
20. Gerard Cox Gerard Cox Actor, Het Bombardement
21. Wilfried de Jong Wilfried de Jong Self, Holland sport
22. Lilly Kerssenberg Lilly Kerssenberg Self, Wetten, dass..? aus Düsseldorf
23. Dirk Zeelenberg Dirk Zeelenberg Actor, Black Book
24. Rick van Gastel Rick van Gastel Actor, The Flying Liftboy
25. Rudolf van den Berg Rudolf van den Berg Director, Tirza
26. Loes Luca Loes Luca Actress, Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
27. Cynthia Abma Cynthia Abma Actress, Saint
28. John Buijsman John Buijsman Actor, ID:A
29. Veronica Doll Veronica Doll Actress, House of Dreams
30. Sacco van der Made Sacco van der Made Actor, De zaak Brument/De zaak Luneau
31. Pleuni Touw Pleuni Touw Actress, Bride Flight
32. Nanouk Leopold Nanouk Leopold Director, It's All So Quiet
33. Marian Mudder Marian Mudder Actress, Jail House Rock
34. Kees Brusse Kees Brusse Actor, Ciske de Rat
35. Pamela Teves Pamela Teves Actress, The 4th Man
36. Annemieke Verdoorn Annemieke Verdoorn Actress, Nieuw leven
37. San Fu Maltha San Fu Maltha Producer, Black Book
38. Ton Vos Ton Vos Actor, De zwarte kogels
39. Ramsey Nasr Ramsey Nasr Actor, The Enclave
40. Patricia Paay Patricia Paay Self, Adam's Family
41. Tim Murck Tim Murck Actor, Feuten: Het Feestje
42. Sieger Sloot Sieger Sloot Actor, Matterhorn
43. Miryanna van Reeden Miryanna van Reeden Actress, Liever verliefd
44. Elisa Beuger Elisa Beuger Actress, Wild Romance
45. Rem Koolhaas Rem Koolhaas Self, Urbanized
46. André van Duin André van Duin Actor, Ik ben Joep Meloen André van Duin was born as Adrianus Marinus Kyvon on February 20th, 1947. At the age of 15 he sent letters to several TV networks, requesting an audition. He's always had the talent of amusing people, imitating celebrities and singing. Unfortunately every network turned him down, because he was too young...
47. Ron Sleeswijk Ron Sleeswijk Stunts, Black Book
48. Janni Goslinga Janni Goslinga Actress, Black Book
49. Wilbert Plijnaar Wilbert Plijnaar Art Department, Despicable Me
50. Mijke de Jong Mijke de Jong Director, Tussenstand
1-50 of 348 names.