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1. Liz White Liz White Actress, The Woman in Black
2. Ryan Sampson Ryan Sampson Actor, The Sontaran Stratagem
3. Dean Andrews Dean Andrews Actor, My Summer of Love
4. Paul Shane Paul Shane Actor, Pilot
5. Barry Chuckle Barry Chuckle Self, Dishing Up Trouble
6. Lynne Perrie Lynne Perrie Actress, Kes Lynne Perrie (7 April 1931 - 24 March 2006) was a Yorkshire based actress and singer. Known as ''Little Miss Dynamite'', due to her vibrant personality, Perrie performed her cabaret act in clubs all around Britain, and in France, Germany, South Africa and the United States throughout the 1960s. In 1964...
7. Darrell D'Silva Darrell D'Silva Actor, Dirty Pretty Things
8. Paul Chuckle Paul Chuckle Self, Driving Ambition
9. Tony Capstick Tony Capstick Actor, In Whom We Trust
10. Duggie Brown Duggie Brown Actor, Kes Duggie Brown is best known as one of the regular comics in Granada's popular television series ''The Comedians'' (1971-1993). Due to his success with the show, Brown became a well known television personality, and was seen on many popular shows of the day including the BBC's ''Stars and Garters'', where he appeared from 1971-1980...
11. Chris Wolstenholme Chris Wolstenholme Soundtrack, Swordfish
12. Jimmy Patton Jimmy Patton Actor, Dishing Up Trouble
13. Howard Crossley Howard Crossley Actor, An Advancement of Learning
14. William Hague William Hague Self, Episode #25.2 William Jefferson Hague was born on 26 March 1961 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was educated at Wath-upon-Deane Comprehensive School and was regarded by many of his teachers as a model pupil - hard-working, well behaved and a credit to the school. It was during his youth that he developed his passion for Conservativism...
15. David Seaman David Seaman Self, Episode #17.4
16. Lewis H. Creber Lewis H. Creber Art Director, Africa Screams
17. Sandy Powell Sandy Powell Actor, I've Got a Horse
18. Michael C. Newsome Michael C. Newsome Actor, Christ in Wood Raised in the mining village of Thurcroft, in what was then the West Riding of Yorkshire, Michael had his first taste of acting when he was 11. He played the March Hare in "Alice in Wonderland", a performance which significantly slowed the healing of a recent appendectomy incision! The production also included a young Steve Watts as the Mad Hatter...
19. Donald McWhinnie Donald McWhinnie Director, Rumpole and the Age for Retirement
20. Avis Dolphin Foley Avis Dolphin Foley Self, The Last Voyage of the Lusitania
21. Nick Hague Nick Hague Director, Simulator Technology
22. Walter Midgeley Walter Midgeley Actor, My Ain Folk
23. Gervase Phinn Gervase Phinn Self, Episode dated 6 November 2013
24. Phil Tate Phil Tate Music Department, Miss World 1990
25. Stephen Brogan Stephen Brogan Self, South Yorkshire: Mark
26. Harley Knoles Harley Knoles Director, The Bohemian Girl
27. David Shenton David Shenton Composer, Beauty UK born violinist, pianist, composer and arranger David Alexander Shenton is one of the most versatile and in demand musicians in the world today. He is the composer of 5 musicals, which have premièred in New York. He is also the composer of more than 100 original works including everything from short piano pieces to full scale orchestral works...
28. Paul Goodison Paul Goodison Self, Episode dated 20 March 2014
29. Michael Bentley Michael Bentley Self, Oxenhall in Four Seasons
30. Justine Greening Justine Greening Self, Election 2015
30 names.