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1. Dmitry Chaplin Dmitry Chaplin Self, Dancing with the Stars Dmitry is recognized as one of the most distinguished Ballroom Dancers and Choreographers in The United States and around the World. A Star Professional on "Dancing With The Stars," an EMMY Nominated Choreographer for his work on "So You Think You Can Dance," and is one of America's favorite dancers...
2. Efrem Zimbalist Sr. Efrem Zimbalist Sr. Self, Efrem Zimbalist & Harold Bauer Playing Theme and Variations from 'The Kreutzer Sonata' by Beethoven Composer, violinist and educator, educated at first by his father and then the Imperial School at St. Petersburg with Auer. He made his violin debut at Berlin in 1907, followed by a tour of Europe. His American debut was with the Boston Symphony in 1911. Thereafter, he joined the faculty at the Curtis Institute in 1929 and became a director there in 1941...
3. Marion Gering Marion Gering Director, Thirty Day Princess Rusian-born Marion Gering was a stage producer and director who came to the US in 1924 as a member of a Soviet trade commission. Making contacts in the theatrical community in Chicago, Gering put on the play "Gas", which was very successful. He stayed in Chicago and founded the Chicago Play Producing Co....
4. Adia Kuznetzoff Adia Kuznetzoff Actor, For Whom the Bell Tolls
5. Evgeniya Glushenko Evgeniya Glushenko Actress, Neokonchennaya pyesa dlya mekhanicheskogo pianino
6. Mariya Syomkina Mariya Syomkina Actress, Dezhurnyy angel. Chast vtoraya
7. Aleksandra Samokhina Aleksandra Samokhina Actress, Volchya staya
8. Sergei Ovcharov Sergei Ovcharov Director, Barabaniada
9. Maddie Bright Maddie Bright Actress, Awry Maddie Bright was born Lidiya Shpachenko in Rostov-on-Don, Russia and spent her early years in a Russian orphanage. She changed her name to Madeleine Lidiya Bright after she was adopted by an American family. Today, she is an American citizen and a resident of Orlando, Florida. A self-described tomboy...
10. Nina Kaptsova Nina Kaptsova Actress, Spartacus
11. Daniil Khrabrovitsky Daniil Khrabrovitsky Writer, Ukroshcheniye ognya
12. Rostislav Plyatt Rostislav Plyatt Actor, Delovye lyudi
13. Andrei Pashchenko Andrei Pashchenko Composer, Chuzhaya rodnya
14. Georgiy Martirosyan Georgiy Martirosyan Actor, Kadetstvo
15. Vera Panova Vera Panova Writer, Seryozha
16. Stanislav Chekan Stanislav Chekan Actor, Brilliantovaya ruka Stanislav Chekan was a Russian character actor best known as Captain Mikhail Ivanovich in the popular Soviet comedy The Diamond Arm. He was born Stanislav Yulianovich Chekan on June 2, 1922, in Rostov-na-Donu, Rostov province, Russia. In 1937 his father, Julian Chekan, was arrested on accusations of anti-Soviet activity under dictatorship of Joseph Stalin...
17. Aleksandr Ivanov-Sukharevsky Aleksandr Ivanov-Sukharevsky Actor, Korabl
18. Aleksandr Rastorguev Aleksandr Rastorguev Director, Srok
19. Elena Produnova Elena Produnova Self, Reese's Gymnastics Cup
20. Sergey Zarubin Sergey Zarubin Actor, Balerina
21. Mikhail Gnesin Mikhail Gnesin Composer, Solntse vshodit na zapade
22. Maria Sazarina Maria Sazarina Actress, Die letzte Fahrt der Santa Margareta
23. Aleksandr Orlov Aleksandr Orlov Actor, Tri tolstyaka
24. Konstantin Nassonov Konstantin Nassonov Actor, Vstrecha na Elbe
25. Jerzy Bossak Jerzy Bossak Director, Requiem dla 500 tysiecy
26. Yakov Segel Yakov Segel Director, S neba na zemlyu
27. Lidia Zamkow Lidia Zamkow Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Skarb
28. Vladimir Grave Vladimir Grave Director, Giselle
29. Igor Vishnevetsky Igor Vishnevetsky Writer, Leningrad
30. Mikhail Bleiman Mikhail Bleiman Writer, Secret Agent
31. Vlada Chigireva Vlada Chigireva Self, Rio Olympics
32. Maxim Staviski Maxim Staviski Self, Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games
33. Maria Krioukova Maria Krioukova Self, Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
34. Irina Litmanovich Irina Litmanovich Art Department, Domashnij Romans
34 names.