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1. Tony Dorsett Tony Dorsett Actor, Blood Equity
2. Babe Parilli Babe Parilli Self, Super Bowl III
3. Carley Corbin Carley Corbin Actress, Soirée Pittsburgh-native Carley has created a unique, in-demand brand in Hollywood. Carley has been in several commercials and major ad campaigns for popular brands, such as "Doritos", "PepsiMax", "Converse" and "Champion Japan". Carley spiraled into the music video world, shooting videos such as Goo Goo Dolls's "Here is Gone"...
4. Jaime Vermeulen Jaime Vermeulen Jaime was born in Rochester Pa to a mother Kathleen and a father that he has not spoken to in over 25 years because of Jaime's Sexuality and will remain nameless to him. He was raised by his mother and his mother's mother Rose all of his life. He has had two relationships one lasting 8 years and the current one with John for 13 years his entire 43 years of life...
4 names.