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1. Elmo Lincoln Elmo Lincoln Actor, Tarzan of the Apes He was the first Tarzan. A former Arkansas peace officer, Elmo Linkenhelt worked in D.W. Griffith's "The Battle of Elderbush Gulch" (1912). In a fight scene his shirt was partially torn off, displaying his powerful chest. Griffith noticed, called him over, and told him "That's quite a chest you have there"...
2. Richard Belding Richard Belding Editorial Department, The Execution of Private Slovik
3. Bessie Wharton Bessie Wharton Actress, Wooing the Cook
4. Besse Emerick Besse Emerick Actress, Welcome to Our City
5. John Chamberlain John Chamberlain Self, Who Gets to Call It Art?
5 names.