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1. Jean-Pierre Jeunet Jean-Pierre Jeunet Director, Amélie Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a self-taught director who was very quickly interested by cinema, with a predilection for a fantastic cinema where form is as important as the subject. Thus he started directing TV commercials and video clips (such as Julien Clerc in 1984). At the same time he met designer/drawer Marc Caro with whom he made two short animation movies: L'évasion and Le manège...
2. Pierre Étaix Pierre Étaix Actor, Yoyo
3. Ludovic Berthillot Ludovic Berthillot Actor, District B13
4. Alain Gagnol Alain Gagnol Writer, Une vie de chat
5. Bruno Balp Bruno Balp Actor, A Real Young Girl
6. Christian Rajaud Christian Rajaud Visual Effects, Splice
7. Hervé Lièvre Hervé Lièvre Director, Une Journée
8. Edouard Carpentier Edouard Carpentier Actor, L'homme en colère
9. Robert Porte Robert Porte Actor, Angélique, marquise des anges
10. Denis Bourgier Denis Bourgier Set Decorator, Brotherhood of the Wolf
11. Patrick Alexandroni Patrick Alexandroni Actor, On est venu là pour s'éclater
12. Irène Jouannet Irène Jouannet Director, Le bon fils
13. Rachel Weinberg Rachel Weinberg Director, La flambeuse
14. Boris Vial Boris Vial Director, Bouton d'or
14 names.