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1. Jens A. Poulsson Jens A. Poulsson Self, Kampen om tungtvannet Jens-Anton Poulsson was a Norwegian officer, born in Rjukan, Norway. He became world famous as one of the twelve saboteurs which stood behind the Heavy water sabotages during the 2WW. He was an officer in Comany Linge, and was trained by allied forces in Britain. Poulsson started off his military schools in 1939...
2. Knut Haugland Knut Haugland Cinematographer, Kon-Tiki
3. Claus Helberg Claus Helberg Self, Kampen om tungtvannet
4. Gunnar Sønsteby Gunnar Sønsteby Self, Strengt hemmelig
4 names.