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1. Anna Chancellor Anna Chancellor Actress, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2. Ronald Colman Ronald Colman Actor, Lost Horizon British leading man of primarily American films, one of the great stars of the Golden Age. Raised in Ealing, the son of a successful silk merchant, he attended boarding school in Sussex, where he first discovered amateur theatre. He intended to attend Cambridge and become an engineer, but his father's death cost him the financial support necessary...
3. Reginald Denny Reginald Denny Actor, Rebecca Sometime in the early 1930s, Denny was between scenes on a movie set when he met a neighborhood boy who was trying to fly a bulky gas-powered model plane. When he tried to help by making an adjustment on the machine, Denny succeeded only in wrecking it. But this launched his infatuation with model aviation, and his new hobby grew into Reginald Denny Industries, maker of model plane kits...
4. David Griffin David Griffin Actor, Battle of Britain
5. Mollie King Mollie King Self, The Saturdays: Headlines Live!
6. Celia Johnson Celia Johnson Actress, A Brief Encounter Stage actress who appeared in a handful of UK films. She is best remembered for her screen performance in Noel Coward's and David Lean's A Brief Encounter, opposite Trevor Howard. This film wasn't released in the United States until 1946, and her subsequent nomination for an Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Leading Role did not occur until 1947.
7. Barbara Lott Barbara Lott Actress, The Pillow Book The daughter of William Lott, who managed Ealing Studios before the Second World War, Barbara Lott trained for acting at RADA. She made her stage debut in 1944 and her first television appearance in 1950. Barbara achieved fame late in life as Mrs Bennett in Rings on Their Fingers and as Ronnie Corbett's mother in Sorry!...
8. Neil Durden-Smith Neil Durden-Smith Self, Episode #3.1
9. Donald Morley Donald Morley Actor, Emmerdale
10. Justine Evans Justine Evans Cinematographer, Earth
11. Richard Dimbleby Richard Dimbleby Self, Panorama
12. Leon Quartermaine Leon Quartermaine Actor, As You Like It
13. Susannah Hitching Susannah Hitching Actress, Episode #2.3
14. Keith Relf Keith Relf Soundtrack, Observe and Report
15. Edwin J. Fancey Edwin J. Fancey Producer, Beyond the Heights
16. Charles Quatermaine Charles Quatermaine Actor, The Auction Mart
17. Robin Wood Robin Wood Self, All About 'The Birds'
18. Colin Dann Colin Dann Writer, The Wood in Danger
19. Sonja Frisell Sonja Frisell Miscellaneous Crew, Verdi: Aida
20. Peter Darrell Peter Darrell Miscellaneous Crew, From Out of the West
21. Horace Shepherd Horace Shepherd Director, A Musical Masquerade
22. Gabrielle Morton Gabrielle Morton Actress, Hampton Court Palace
23. Bernard Freyberg Bernard Freyberg Uncategorised Bernard Cyril Freyberg was born in Richmond, Surrey, on March 21st 1889 - the son of a Surveyor. At the age of two, he and his parents settled in Wellington, New Zealand, and attended Wellington College. He was New Zealand 100 Yards Swimming champion in 1906 and 1910. Despite his future military career...
24. Imogen Holst Imogen Holst Soundtrack, Talk to Her
25. F. Pope-Stamper F. Pope-Stamper Actor, Ghosts
26. George Weedon George Weedon Self, Walk Tall
27. Geoffrey Barkas Geoffrey Barkas Director, Prospectin' Around
28. Lynne Truss Lynne Truss Self, Hamish Macbeth
28 names.