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1. Hope Solo Hope Solo Self, Episode #18.166
2. Terence Knox Terence Knox Actor, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
3. Orson Scott Card Orson Scott Card Writer, Ender's Game Orson Scott Card was born in Richland in the state of Washington. He has also lived in California, Arizona, and Utah. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) and once served for two years in Brazil as a missionary for them. He received a degree from Brigham Young University in 1975 and a degree from the University of Utah in 1981...
4. Nikki Storm Nikki Storm Actress, The Poet of Fierce Secrets Taking Hollywood by storm, Nikki Storm is an Actress, Registered Nurse, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Ordained Minister, Naturist, and an Extreme Diva Consultant. Nikki Storm is a rising star in Hollywood. The sexy Grandmother is often seen out and about on the town. Nikki is blessed to have met and worked with Garcelle Beauvais...
5. Tyler David Tyler David Actor, Platoon of the Dead Tyler was born in Richland, Washington in September of 1986. Shortly after he moved to Ontario, Oregon where he lived for seventeen years before leaving to attend Oregon State University. He attended Ontario High School where he played soccer, basketball, football, and baseball. He was also his high school senior class Vice President...
6. Kyle Kenneth Batter Kyle Kenneth Batter Music Department, 88 Minutes Kyle Kenneth Batter began his musical training at an early age taking lessons on piano and upright bass. While growing up he performed in his school jazz ensemble. At the age of 19 he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music as a dual degree in traditional composition and film scoring...
7. Gary Edelen Gary Edelen Stunts, The Vanishing
8. Doug Crawford Doug Crawford Art Department, The Hangover
9. William J. Hodgson William J. Hodgson Editor, Sidewalks Entertainment
10. Shannon Corder Shannon Corder Writer, But Seriously, Folks
11. Carl Ekern Carl Ekern Self, Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers
12. Clint Berquist Clint Berquist Director, Swamper
13. David G. Foster David G. Foster Miscellaneous Crew, Clockwork Infinity
14. Tyler Brayton Tyler Brayton Self, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers
14 names.