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1. Francesca Eastwood Francesca Eastwood Actress, True Crime
2. Ashley Parker Angel Ashley Parker Angel Self, Making the Band Born in Redding, California, Ashley spent his early years growing up in the rural back-country of Northern California. Drawn towards performing by the age of 5, he spent his entire childhood performing in musical and theater productions. As a young teenager, after being hired as a voice-actor in several Playstation roles playing games, he began taking private acting lessons...
3. John Balma John Balma Actor, Stick It Raised to be a cowboy, John fled his family's horse-drawn dreams and headed to San Francisco to pursue a career in theater. Trained at San Francisco State University, John was a founding member of both Reflex Action Theater and the legendary Z Collective. While in SF he appeared in over 30 productions at Berkeley Rep...
4. Ryan R. Johnson Ryan R. Johnson Producer, Edmond Johnson grew up in Boise, Idaho, attended Whittier College in Whittier, California started out as the Green Power Ranger on the TV series then worked in physical production and development for Mandalay Pictures before leaving to independently produce, forming Pretty Dangerous Films in 2003, then joined Night Fox Entertainment as President of Production...
5. Anthony Lee Anthony Lee Actor, Liar Liar
6. Alexa Von Tess Alexa Von Tess Actress, Barely Legal 70
7. Stephen Haynes Stephen Haynes Actor, Against the Dark
8. Elizabeth Huddle Elizabeth Huddle Actress, Joyful Partaking
9. Kevin Sharp Kevin Sharp Actor, Annabelle's Wish
10. Reece Morgan Reece Morgan Actor, Carnival
11. Matt Hutchinson Matt Hutchinson Music Department, Humpday
12. Buck Martinez Buck Martinez Self, Game 2
13. Gia Givanna Gia Givanna Actress, Abominable Black Man 9
14. Megan Niessink Megan Niessink Actress, Mission Briefing Megan Niessink was born and raised in Redding, California. Megan's interest in theater began at an early age. Starting in junior high, she immersed herself in school productions, taking on various roles including starring, writing, and co-directing. Her high school awarded her a plaque and a scholarship for her work in the theater department...
15. Matthew Kennedy Matthew Kennedy Actor, Urban Jungle
16. Paul Howard Paul Howard Self, Super Bowl XII
17. Dustin Lane Dustin Lane Director, The Purest Blue Writer/Director Dustin Lane was born in Redding, California. Although he considers Seattle, WA. his hometown, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Sherry Lee. He has directed Music Videos for The Lords of Altamont, Saint LowJoy, Tahir Jahi, Fight Dirty and Kip Green. Before completing his first feature film...
18. Ray Garton Ray Garton Writer, The Profane Exhibit Acclaimed writer Ray Garton was born on December 2, 1962 in Redding, California. Garton first fell in love with the horror genre after seeing William Castle's classic fright feature "Thirteen Ghosts." Ray avidly read all sorts of writing as a kid and started writing all kinds of short stories as he got older...
19. Eric Reinhard Eric Reinhard Visual Effects, Blade
20. Kristi Corbett Kristi Corbett Editor, Acedia
21. Wellington Honn Wellington Honn Special Effects, Spencer's Mountain
22. Bill Koning Bill Koning Writer, Silo Killer
23. Gordon Head Gordon Head Camera and Electrical Department, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
23 names.