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1. Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Writer, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Born and raised in New Jersey and very proud of it; this fact can be seen in all of his movies. His first movie, Clerks., was filmed in the convenience store in which Smith worked. He was only allowed to shoot at night after the store closed. This movie won the highest award at the Sundance film festival and was brought to theaters by Miramax...
2. Peter Dobson Peter Dobson Actor, Forrest Gump Born in Red Bank New Jersey, Peter Dobson illustrious acting career began at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Lee Strasberg institute in New York City. Dobson went on to join the summer stock Royal Shakespeare Company in Monterey CA. Soon After Dobson Headed to Los Angeles and began studying with acting coach Sandra Seacat...
3. Natalie Schafer Natalie Schafer Actress, Anastasia Natalie Schafer got her start doing Broadway plays then making the move to the big screen. Even before Gilligan's Island, she was typecast in roles as society women, or elegant, fashionable ladies. It was her role as "Eunice 'Lovey' Wentworth Howell" wife of multi-millionaire Thurston Howell III, that she was best known for...
4. Billy Van Zandt Billy Van Zandt Producer, I Love Lucy: The Very First Show
5. Harley Quinn Smith Harley Quinn Smith Thanks, Clerks II
6. Walter Flanagan Walter Flanagan Actor, Clerks.
7. Lori Rom Lori Rom Actress, He Got Game
8. Josh Heald Josh Heald Writer, Hot Tub Time Machine
9. Joe Basile Joe Basile Actor, Body Shots
10. Count Basie Count Basie Soundtrack, Pearl Harbor The famed composer ("One O'Clock Jump", "Two O'Clock Jump", "Jumpin' at the Woodside"), pianist, songwriter and bandleader began as an accompanist to vaudeville acts. He joined the Bennie Moten orchestra in Kansas City, later organizing his own orchestra and performing on radio. In 1936 he came to New York...
11. Benjamin Davis Benjamin Davis Actor, The Fat Boy Chronicles
12. Dan Gerrity Dan Gerrity Actor, The Spirit Both an actor and writer, Gerrity is a proud recipient of multiple Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and LA Weekly Awards for his many stage appearances, most notably "Melody Jones: A Striptease in Two Acts" which he co-wrote with Jeremy Lawrence. He has appeared both on and off B'way and in regional theaters around the US...
13. Pete Capella Pete Capella Actor, Never Among Friends A Middletown, New Jersey native, Pete has been acting his entire life. He graduated college with a BA in Theater and Communications. At age 16, Pete became a performer in New Jersey's premiere improvisational comedy troupe, Improv Jam Comedy Labs. He eventually became artistic director of the troupe...
14. Kim Fowley Kim Fowley Soundtrack, RocknRolla
15. Brion Hambel Brion Hambel Producer, Natural Selection
16. Valentine Miele Valentine Miele Actor, Tromeo and Juliet Son of Joan and Joseph V. Miele. Raised in West Keansburg, New Jersey, he left to study theater at Chicago's DePaul University after expulsion from Rutger's. Performed onstage in Chicago and NYC before moving to Los Angeles in 2000.
17. James Cole James Cole Producer, Faster!
18. Nate Coker Nate Coker Actor, Monday Morning
19. David Wojnarowicz David Wojnarowicz Actor, Where Evil Dwells David Wojnarowicz known more for his writing, art and AIDS activism than his acting. Born in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1954, into a terrible family setting. His father abused David and the rest of the family, occasionally brandishing a gun and shooting the house up. Left home by 16 and relocated to NYC...
20. Michael Townsend Wright Michael Townsend Wright Actor, The Life and Times of Charlie Putz
21. Eric Hackler Eric Hackler Cinematographer, Misfire
22. Jonathan Gorman Jonathan Gorman Director, Bikini Bloodbath
23. Ricky Fosheim Ricky Fosheim Cinematographer, Delivered
24. Michael DeGrandis Michael DeGrandis Cinematographer, The Casting Couch
25. Dan Milner Dan Milner Miscellaneous Crew, Spider-Man
26. Annie Donato Annie Donato Actress, Scarlet Moon
27. Gye Di Capua Gye Di Capua Actor, Shooting LA
28. Mike Olenick Mike Olenick Editor, The Son of Samsonite
29. Alexis Arnold Alexis Arnold Miscellaneous Crew, 25th Hour
30. David Wyndorf David Wyndorf Soundtrack, Soldier
31. Aaron Shore Aaron Shore Writer, Snowking Avenue Aaron Shore was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. Film has been his passion since he was only 2. The first movie he watched from start to finish was "Ghostbusters", a film which would affect Aaron from then on about movie making. He began writing screenplays at the age of 12, thanks to the influence of stuntman/stunt coordinator...
32. Kevin Keiser Kevin Keiser Cinematographer, The Grid
33. David C. Cobb David C. Cobb Writer, Men in Black Alien Attack
34. Edward Thomas Edward Thomas Actor, An Unexpected Review
35. Brian Joseph Gleitz Brian Joseph Gleitz Actor, Breaking Her Will
36. Sean Dawkins Sean Dawkins Self, Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
37. Tashea Lowery Tashea Lowery Actress, The Negro Zone Tashea Lowery was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. Growing up she aspired to be an actress but did not have the means in her small town of Red Bank, NJ. She moved to Philadelphia while still in her teens and attended Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia. She received her first chance at acting...
38. Glenn Papp Glenn Papp Actor, Trans
39. J. Carlos Gonzalez J. Carlos Gonzalez Art Department, War Story
40. Maria Setaro Maria Setaro Actress, Sensitivity
41. Kevin Pellegrinelli Kevin Pellegrinelli Actor, Buildings, Boats, and the Dead Kevin Pellegrinelli was born in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1986. He grew up in the small town of Brick, NJ, where his early exposure to music and film sent him on his current path. Before his teens, he was already inspired by the work of Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, and Sergio Leone. He began writing screenplays toward the end of middle school...
42. Michelle Diamond Michelle Diamond Self, Playboy: College Girls
43. Jason Monma Jason Monma Self, Rock and R.O.
44. Elizabeth Clare Prophet Elizabeth Clare Prophet Self, Aliens from Spaceship Earth
45. Charlie Jonsen Charlie Jonsen Actor, Dead Dogs Lie
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