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1. Raymond Hatton Raymond Hatton Actor, In Cold Blood The son of a physician, Raymond Hatton entered films in 1909, eventually appearing in almost 500 other pictures. In early silents he formed a comedy team with big, burly Wallace Beery. He was best known as the tobacco-chewing, rip-snorting Rusty Joslin in the Three Mesquiteers series. He was also in the Rough Riders series and appeared as Johnny Mack Brown's sidekick as well...
2. Stephen Shortridge Stephen Shortridge Actor, Say Anything... Stephen Shortridge was born in Iowa and raised in Southern California. Stephen excelled in art throughout his schooling but had mainly studied commercial art. He took his first painting class while attending Idaho State University on a Water Polo Scholarship - Stephen was an All-American. Stephen enjoyed acting but finds painting to be much more creatively satisfying...
3. Annie Bloom Annie Bloom Costume Designer, Surrogates
4. Duane Thompson Duane Thompson Actress, April Fool
5. Fred Lawrence Whipple Fred Lawrence Whipple Self, Target... Earth?
5 names.