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1. Larissa Albuquerque Larissa Albuquerque Actress, When Calls the Heart Larissa was born in Brazil and raised in Vancouver, Canada. At a young age, Larissa demonstrated immense interest in acting, participating in several theatre productions locally and overseas. Throughout high school she was also involved in television production programs as well as broadcasting. She landed her first few roles on American TV series Falling Skies and Supernatural...
2. Kleber Mendonça Filho Kleber Mendonça Filho Director, Aquarius
3. Lucy Ramos Lucy Ramos Actress, Sinhá Moça
4. Clarice Falcão Clarice Falcão Actress, A Favorita
5. Renato Góes Renato Góes Actor, Água na Boca Renato Góes was born on December 19, 1986 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. He is an actor, known for Jóia Rara (2013), Solidões (2013) and Cordel Encantado (2011) and many other movies and TV Series. 2015 is a big year for Renato, who is going to be staring on three movies: Por Trás do Céu, EAS - Esquadrão Antissequestro and O Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso 2.
6. Heitor Dhalia Heitor Dhalia Director, O Cheiro do Ralo
7. Frederico Lapenda Frederico Lapenda Producer, Rage Frederico Lapenda moved to Los Angeles in the late '80s where he studied filmmaking and eventually formed The Combat Channel & Paradigm Pictures. He started the worldwide mixed martial arts movement by producing "Vale Tudo" in Japan. Since 1995 The Combat Channel has produced and promoted numerous Cagefights (MMA) in such diverse countries as Japan...
8. Guel Arraes Guel Arraes Producer, O Auto da Compadecida
9. João Kleber João Kleber Writer, Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vê
10. Marcelo Gomes Marcelo Gomes Writer, Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures
11. Christiano Dias Christiano Dias Director, Hurricane
12. Fabiana Karla Fabiana Karla Actress, The Clown
13. Virginia Cavendish Virginia Cavendish Actress, Malhação
14. Juliana Guedes Juliana Guedes Miscellaneous Crew, Prisoners
15. Jonas Odenheimer Jonas Odenheimer Director, Classroom 6
16. Marco Nanini Marco Nanini Actor, A Grande Família
17. Guilherme Berenguer Guilherme Berenguer Actor, Bang Bang Guilherme Berenguer was born in Recife. Before being an actor he was an English teacher in São Paulo, and he was a model too, so he had one opportunity in Japan where he lived for 2 months working in campaigns. He went to Rio de Janeiro and made a lot of tests to play Gustavo in Malhação, when he got the character he became an idol for the girls.
18. Hilton Lacerda Hilton Lacerda Writer, Árido Movie
19. Eduardo Conde Eduardo Conde Actor, The Emerald Forest
20. Walter Breda Walter Breda Actor, América
21. Dandara de Morais Dandara de Morais Actress, Ventos de Agosto
22. Tuca Andrada Tuca Andrada Actor, Da Cor do Pecado
23. Walter Wanderley Walter Wanderley Soundtrack, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
24. Mathix Mathix Composer, Mathix: That Drop
25. Karina Falcão Karina Falcão Actress, City of God
26. Allan Souza Lima Allan Souza Lima Actor, Aquarius
27. Patrícia França Patrícia França Actress, Luz do Sol
28. Camilo Cavalcante Camilo Cavalcante Director, A História Da Eternidade
29. Pedro Queiroz Pedro Queiroz Actor, Aquarius
30. David Brazil David Brazil Actor, Vai que Cola: O Filme
31. Magdale Alves Magdale Alves Actress, Amarelo Manga
32. Reginaldo Rossi Reginaldo Rossi Soundtrack, Aquarius
33. Johnny Hooker Johnny Hooker Actor, Tatuagem
34. Marlos Moreira Marlos Moreira Actor, The Price of Admission
35. Carmem Verônica Carmem Verônica Actress, Caras & Bocas
36. Siba Siba Music Department, Lord of War
37. José Carlos Burle José Carlos Burle Director, Depois Eu Conto
38. Pedro Pimentel Pedro Pimentel Writer, I Said: Smile! Pedro Pimentel was born on February 7, 1996 in Recife, Brazil. His interest in filmmaking surged while in middle school, when he and his friends decided to make an adaption of a short horror story found on the web, and turn it into a short film. Idea that was originally meant to be a simple hang out ended up pushing Pedro into making more films...
39. Ernani Moraes Ernani Moraes Actor, Como uma Onda
40. Bezerra da Silva Bezerra da Silva Self, Coruja
41. Nelson Rodrigues Nelson Rodrigues Writer, A Vida Como Ela É...
42. Josué de Castro Josué de Castro Actor, Boca de Ouro
43. Anthero Montenegro Anthero Montenegro Actor, Blindness
44. Nestor Costa Nestor Costa Visual Effects, Now You See Me 2
45. Armando Babaioff Armando Babaioff Actor, Duas Caras
46. Alexandre Barbalho Alexandre Barbalho Actor, Sabor da Paixão
47. Juninho Pernambucano Juninho Pernambucano Self, 2006 FIFA World Cup
48. Nádia Maria Nádia Maria Actress, Virou Bagunça
49. Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan Composer, Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral
50. Solano Trindade Solano Trindade Actor, The Hour and Turn of Augusto Matraga
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