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1. Kristin Bauer van Straten Kristin Bauer van Straten Actress, Bad Blood Kristin grew up in Wisconsin playing sports, riding horses, and shooting guns. Her father was an avid horseman and gun collector and her mother a housewife involved in charities. Kristin moved to Los Angeles and began acting in 1994 after studying fine arts in St. Louis, Boston and New York. She still studies drawing and painting...
2. Fredric March Fredric March Actor, The Best Years of Our Lives Fredric March began a career in banking but in 1920 found himself cast as an extra in films being produced in New York. He starred on the Broadway stage first in 1926 and would return there between screen appearances later on. He won plaudits (and an Academy Award nomination) for his send-up of John Barrymore in The Royal Family of Broadway...
3. Ellen Corby Ellen Corby Actress, Vertigo Ellen Hansen (aka Ellen Corby aka Grandma Walton) was born June 3, 1911 (or 1913), in Racine, WI. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA, and left for Hollywood in the early 1930s to become an actress, which she became only after working as a script assistant for twelve years. She appeared in over 25 uncredited or small character parts before taking the role of the lovelorn Aunt Trina...
4. Kayla Kleevage Kayla Kleevage Actress, The Heartbreak Kid
5. Corinna Everson Corinna Everson Actress, Natural Born Killers
6. Christopher Crowe Christopher Crowe Writer, The Last of the Mohicans
7. Dan Desmond Dan Desmond Actor, Bruce Almighty
8. Lise Hilboldt Lise Hilboldt Actress, Another World
9. Jerry Rannow Jerry Rannow Writer, Big Money
10. Alisa Schulz Alisa Schulz Actress, Grace
11. Max Hardcore Max Hardcore Actor, Orgazmo
12. Jason Sims-Prewitt Jason Sims-Prewitt Actor, Drumline
13. Edward Peil Sr. Edward Peil Sr. Actor, Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl
14. James Bartz James Bartz Actor, Lesson in Humility
15. Paige La Pierre Paige La Pierre Actress, Plaguers
16. Mary Currier Mary Currier Actress, The Secret of the Whistler
17. Amina Munster Amina Munster Actress, Suicide Girls Must Die!
18. Mike Gray Mike Gray Writer, The China Syndrome
19. Paul Nygro Paul Nygro Actor, You Again Born in Racine, Wisconsin. Colleges - UW-Milwaukee, London University, graduated with honors and a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Father is Gene Nygro, residing in Franklin, Wisconsin with step-mother Michele. Mother is Penny Schultz, residing in Door County, Wisconsin with step-father Doug. Paul currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California.
20. Stuart Sumida Stuart Sumida Miscellaneous Crew, The Lion King Stuart is the eldest out of 4 children, the only boy. Stuart has always been a highly gifted student, graduating at the top of his class both under and post-grad at UCLA. He has written books on Vertebrate Morphology as well as Palentology, teaching both subjects (and more)at universities in Illinois as well as California and lecturing around the world...
21. Gene Morgan Gene Morgan Actor, Blonde Venus
22. Warner Richmond Warner Richmond Actor, Child Bride Werner Paul Raetzmann was one of seven children born to a German-born father and Wisconsin-born mother. He and one brother decided to change their last name to Richmond. Living in rural Wisconsin, he became an expert horseman as a young man, and this skill would later earn him roles in western movies...
23. Jim Carlson Jim Carlson Miscellaneous Crew, Take the Celestra
24. Duane Kuiper Duane Kuiper Self, MVP Baseball 2005
25. Jonathan Garda Jonathan Garda Miscellaneous Crew, Hello Herman
26. Paul Jene Paul Jene Actor, Everybody's Gay Sports, magic, and acting have brought Paul Jene from Racine, Wisconsin to working in TV and film in Hollywood, California. Paul packed his belongings up and moved to Los Angeles, California on January 1, 2004 and it paid off when he landed a co-starring role as hockey player Mike Sears on ABC's The Practice after being in Los Angeles for only two months...
27. Edward Peil Jr. Edward Peil Jr. Actor, Stung
28. George Barrow George Barrow Actor, F.I.S.T Singer, actor, bandleader and television host Byron L. Heusdens, who acted under his professional name "George Barrow", was a student of Lee Strasberg and Annamarie Kostura, and a member of the Los Angeles Acting Studio. A commercial actor and model who appeared in and narrated several dozen industrial films and commercials...
29. Caron Butler Caron Butler Self, Episode dated 12 March 2010
30. Mya Luvv Mya Luvv Actress, Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 36
31. Suzanne Jamieson Suzanne Jamieson Actress, Boogeyman 2
32. Sean Dunn Sean Dunn Producer, Art of Darkness: A Night Gallery Retrospective
33. Evan Murphy Evan Murphy Actor, Billy Club
34. Kyle Kramer Kyle Kramer Producer, Window Theory
35. Clifford Fossman Clifford Fossman Actor, White Fang
36. Kathleen Campeau Kathleen Campeau Actress, 5 Dark Souls Kathleen was born to Willis and Ruth Vanderhoef. She was the fourth child born out of a total seventeen children. Her son is writer, producer, director Jason Paul Collum. She is a 1965 graduate of Saint Catherine's High School in Racine, WI and is also a certified LPN nurse.
37. Benny S. Cannon Benny S. Cannon Actor, Trial and Error
38. Kippee Valez Kippee Valez Actress, The Daring Caballero
39. Monica Meyer Monica Meyer Actress, South Pacific Monica Meyer was a stewardess for overseas flights on Trans World Airlines at the time she appeared running across the beach in the "Nothing Like a Dame" sequence in "South Pacific", which took a day to shoot. While vacationing in Honolulu in September, 1957 with two colleagues, they had visited the location seeking bit parts in the picture...
40. Lisset Saenz Lisset Saenz Actress, One Story
41. Earle Gister Earle Gister Actor, There's No C in Team
42. Christina Lucy Christina Lucy Actress, Episode dated 25 April 2000
43. Greg Stuetze Greg Stuetze Editor, /afk: Away from Keyboard
44. Richard Berthelsen Richard Berthelsen Self, Episode dated 1 August 2006
45. Marshall Grant Marshall Grant Producer, Bombay Clipper
46. Greg Kolberg Greg Kolberg Actor, The Stalker
47. Sara Dunham Sara Dunham Thanks, The Waystation in the Stars
48. Victor Delorenzo Victor Delorenzo Actor, Aswang Victor was the original drummer for the 80s rock group Violent Femmes. He graduated from Saint Catherine's High School in Racine, WI.
49. Alex Kramer Alex Kramer Camera and Electrical Department, Window Theory
50. Poul Pedersen Poul Pedersen Cinematographer, Qivitoq
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