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1. Amidou Amidou Actor, Ronin Little known by the general public, Moroccan-born Amidou can nevertheless boast an onstage and on screen career spanning almost five decades. Appearing in French films most of the time, he also worked in Morocco, in Tunisia and in American action movies like William Friedkin's 'The Sorcerer' and 'Rules of Engagement'...
2. Assaad Bouab Assaad Bouab Actor, Days of Glory Assaad was born in July 1980. his mother is French, and his Father is Moroccan. He grew up in Rabat ( Morocco ) and, in 1998 he left his home town and familly to go to Paris and start acting lessons in " Le Cours Florent ". In 2002, Assaad pass the exam of the prestigious National Conservatorty of Paris...
3. Macha Méril Macha Méril Actress, Deep Red
4. Malika Kinison Malika Kinison Actress, Sex on the Saddle
5. Hicham Hajji Hicham Hajji Producer, Queen of the Desert After three years in Canada studying in Montreal Film-School and one year working on music video-clips as a production assistant, Hicham decided to come back to Morocco where he was called for a lot of national and international feature films as a first assistant director. Hicham Hajji decided to make the jump to producing and directing with his own production company...
6. Myriem Roussel Myriem Roussel Actress, Hail Mary
7. Doghmi Larbi Doghmi Larbi Actor, The Man Who Would Be King Larbi doghmi was one of the finest Moroccan actors in the 60s and 70s he worked in more than a hundred plays for theater, TV, and radio. In the early eighties directors from Hollywood began to be interested in him. He then began an international career.
8. Bernard Queysanne Bernard Queysanne Director, Un homme qui dort
9. Roland Giraud Roland Giraud Actor, 3 hommes et un couffin
10. Raoul André Raoul André Director, Ces messieurs de la famille
11. Kisu Kisu Miscellaneous Crew, Avatar: The Last Airbender Kisu was raised by his mother in a troubled neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri and had to fight at school to keep his lunch money. He started his martial arts training there at the age of 6. When he left school he would join the military and special forces for 6 years. Meanwhile Kisu became very skilled in Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do...
12. Bruno Pradal Bruno Pradal Actor, Mourir d'aimer
13. Dominique de Villepin Dominique de Villepin Self, Le petit lieutenant
14. Frank Cassenti Frank Cassenti Director, The Song of Roland
15. Claude Titre Claude Titre Actor, Bob Morane
16. Laila Lalami Laila Lalami Self, Join or Die with Craig Ferguson
17. Benamar El-Hachmi Benamar El-Hachmi Actor, David El-Hachmi Benamar was born in Rabat. He studied to be a production designer for Theatre in the 50s, and finished as a comedian for Theatre and actor in TV and films. He has worked in more than a hundred Moroccan Films for Cinema and TV, and is still active and considered one of the best Moroccan actors.
18. Anthony Guilbert Anthony Guilbert Producer, Monozygos and the Terrific Telepathic Twins
19. Michel Subiela Michel Subiela Writer, Le collectionneur des cerveaux
20. King Mohamed VI King Mohamed VI Self, 13 heures le journal
21. His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco His Majesty King Hassan II of Morocco Miscellaneous Crew, Young Winston
22. Amine El Bnouhi Amine El Bnouhi Actor, Moudawala Amine was born on June 1, 1994 in Rabat, Morocco. He started karate at the age of 8 and gained a Black Belt at the age of 13. He participated in 5 competitions and won in each one, 2 gold 2 Silver & 1 bronze. He started as an extra in a foreign movie, and loved the craft, and at age of 16 he attended different acting workshops to improve his acting skills.
23. Abdou Achouba Abdou Achouba Producer, Le voyage étranger
24. Héléna Bossis Héléna Bossis Actress, Le destin exécrable de Guillemette Babin
25. Bérangère Dautun Bérangère Dautun Actress, Le temps des cerises
26. Shlomo Bar Shlomo Bar Composer, Israel's Shattered Dreams
27. Yassine Fennane Yassine Fennane Director, Karyane Bollywood Yassine Fennane - nicknamed "Okine" - was born September 14, 1978 in Rabat, Morocco. After studying arts in Paris, he wrote and directed his first short film Little wound in 2002. After a few experiences assistant director, he wrote several screenplays brought to the screen by other filmmakers whose Destin family short Younes Reggab...
28. Henri Graziani Henri Graziani Writer, La baraka
29. Tarik Rmili Tarik Rmili Actor, Tyrant
30. Abbes Brahim Abbes Brahim Actor, Liberté-liberté
31. Georges Pernoud Georges Pernoud Producer, Thalassa, le magazine de la mer
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