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1. Michael Mando Michael Mando Actor, Alpine Shepherd Boy Michael Mando is a Canadian actor, born in Quebec City, Quebec/Canada. He was raised by a single father (a Doctorate in Chemistry); and spent the greater part of his childhood in Africa (Ivory Coast and Ghana) before coming back home as a young teenager. He studied Psychology and later pursued an academic scholarship in International Relations before joining The Dome Theatre in 2004-2007...
2. Pom Klementieff Pom Klementieff Actress, Oldboy
3. Marc Menard Marc Menard Actor, All My Children Marc Menard embarked on his professional screen career in 2002 and since that time has established his face and talent across numerous television series and TV-made films. Canadian-bred, Menard was born on March 2, 1975 in Quebec City, Quebec and realized his love for acting during his high school years at a Jesuit academy...
4. Chantal Perron Chantal Perron Actress, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
5. Yves Simoneau Yves Simoneau Director, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
6. Jean Brassard Jean Brassard Actor, The Fault in Our Stars Born in Quebec City, Jean moved to Boston in his early twenties where he received a scholarship with the Boston Ballet in 1981. He moved to New York City the next year where he focused on acting and soon was part of the Lower East Side performing scene. Since then, Jean Brassard has been building a career on stage...
7. Robert Lepage Robert Lepage Actor, The Far Side of the Moon Robert Lepage is one of the foremost stage directors today and a leading figure in the Canadian avant garde, attracting particular attention for his multimedia-rich theatrical presentations as well as his innovative work with Shakespearian drama and opera.
8. Charles-Olivier Michaud Charles-Olivier Michaud Director, Snow & Ashes Charles-Olivier grew up in Quebec City. He traveled around the world discovering cultures, people and also working in international business in Europe, Singapore and Canada. His passion for the world, captured on film in his feature film Snow & Ashes, is expressed through his fluency in 6 foreign languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin).
9. Chloé Robichaud Chloé Robichaud Director, Sarah Prefers to Run
10. Dorothée Berryman Dorothée Berryman Actress, The Barbarian Invasions Mostly known as an actress, Dorothée always had a strong passion for Jazz. She participated at "elles chantent" project in 2000, a project were many people were invited to sing their favorite songs. Dorothée is mostly known for her acting in movies Les invasions barbares, Le violon rouge and Jack Paradise...
11. Sandrine Bisson Sandrine Bisson Actress, 1981
12. Émile Genest Émile Genest Actor, The Incredible Journey
13. Serge Thériault Serge Thériault Actor, Gaz Bar Blues
14. Philippe Gagnon Philippe Gagnon Director, Le poil de la bête
15. Marie-Thérèse Fortin Marie-Thérèse Fortin Actress, Les grandes chaleurs
16. Frédérick De Grandpré Frédérick De Grandpré Actor, Source Code
17. Juicy Pearl Juicy Pearl Actress, Full Streams Ahead
18. Bruno Pelletier Bruno Pelletier Actor, Notre-Dame de Paris
19. Émilie Bibeau Émilie Bibeau Actress, Quelqu'un d'extraordinaire
20. Jean-Claude Labrecque Jean-Claude Labrecque Cinematographer, À hauteur d'homme
21. Martin Trudel Martin Trudel Actor, Population 436 Martin grew up in Montreal before moving to the prairies in the mid-90s. He was then a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 10 years where he worked in high profile units such as Organized Crime and Criminal Intelligence as well as being a member of the SWAT team. He recently moved to the private sector to better accommodate his acting career...
22. Kim Gaboury Kim Gaboury Music Department, The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard Kim Gaboury, a.k.a. Akido, composes music on the edges of rock, electronic and electro-acoustic genres. Parallel to his work as Akido, Kim has gained a solid and varied background composing music for film & tv (Coteau Rouge, Une Vie Meilleure, Inside the Mind of Leonardo), while also working on albums with recording pop artists such as Diane Dufresne...
23. Pierre-François Legendre Pierre-François Legendre Actor, The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard Pierre-François Legendre was born in Quebec City, Canada. He started acting at high school and then joined Quebec's Conservatory. He began his professional career in theatre. His acting capacity allow him to play a diverse selection of characters from comedy to classic plays. This talent was immediately recognized by Quebec City's theatre community rewarding him as one of their best young actors...
24. Colette Dorsay Colette Dorsay Actress, Pas de vacances pour les idoles
25. Marie-Christine Lê Huu Marie-Christine Lê Huu Actress, Le polygraphe
26. Francine Ruel Francine Ruel Actress, Monsieur Lazhar
27. Jérôme Boucher Jérôme Boucher Director, Le doux chant des sirènes
28. Guy Laliberté Guy Laliberté Self, The Beatles in 'Love'
29. Leopold Simoneau Leopold Simoneau Soundtrack, Slumdog Millionaire
30. Alexis Fortier Gauthier Alexis Fortier Gauthier Director, Gaspé Copper
31. Rene Goulet Rene Goulet Actor, Royal Rumble
32. Mike Ward Mike Ward Actor, L'Gros Show
33. Nathalie Trépanier Nathalie Trépanier Make-Up Department, 300
34. Marie Gignac Marie Gignac Actress,
35. Hugh Boswell Hugh Boswell Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Beverly of Graustark
36. Marc Garneau Marc Garneau Self, One Giant Leap: A Neil Armstrong Tribute
37. Jean Gagné Jean Gagné Director, À vos risques et périls
38. Daniel Toussaint Daniel Toussaint Sound Department, La basse cour
39. Denys Dufresne Denys Dufresne Sound Department, Piranha 3D
40. Alys Robi Alys Robi Soundtrack, Ma vie en cinémascope
41. Diane Tell Diane Tell Self, French-Canadian Christmas
42. Marie-Claire Blais Marie-Claire Blais Writer, The Beautiful Beast
43. Jean-Marie Cloutier Jean-Marie Cloutier Composer, Le règne du jour
44. Serge Verreault Serge Verreault Editorial Department, Cyberbully
45. Richard Garneau Richard Garneau Self, Super Speedway
46. Guy Bélanger Guy Bélanger Actor, Orderers
47. Jean Pageau Jean Pageau Cinematographer, Analogique
48. Martin Lemieux Martin Lemieux Sound Department, An American Haunting
49. Jean Fontaine Jean Fontaine Actor, Bino Fabule
50. John Morris John Morris Actor, The Point
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