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1. Bingbing Fan Bingbing Fan Actress, Iron Man 3 Bingbing Fan was born 16 September 1981. She is a Chinese actress, television producer and pop singer. Fan rose to fame in Asia in 1998-1999 with the mega-hit TV series My Fair Princess. In 2003, she starred in Cell Phone, which became the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year, winning a Hundred Flowers Award...
2. Toshirô Mifune Toshirô Mifune Actor, Seven Samurai Toshiro Mifune achieved more worldwide fame than any other Japanese actor of his century. He was born in Tsingtao, China, to Japanese parents and grew up in Dalian. He did not set foot in Japan until he was 21. His father was an importer and a commercial photographer, and young Toshiro worked in his father's studio for a time after graduating from Dalian Middle School...
3. Zitao Huang Zitao Huang Actor, Railroad Tigers Huang Zitao, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, rapper, martial artist and actor. Zitao was born in Qingdao Shandong, China, due to his naughty behavior as a child his father sent him to Wushu Martial Arts training at the age of 5 in order to learn discipline. Huang was a student athlete and practiced Wushu throughout his school-years, and competed in martial arts competitions in his hometown...
4. Baihe Bai Baihe Bai Actress, Zhuo yao ji
5. Xiaoming Huang Xiaoming Huang Actor, Ip Man 2
6. Bo Huang Bo Huang Actor, Qin ai de
7. Yu Xia Yu Xia Actor, Yang guang can lan de ri zi
8. Hao Chen Hao Chen Actress, Agent F.O.X.
9. Cunxin Li Cunxin Li Writer, Mao's Last Dancer
10. Jess Zhang Jess Zhang Actress, Seung chi sun tau
11. Gang Wu Gang Wu Actor, Tie ren
12. Paula Li Shiu Paula Li Shiu Actress, Battle Beneath the Earth
13. Gang Wu Gang Wu Actor, Transformers: Age of Extinction
14. Jia Song Jia Song Actress, Smile
15. Yongjian Lin Yongjian Lin Actor, Li ming zhi qian
16. Hu Gao Hu Gao Actor, Dushi tiantang
17. Kaitong Jiang Kaitong Jiang Actress, Ya mei gui
18. Shanshan Chunyu Shanshan Chunyu Actor, Witness
19. Xinyi Liu Xinyi Liu Actor, You hua hao hao shuo
20. Kai Tan Kai Tan Actor, Du zhan
21. Khalishan Liang Khalishan Liang Producer, The Missing Words Self-taught photographer and film-maker. Khalishan Liang has participated and won several awards and recognitions in the photography arena in Singapore. As a visual story-teller, he began his film career by making short films and music videos. His very first attempt in film-making, the short film 'Bliss (2011)' was nominated for 7 awards at the 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards in 2012...
22. Tseng-Chai Chang Tseng-Chai Chang Director, Jian qiao ying lie zhuan
23. Yuan Cao Yuan Cao Actress, Love Me If You Dare
24. Shan-Hsi Ting Shan-Hsi Ting Writer, Xin hai shuang shi
25. Kuan Kuan Kuan Kuan Actor, Shu jia zuo ye
26. Sha-Li Chen Sha-Li Chen Actress, Chang qian wan lu
27. Golden Zhang Golden Zhang Actor, Jie Jie Li Zheng Xiang Qian Zou
28. Miao Tian Miao Tian Actress, Daai mo seut si
29. Ya'nan Wang Ya'nan Wang Actor, Yao a yao, yao dao wai po qiao
30. Ping Li Ping Li Actress, Da zhai men
31. Kiwi Shang Kiwi Shang Actress, Tiny Times 1.0
32. Wenjing Bi Wenjing Bi Self, Atlanta 1996: Games of the XXVI Olympiad
33. Enqi Li Enqi Li Actress, Te ji jing bao 333
34. Wei Cui Wei Cui Sound Department, Shi xiong di
35. Xiaorui Zhao Xiaorui Zhao Actor, Pao Da Shuang Deng
36. Jing Wang Jing Wang Actress, Xiao xiang lu 1 hao
37. James Lilley James Lilley Self, The World Without US
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