10 names.

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1. Shelagh Fraser Shelagh Fraser Actress, Star Wars
2. Nigel Harman Nigel Harman Actor, Blood Diamond
3. Richard Thorp Richard Thorp Actor, The Dam Busters
4. John Baskcomb John Baskcomb Actor, Battle of Britain
5. Antony Brown Antony Brown Actor, Brazil
6. Joanne Howarth Joanne Howarth Actress, Faceless Killers
7. Louise Purnell Louise Purnell Actress, Three Sisters
8. Arwen Holm Arwen Holm Actress, The Final Conflict
9. Robert Chesterman Robert Chesterman Director, McGill, Mahler and Montreal Award-winning CBC Radio producer and filmmaker Robert Chesterman grew up in southern England, in the London suburb of Purley (near Croydon). He attended Ardingly College, a boarding school in the nearby county of Sussex, for what he once described as an "undistinguished schooling". At a time when corporal punishments such as canings were common practice...
10. John Read John Read Producer, Henry Moore at Eighty
10 names.