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1. Michael Craig Michael Craig Actor, Mysterious Island A veritable everyman of stage and screen, both big and small, but relatively unfamiliar to American audiences, Michael Craig is of Scots heritage, born in India to a father on military assignment. When he was three, the family returned to England, but by his eleventh year, they moved on to Canada - where he undoubtedly acquired his North American accent...
2. Sonali Kulkarni Sonali Kulkarni Actress, Dil Chahta Hai Sonali was born in the Marathi-speaking Kulkarni family in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Her dad is an Engineer, and she has two brothers, Sandeep and Sandesh. Even she was a child her passion was acting, and got her chance to act during the Ganesh Mahotsav celebrations. She was enrolled in the Abhinav Vidhyalaya in Pune...
3. Twinkle Khanna Twinkle Khanna Actress, Baadshah Very few people have the privilege of being born on the same day as their mom or dad, Tina is one of them. She was born on 29 December 1974, and shares her date of birth with her dad, Jatin alias super-star Rajesh Khanna, born in 1942. Tina is the daughter of well-known Bollywood actress, Dimple Kapadia; has a sister...
4. Mugdha Godse Mugdha Godse Actress, Fashion
5. Anup Soni Anup Soni Actor, Gangaajal
6. Nilu Phule Nilu Phule Actor, Woh 7 Din Nilu was born in the Marathi-speaking Phule family during the year 1930. Starting his career in a Marathi folk play 'Katha Aklechya Kandyachi', he went on to act in numerous Marathi movies, beginning with 'Ek Gaav Baara Bhanagadi' during 1956, and in most he portrayed a cunning and villainous village-based character with a 'Gandhi' look...
7. Ruby Mayer Ruby Mayer Actress, Kaagaz Ke Phool She was born Ruby Myers in Pune and was working as a telephone operator when she was approached by Mohan Bhavnani of Kohinoor Films to work in films. Though excited by the offer, she turned him down as acting was regarded as quite a dubious profession for women those days. However Bhavnani persisted with his offer and she finally agreed...
8. Micki Maunsell Micki Maunsell Actress, Haeckel's Tale
9. Nathuram Godse Nathuram Godse Uncategorised
10. Vasant Shinde Vasant Shinde Actor, Balaji Nimbalkar
11. Ardeshir Irani Ardeshir Irani Director, Alam Ara
12. Yogesh Gosavi Yogesh Gosavi Director, Pratisaad: The Response
13. John Frost John Frost Miscellaneous Crew, A Bridge Too Far Major-General J.D. Frost was a true British Hero of the 2nd World War. He was born the son of Brigadier-General F.D. Frost of the Indian Army in 1912. Educated at Wellington public school and Sandhurst Military Academy he joined the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), with whom he served in England and Palestine...
14. Dhiraj Kotkar Dhiraj Kotkar Producer, Ek Anhonee
15. Lisa Sthalekar Lisa Sthalekar Self, Johnnie Walker All*Star Twenty20: All*Stars vs All*Star Fans' XI
16. Shantaram Athavale Shantaram Athavale Director, Shevgyachya Shenga
17. David Hofman David Hofman Actor, Crowning Glory
18. Robert McDermott Robert McDermott Self, Northanger Abbey
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