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1. Kelly Reno Kelly Reno Actor, The Black Stallion The son of cattle ranchers Bud and Ruth, Reno had been riding horses since he could walk. This experience qualified him for his role in The Black Stallion, which he tried out for when his mother learned of the open audition. Both of his parents accompanied him to the filming location, and enjoyed the experience...
2. Connie Sawyer Connie Sawyer Actress, Dumb & Dumber
3. Grant Withers Grant Withers Actor, Rio Grande Appeared in over 200 films. He had worked as a salesman and newspaper reporter before breaking into movies near the end of the silent era. Tall and tough, his starring roles in major pictures soon gave way to supporting parts, mainly as a villain, in B movies and serials. His elopement to Yuma, Arizona...
4. Bill Baldwin Bill Baldwin Actor, Rocky
5. Daniel Lusko Daniel Lusko Producer, Persecuted Lusko started his journey in filmmaking after his parents bought him a high-8 video camera for his fourteenth birthday, which would forever change his life. He soon would make his first short film, an homage to the epic which first opened his eyes to motion pictures, Last of the Mohicans. After attending film school at The New York Film Academy...
6. Dehl Berti Dehl Berti Actor, Wolfen
7. Kosha Patel Kosha Patel Actress, Miss India America
8. John Meston John Meston Writer, The Cabin John Meston was one of radio and television's most important storytellers, and yet oddly enough his contributions are often overlooked today. He is the writer credited with creating "Gunsmoke," along with producer Norman MacDonnell, essentially starting the adult western on radio and television and...
9. Bill McLean Bill McLean Actor, House
10. Elizabeth Mihelich Elizabeth Mihelich Actress, Just Like the Movies
11. Cynthia Shaw Cynthia Shaw Actress, Wake Born and raised in a musical family in Pueblo, Colorado, Cynthia moved to NY to complete her musical studies and find fame and fortune. She instead found film and theater. Her recent film work has been presented at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and has won awards in the The Big Apple Film Festival...
12. Betty Jane Graham Betty Jane Graham Actress, An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee
13. Ray Wineteer Ray Wineteer Actor, Room 314 Ray Wineteer was born on 27th September 1957 in Pueblo, Colorado to Maxine and Ray Wineteer. His mother Maxine was a ballet dancer and instructor, his father Ray was a jazz pianist. Ray graduated Robert W. Groves High School in 1976, served as Student Body President as well as Teen Action Chairman for the March of Dimes...
14. Miguel Ali Miguel Ali Writer, Confessions of a Womanizer Miguel Ali is an indie film director and published author. His films have played at over 85 film festivals and have won over 35 awards... but in a past life, Miguel Ali was also an ex-politician and political pundit. As a political pundit, Miguel Ali served as a regular guest on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher...
15. Kelo Henderson Kelo Henderson Actor, The Target
16. Kent Haruf Kent Haruf Writer, Plainsong
17. Jeff Valdez Jeff Valdez Writer, Best Laid Plans Multi-talented comic/writer/producer, Jeff Valdez knew show business was his calling. Born in Pueblo, Colorado, in a large Hispanic family, he wanted to see Latinos represented in television beyond subservient or demeaning caricature portrayals. Following several years as a stand-up comic, he actively changed the face of TV...
18. 'Baby' Carmen De Rue 'Baby' Carmen De Rue Actress, A Ten-Cent Adventure
19. Budge Threlkeld Budge Threlkeld Actor, The Discipline of D.E.
20. Jack Low Jack Low Actor, Outlaws of the Panhandle
21. Wanda Tuchock Wanda Tuchock Writer, Susan Lenox <Her Fall and Rise>
22. Earl Mohan Earl Mohan Actor, Riders of the Kitchen Range
23. George Zaharias George Zaharias Thanks, Babe
24. Aaron Jollay Aaron Jollay Actor, Milk Money
25. Jeremy McGovern Jeremy McGovern Production Manager, Return of the Skeksis
26. Joe Bordeaux Joe Bordeaux Actor, The Butcher Boy
27. Troy Harris Troy Harris Actor, Dr. Jealousy
28. Kim Pritekel Kim Pritekel Writer, Self Portrait Kim Pritekel was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado to Robert Pritekel and Nancy Waller. She began writing at age 9, writing her first play in high school. She and business partner, Kelly Neal founded Asp Films in late 2006. Kim wrote the screenplay for Dean Productions' Legend of the Red Reaper, and will be working on the feature-length version of the 2005 short...
29. Danny O'Shea Danny O'Shea Actor, Love at First Fight
30. Blaine Reininger Blaine Reininger Actor, Radio Mosha
31. Eugene De Rue Eugene De Rue Director, My Mistake
32. Fred Spencer Fred Spencer Actor, A Cow's Husband
33. Gary Kincaid Gary Kincaid Actor, Palm Springs Weekend Gary Knafelc spent 10 seasons in the NFL as a flanker / tight end for three different teams, most notably with the Green Bay Packers (1954-62). His fourth-quarter TD catch on 29th September 1957, beat the Chicago Bears in the first game at new City Stadium (now Lambeau Field). He retired from the San Francisco 49ers after the 1963 season...
34. Albert Edmondson Albert Edmondson Actor, Foolish Wives
35. John McDermott John McDermott Visual Effects, Pinocchio
36. Stanley Bergerman Stanley Bergerman Producer, Werewolf of London
37. C.V. Bussey C.V. Bussey Actor, Hell-Fire Austin
38. Cliff Bowes Cliff Bowes Actor, Out Bound
39. W.W. Hodkinson W.W. Hodkinson Producer, Cupid Angling Pioneering film producer/distributor W.W. Hodkinson was born in Pueblo, CO, in 1881. He got into the motion picture business early, opening a theater in Ogden, UT, in 1907. He was successful enough to buy out the only two other theaters in Ogden, then headed for the "big time" in Salt Lake City. He moved up from exhibiting films to distributing them...
40. Inez Marion Inez Marion Actress, The Private Life of Helen of Troy
41. Dudley Slausson Dudley Slausson Camera and Electrical Department, The House on 56th Street
42. Frank Papish Frank Papish Self, The Kid from Cleveland
43. Al Edmundsen Al Edmundsen Uncategorised
44. J.D. Brookhart J.D. Brookhart Self, 2005 Motor City Bowl
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