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1. Vladimir Kulich Vladimir Kulich Actor, The 13th Warrior Vladimir Kulich began his acting career in his native land, at the State Theatre of Czechoslovakia. Kulich brought his rich cultural background, experience and versatility (he speaks several languages fluently) to Canada and the US, where he was immediately cast in guest-starring television and feature roles...
2. David Nykl David Nykl Actor, Voodoo Born in Prague; David arrived in Canada with his parents at the age of two, after the communist occupation of what was then Czechoslovakia. The Nykls arrived in Victoria, BC where his father soon found work as a Structural Engineer and his mother as a Nurse. With a propensity for acting and a strong sense of comic timing...
3. Klára Issová Klára Issová Actress, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Klara was born in 1979 in Prague to a Czech mother and a Syrian father. Acting soon proved to be her calling, and she followed her early drama lessons by enrolling at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Her first major role came when she was only 15 in the movie Indianske leto (Indian Summer, 1995), and she was instantly hailed as a unique talent by both critics and audiences...
4. Jana Kaderabkova Jana Kaderabkova Actress, Hostel
5. Barbora Kodetová Barbora Kodetová Actress, Tristan + Isolde
6. Jaroslava Schallerová Jaroslava Schallerová Actress, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
7. Jan Svankmajer Jan Svankmajer Director, Greedy Guts After studying at the Institute of Industrial Arts and the Marionette Faculty of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the 1950s, Jan Svankmajer started working as a theatre director, chiefly in association with the Theatre of Masks and the Black Theatre. He first experimented with film-making after becoming involved with the mixed-media productions of Prague's Lanterna Magika Theatre...
8. Ivan Jandl Ivan Jandl Actor, The Search Ivan Jandl was born in 1937 to the family of accountant Klement Jandl and his wife, Bozena. When he was three, he suffered from polio, and it seemed that he would not be able to walk again, but a Dr. Pribramsky managed to do what seemed a miracle: Ivan was soon practically perfectly well. While at school...
9. Pavel Novotny Pavel Novotny Actor, Beauty and the Beast
10. Jirí Menzel Jirí Menzel Actor, Closely Watched Trains
11. Kathy Anderson Kathy Anderson Actress, Out Numbered 4
12. Lea Martini Lea Martini Actress, Stuhlberg - Der jüngste Manager Europas
13. Julie Silver Julie Silver Actress, Rocco: Animal Trainer 15
14. Petr Jákl Petr Jákl Actor, xXx
15. Edita Brychta Edita Brychta Actress, Accumulator 1
16. Jan Pinkava Jan Pinkava Writer, Ratatouille
17. Marek Vasut Marek Vasut Actor, Mission: Impossible
18. Berenika Kohoutová Berenika Kohoutová Actress, Tatínkova holcicka
19. Dolly Buster Dolly Buster Self, Sex war gestern - Pornostars nach ihrer Karriere Tall (5'9"), busty, and shapely blonde bombshell Dolly Buster was born Katja-Nora Bochnickova on October 23, 1969 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Buster first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 1989 and became one of the top stars of European adult cinema by appearing in a slew of X-rated features...
20. Tereza Vorísková Tereza Vorísková Actress, The Country Teacher
21. Lea De Mae Lea De Mae Actress, Loaded
22. Vera Ralston Vera Ralston Actress, The Fighting Kentuckian After achieving modest fame as an ice skater in her native Czechoslovakia, Vera Hruba was brought to America by Republic Pictures head Herbert J. Yates, who hoped to turn her into the next Sonja Henie. After featuring her in several Ice Capades movies, he added "Ralston" to her name and tried to pass her off as a leading lady...
23. Miroslava Miroslava Actress, The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz Born in the pre-war Prague, young Miroslava Sternova (or simply Miroslava, as she was known in her film career) was brought to Mexico by her parents in the late 30s, leaving her childhood, her native Czechoslovakia and her beloved grandma. After winning a beauty contest in Mexico City, Miroslava spent some time in Los Angeles studying acting...
24. Sandy Style Sandy Style Actress, Hostel Lovely and slender blonde looker Sandy Style was born Petra Kubesova on June 19, 1979, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The blue-eyed beauty first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in her early 20s in her native Czech Republic in 2001; she has appeared in X-rated features for such notable companies as Private...
25. Anna Geislerová Anna Geislerová Actress, Zelary Born in 1976 in Prague, this prolific actress debuted before the cameras at the early age of 14. Also a top model, Anna Geislerová already has an impressive career behind her (110 films, TV films or series episodes in early 2013!) and has received several awards for her remarkable performances, notably in Sasa Gedeon's 1999 "Návrat idiota" (Le retour de l'idiot)...
26. Daria Glower Daria Glower Actress, La vedova della Camorra
27. Monika Malácová Monika Malácová Actress, Hostel: Part II
28. Ivan Passer Ivan Passer Writer, The Loves of a Blonde
29. Lynn Stone Lynn Stone Actress, Italian Flair
30. Madeleine Albright Madeleine Albright Self, Madeleine Albright
31. Ivan G'Vera Ivan G'Vera Actor, Terminator Salvation
32. Katerina Strougalova Katerina Strougalova Self, Kdo chce zabít Ashley?
33. Jan Tríska Jan Tríska Actor, Ronin
34. Jan Hrebejk Jan Hrebejk Director, Divided We Fall
35. Hana Brejchová Hana Brejchová Actress, The Loves of a Blonde
36. Nicky Reed Nicky Reed Actress, Chapter 5: Clues in the Snow
37. Jan Hammer Jan Hammer Soundtrack, Charlie's Angels Jan Hammer's musical career is as firmly rooted in the fundamentals of classical, jazz and rock as it is committed to the future of electronics, synthesized sound, the possibilities of interactive media, television, film and animation. His walls are lined with Grammy awards and gold and platinum plaques from around the world...
38. Lucie Vondrácková Lucie Vondrácková Actress, Snowboarders Born on March 8, 1980 to an intellectual family. Her mother is a song lyric writer. Her father's education focused on music. Thanks to her maternal grandfather, Lucie has Ecuadorian roots. She speaks Czech, French, and English fluently. Her English can be spoken with a British or American accent, depending on the role. Acting is also possible in German and Spanish.
39. Miroslav Ondrícek Miroslav Ondrícek Cinematographer, Amadeus
40. George Pravda George Pravda Actor, Thunderball
41. Dana Vávrová Dana Vávrová Actress, Stalingrad
42. Zdenek Sverák Zdenek Sverák Writer, Empties As a result of being a dedicated Czech language teacher, Mr. Svìrák had little time for his creative writing. However, he soon opted to write articles for magazines, short stories for the youth, and TV screenplays. He also worked in the Czechoslavakian Radio on an entertainment program. In 1966, Mr Svìrák co-founded "The Theater of Jára Cimrman"...
43. Jirí Barta Jirí Barta Director, The Last Theft
44. Jan Nemec Jan Nemec Director, Diamonds of the Night
45. Susanna Martinková Susanna Martinková Actress, Monella
46. Andrea Sedlácková Andrea Sedlácková Writer, Seducer
47. Peter Zeitlinger Peter Zeitlinger Cinematographer, Rescue Dawn Peter Zeitlinger is an accomplished filmmaker whose career encompasses cinematography, directing, writing and editing. Zeitlinger is working with Werner Herzog since 1995 when he was director of photography on the director's documentary Death For Five Voices. That film began an intensive collaboration that has yielded such documentaries as Little Dieter Needs To Fly...
48. Zora Kerova Zora Kerova Actress, Cannibal Ferox
49. Yvonne Sabato Yvonne Sabato Self, Episode #1.1
50. Jeanette Sterke Jeanette Sterke Actress, Lust for Life The English actress Jeanette Sterke was born in Prague in the former Czechoslovakia in 1934. Her parents escaped the Nazis by fleeing to England. After finishing her schooling, she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She made her TV debut in an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's Liebelei on the B.B.C...
1-50 of 935 names.