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1. Ronaldinho Gaúcho Ronaldinho Gaúcho Self, 3 zéros
2. Rafael Cardoso Rafael Cardoso Actor, Lado a Lado
3. Monica Santhiago Monica Santhiago Actress, Buttman's Stretch Class Gorgeous and voluptuous 5'3" brunette spitfire Monica Santhiago was born on April 1, 1975 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She's of Latin descent. Monica attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, where she majored in Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy. Santhiago worked as a kindergarten teacher for eight years...
4. Bruna Ferraz Bruna Ferraz Actress, Sex Machine 2
5. Jackeline Olivier Jackeline Olivier Actress, Rio 2 Jackeline Olivier comes from Porto Alegre, a city in the south of Brazil, but has been cast as every ethnicity not just the typical Latina. Jackie began her acting career early. At age ten she played a weeping widow in the school play. Teachers, schoolmates and family, moved by the performance, encouraged her to become an actress...
6. Tainá Müller Tainá Müller Actress, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
7. Mel Lisboa Mel Lisboa Actress, Sete Pecados
8. Anselmo Martini Anselmo Martini Miscellaneous Crew, Fast Five Anselmo Martini is an actor with extensive background in acting and also legal, business, marketing, languages having lived in different countries and developed precious skills besides acting. Since childhood with a passion for the United States and studying English since a very early age prepared him for the future to come...
9. Carlos Reichenbach Carlos Reichenbach Cinematographer, Alma Corsária
10. Fabiane Thompson Fabiane Thompson Actress, Full Streams Ahead 2
11. Breno Mello Breno Mello Actor, Black Orpheus
12. Jorge Furtado Jorge Furtado Writer, Meu Tio Matou um Cara
13. Júlia Lemmertz Júlia Lemmertz Actress, Meu Nome Não É Johnny
14. Juliana Didone Juliana Didone Actress, Negócio da China
15. Elizabeth Hartmann Elizabeth Hartmann Actress, Amazon Jail
16. Filipe Matzembacher Filipe Matzembacher Director, Beira-Mar
17. Fabricio Werdum Fabricio Werdum Self, UFC 80: Rapid Fire
18. Zaira Bueno Zaira Bueno Actress, O Prazer do Sexo
19. Fernanda Lima Fernanda Lima Actress, Bang Bang
20. Lilian Lemmertz Lilian Lemmertz Actress, Love Lesson
21. Victor Wagner Victor Wagner Actor, Bocage, the Triumph of Love
22. Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres Director, Winter Has No Sun Rodrigo Baumgartner Ayres was born on October 25th, 1985, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He is a filmmaker and screenwriter known for the feature film 'Winter Has No Sun' (2015). Rodrigo is a graduate of the New York Film Academy (NYC). His parents are Maria Francisa Baumgartner and Valdir Camargo Ayres, both work as doctors in Brazil.
23. Larissa Maciel Larissa Maciel Actress, Passione
24. Marcio Reolon Marcio Reolon Producer, Beira-Mar
25. Tizuka Yamasaki Tizuka Yamasaki Director, Gaijin - Ama-me Como Sou Brazilian-born Tizuka Yamasaki, a granddaughter of Japanese immigrants, has lived one of Brazil's most complicated identity crossroads. As a result, Yamasaki's films frequently deal with intersection of gender, race, nationality and ethnicity in Brazilian culture, pushing the question of what it means to be Brazilian...
26. Giba Assis Brasil Giba Assis Brasil Editor, The Man Who Copied
27. Renata de Lélis Renata de Lélis Actress, The Man Who Copied
28. Guilherme Leicam Guilherme Leicam Actor, Malhação
29. Sílvia Pfeifer Sílvia Pfeifer Actress, Bela, a Feia
30. Miguel Lunardi Miguel Lunardi Actor, Turistas
31. Carlos Alberto Carlos Alberto Actor, Xica da Silva
32. Carlos Gerbase Carlos Gerbase Writer, Tolerance
33. Grace Gianoukas Grace Gianoukas Actress, Flores Ímpares
34. Ana Luiza Azevedo Ana Luiza Azevedo Writer, Antes Que o Mundo Acabe
35. Adriana Calcanhoto Adriana Calcanhoto Soundtrack, Turistas
36. Leonardo Machado Leonardo Machado Actor, Em Teu Nome Leonardo Machado was born on July 6, 1976 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He is an actor and producer, awarded as best Actor with Em Teu Nome (2009) - 37o Gramado's Film Festival and Os Olhos de Capitu (2007) - Historias Curtas Award. Know for TVS Series Na Forma da Lei (2010) and Animal (2014). Also know for A Superfície da Sombra (2016) and Teu Mundo não Cabe nos Meus Olhos (2016).
37. Rafinha Bastos Rafinha Bastos Self, CQC - Custe o Que Custar Rafinha Bastos was born on December 5, 1976, in Porto Alegre (RS), Brazil, as Rafael Bastos Hocsman. He is a comedian, writer, actor, director, journalist, producer and host, known for Agora É Tarde, CQC - Custe o que Custar, "A Arte do Insulto" and 8 minutos. He started his career as a professional basketball player at the University of Nebraska-Lyncoln...
38. Sheron Menezzes Sheron Menezzes Actress, Caras & Bocas
39. Rafael Stiborski Rafael Stiborski Miscellaneous Crew, Beira-Mar Rafael Guerra Stiborski was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to a psychiatrist and an engineer. He always liked cinema and wanted to be a filmmaker since childhood, when he made many home made films with his friends. In 2006 he finally started studying cinema at college, where he had the opportunity to write and be assistant director of many movies...
40. Elis Regina Elis Regina Soundtrack, Talk to Her
41. Werner Schünemann Werner Schünemann Actor, Eterna Magia
42. Ana Maria Mainieri Ana Maria Mainieri Actress, Houve Uma Vez Dois Verões
43. Walter Schultz Porto Alegre Walter Schultz Porto Alegre Composer, Getúlio Vargas
44. Malu Valle Malu Valle Actress, Sete Pecados
45. Nélson Diniz Nélson Diniz Actor, Intestino Grosso
46. André Arteche André Arteche Actor, Houve Uma Vez Dois Verões
47. Fernanda Carvalho Leite Fernanda Carvalho Leite Actress, Lobos
48. Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro Producer, Beyond the Grave Born July 28, 1979, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro is the producer of the documentary feature series Boundaries of Thought, starring Peter Greenaway, Michel Houellebecq, Pierre Levy, Camille Paglia, among other personalities. The four episodes are Crossroad (2008), followed by Digital (2008)...
49. Pedro Furtado Pedro Furtado Actor, Mulheres Apaixonadas
50. Luely Figueiró Luely Figueiró Actress, Briga, Mulher e Samba
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