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1. Katee Sackhoff Katee Sackhoff Actress, Riddick
2. Barbara Niven Barbara Niven Actress, A Perfect Ending
3. Kaitlin Olson Kaitlin Olson Actress, The Heat Born in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon, Kaitlin cultivated her passion for acting at the University of Oregon, where she got her Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts. After her stint on stage, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting professionally. She began at The Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood...
4. Bret Harrison Bret Harrison Actor, Orange County
5. Joel David Moore Joel David Moore Actor, Avatar
6. Thomas Mann Thomas Mann Actor, Project X
7. Michael Cassidy Michael Cassidy Actor, Argo
8. Sally Struthers Sally Struthers Actress, Five Easy Pieces Cute as a button and with a petite, porcelain prettiness and vulnerability that endeared her to the American public, Sally Struthers nabbed a series role in the early 1970s and became a solid part of TV history as a member of a dysfunctional family quartet in the milestone sitcom, All in the Family. She was born Sally Ann Struthers on July 28...
9. Mitch Pileggi Mitch Pileggi Actor, The X Files
10. Kim Rhodes Kim Rhodes Actress, Another World Kim Rhodes grew up in Portland, Oregon. She attended Southern Oregon State College and earned her B.F.A. in Acting and graduated summa cum laude. Kim graduated from Temple University with her Masters in Fine Arts (M.F.A.). She is certified in four kinds of stage combat: hand-to-hand, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger...
11. Laura Allen Laura Allen Actress, All My Children Grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Attended Wellesley College as a Sociology major and graduated in 1996. She worked with the NYPD as a domestic violence counselor before pursuing acting.
12. John Robinson John Robinson Actor, Lords of Dogtown Likes snowboarding and plays lacrosse for his school. He was chosen out of 3000 children to play in the controversial film by Gus Van Sant which mirrors the Columbine school shootings called Elephant. John took acting classes in Portland years prior to his acting debut in this movie. Coming up...
13. Jane Powell Jane Powell Actress, Royal Wedding Jane Powell was singing and dancing at an early age. She sang on the radio and performed in theaters before her screen debut in 1944. Through the 1940s and 1950s, she had a successful career in movie musicals. However, in 1957, her career in films ended, as she had outgrown her innocent girl-next-door image...
14. Preston Bailey Preston Bailey Actor, There's Something About Harry
15. Michelle Clunie Michelle Clunie Actress, The Usual Suspects Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Michelle Clunie, who has won critical and popular audiences for her portrayal of the beautiful, intelligent, human Melanie Marcus of Showtime's groundbreaking series Queer as Folk, may have learned few specifics about playing a lesbian. But it was certainly there that she developed the talent...
16. Max Records Max Records Actor, Where the Wild Things Are
17. Erin Chambers Erin Chambers Actress, Happy Feet
18. Anne Schedeen Anne Schedeen Actress, Embryo
19. Matt Groening Matt Groening Writer, The Simpsons Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Matt Groening did not particularly like school, which is what originally turned him towards drawing. In the mid-1980s, he moved to Los Angeles and started drawing a comic strip named "Life in Hell", which eventually became published in the newspaper where he worked. In 1988...
20. Erin Way Erin Way Actress, The Collection A former ballet dancer, Way got the acting bug while in high school and has never looked back. She has already worked with such names as Mark Ruffalo, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard, and Joe Dante. She comes from a family of six children and was home schooled with her two brothers through high school. She lives in Los Angeles.
21. Alex Frost Alex Frost Actor, Elephant
22. Lisa Foiles Lisa Foiles Actress, Lococycle
23. Zachary Ray Sherman Zachary Ray Sherman Actor, Archie's Final Project
24. Bill Hudson Bill Hudson Self, Episode #1.16
25. Margaux Hemingway Margaux Hemingway Actress, Lipstick The surname alone connoted fortune, wealth and creativity, but Portland-born Margaux Hemingway worked hard throughout her career to carve her own niche in the Hemingway saga. Raised in Ketchum, Idaho, Margaux worked various jobs in the Sun Valley area before traveling to New York City in the mid 1970's...
26. Judi Meredith Judi Meredith Actress, Jack the Giant Killer
27. Bob Steele Bob Steele Actor, The Big Sleep The son of director Robert N. Bradbury, Bob Steele began his show-business career early: he was part of his family's vaudeville act at age two, and toured with them all over the West Coast. At age 14 he and his twin brother Bill Bradbury made their film debuts in a series of comedy shorts directed by their father...
28. Jeff Richards Jeff Richards Actor, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Jeff Richards, born Richard Mansfield Taylor in Portland, Oregon, was a graduate of Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Washington. Upon graduation he was ready to embark on a career in professional baseball when he entered the Navy in June of 1943. During World War II, he served as a radio technician until his discharge in 1946...
29. Bruce Abbott Bruce Abbott Actor, Re-Animator While still in his teens, Bruce Abbott discovered the thrill and fulfillment of acting, and followed his dreams to Hollywood. Over the past 20 years, he's made a name for himself as a Dark Prince, excelling in roles that show the duality of human nature in such films as Re-Animator and Summer Heat and the TV series, Dark Justice.
30. David DeCoteau David DeCoteau Director, Creepozoids A dual citizen of Canada and the USA, David DeCoteau has worked professionally in the movie business since he was 18 years old. He got his start through a generous offer from movie legend Roger Corman, who hired him in 1980 as a production assistant at New World Pictures. In 1986, DeCoteau directed and produced his first feature film for another generous film legend...
31. Kett Turton Kett Turton Actor, Wrath of the Titans Kett Turton was born on April 4 1982 in Portland Oregon USA to Canadian parents. He grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From a young age he was keenly interested in theatre and began working in film as a teenager in both Canada and the US. At the age of 24 he moved to London to study acting for 3 years at RADA...
32. Matt Lattanzi Matt Lattanzi Actor, Roxanne
33. Erin Matthews Erin Matthews Actress, Valentine's Day
34. Renn Woods Renn Woods Actress, The Jerk Renn Woods is a legendary icon in stage, TV and film, an amazing vocalist and talented emerging playwright. As a child star and teenage heartthrob, Renn is best-known for her roles as "Fanta" in the Emmy Award-winning TV mini-series Roots. Her unforgettable interpretation of "Aquarius" in Milos Forman's movie musical, Hair, is an official classic...
35. Bonnie Root Bonnie Root Actress, Coming Soon
36. Aaron Katz Aaron Katz Director, Cold Weather
37. Carrie Finklea Carrie Finklea Actress, Elephant
38. Carey Hayes Carey Hayes Writer, The Conjuring
39. Mayo Methot Mayo Methot Actress, Marked Woman
40. Bill Plympton Bill Plympton Director, Idiots and Angels
41. Kirk Thornton Kirk Thornton Actor, Ninja Scroll
42. Holiday Reinhorn Holiday Reinhorn Writer, Last Seen
43. Claudette Sutherland Claudette Sutherland Actress, A Little Romance
44. Kathleen Hanna Kathleen Hanna Soundtrack, Not Another Teen Movie
45. Chad Hayes Chad Hayes Writer, The Conjuring
46. Tonya Harding Tonya Harding Self, Newsmakers of the 90s, Where Are They Now?
47. Esperanza Spalding Esperanza Spalding Self, History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears
48. Nick Sutton Nick Sutton Actor, Gummo
49. Debra Lamb Debra Lamb Actress, The G-string Horror: Demon Cut Debra Lamb is a classically trained ballet dancer who turned her sights to acting after moving to Los Angeles with her family. While pursuing her acting career, she dedicated herself to studying acting, continued dancing, and became a skilled fire-eater. Debra has worked with such acclaimed directors as Kathryn Bigelow...
50. Kevin O'Rourke Kevin O'Rourke Actor, The Aviator Kevin O'Rourke was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Tacoma, Washington. The fifth of eight children, he left the Pacific Northwest to attend college in Massachusetts in 1974 and has lived on the East Coast ever since. Primarily a stage actor, he has performed in numerous plays in New York City in the last twenty years as well as many television and film projects...
1-50 of 544 names.