9 names.

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1. Stephen Lewis Stephen Lewis Actor, Holiday on the Buses
2. Alex Polizzi Alex Polizzi Self, The Fieldhead, Looe Alessandra Maria-Luigia O Polizzi Di Sorrentino (born 28 August 1971) is a British hotelier, and the presenter of the British TV series The Hotel Inspector[3] on Channel 5, taking over from Ruth Watson. Polizzi comes from a long line of hoteliers, her grandfather being Lord Forte. Her mother, the hotel designer Hon...
3. Ted Burnett Ted Burnett Actor, Star Wars
4. Tom Adams Tom Adams Actor, The Great Escape
5. Jimmy Greaves Jimmy Greaves Self, Episode #4.19
6. Elsie Waters Elsie Waters Actress, Gert and Daisy's Weekend
7. Denis DeMarne Denis DeMarne Actor, The Man with Two Heads
8. Lind Joyce Lind Joyce Actress, The Clouded Crystal
9. Ava June Ava June Actress, The Turn of the Screw
9 names.