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1. David Zayas David Zayas Actor, Dexter
2. Lymari Nadal Lymari Nadal Actress, American Gangster Lymari came to Los Angeles in 2001, and at 22 years old finished her Masters degree in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, where she also took acting classes. After graduating, she went on to work in theater in San Juan. Her first TV show, a sitcom based on her own experiences in grad school...
3. Miriam Colon Miriam Colon Actress, Scarface
4. Berto Colon Berto Colon Actor, Two Night Stand
5. Denise Quiñones Denise Quiñones Actress, Aquaman
6. Draco Rosa Draco Rosa Soundtrack, Shrek 2
7. Maria-Elena Laas Maria-Elena Laas Actress, Vital Signs
8. Nina DePonca Nina DePonca Actress, Dr. Caligari
9. Roseny Carrero Roseny Carrero Actress, A Perfect Prank
10. Daniel V. Graulau Daniel V. Graulau Actor, Ray Donovan Born Daniel Vargas Graulau in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He attended American International College in Massachusetts, earning a B.A. in Sociology and later an M.A. in Psychology. His interest in acting began his last year of graduate school when he attended the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York where he studied with the likes of Ron Burrus and Patrick Quagliano.
11. 'Lee' George Quinones 'Lee' George Quinones Actor, Wild Style
12. Hector Lavoe Hector Lavoe Soundtrack, Carlito's Way
13. Marta Romero Marta Romero Actress, El señor doctor
14. Diego de la Texera Diego de la Texera Writer, Meteoro Diego de la Texera was one of the founders of Sandino Filmes, a pioneering film company in San Juan, where he worked for many years as cinematographer and producer. In the 70's he migrated to El Salvador, where he wrote, photographed and directed the documentary "El Salvador: el pueblo vencerá" (1980)...
15. Carmen Dominicci Carmen Dominicci Actress, Primer impacto: edición nocturna
16. Walter Mercado Walter Mercado Self, Chasing Papi Flamboyant Puerto Rican astrologer known the world over for his horoscope readings, new age books, and appearances on the talk show circuit.
17. Mercedes Ashley Mercedes Ashley Actress, Sex Illusions
18. Wilfred Rodriguez Wilfred Rodriguez Producer, An Evil Mind Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Wilfred Rodriguez has always been an avid fan of cinema; the world of film making intrigued him and it became his passion. At the age of nine, he moved to West Point, New York when his father joined the US Army. In high school, Wilfred had the opportunity to participate in the school's video program...
19. Miguel Godreau Miguel Godreau Actor, Altered States
20. Ivelisse Velez Ivelisse Velez Actress, Lucha Underground
21. Luis Raul Luis Raul Actor, East Side Story
22. Javier Culson Javier Culson Self, 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009
23. Elin Ortiz Elin Ortiz Producer, El show de Iris Chacon
24. Gilluis Pérez Gilluis Pérez Actor, The Least Worst Man Gilluis Fernando Pérez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is a half Dominican and Puerto Rican, actor, producer, writer and director. Pérez is better known for his portrayal in film and theatre. Based in Manhattan, he is currently an alumni at The Actor's Studio in New York City. He was named by local newspaper...
25. Esther Sandoval Esther Sandoval Actress, Creature from the Haunted Sea
26. Pedro Pietri Pedro Pietri Actor, It Could Happen to You
27. Orlando Cepeda Orlando Cepeda Self, El Efecto Clemente
28. Marisol Calero Marisol Calero Actress, Under Suspicion
29. Andy Rivera Andy Rivera Actor, Gospel According to Harry Andy Rivera was born in May 1961 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is an actor, print model, and producer, known for Gospel According to Harry (1994), Shooting The Prodigal (2015), American Genius (2015), King Lear (2015), and Impure (2016). Playing guitar and singing from his high school and college days, Andy Rivera is not new to entertainment...
30. Tommy Muñiz Tommy Muñiz Actor, Lo que le pasó a Santiago
31. Maripily Maripily Self, No te duermas Voluptious Puerto Rican model who made a splash on the local hit show "No Te Duermas". She is branching off into film projects and has released a calendar.
32. Edwin Villa Edwin Villa Stunts, Beowulf Born in (Ponce) Puerto Rico, Raised in Burke Virginia, Edwin Villa has traveled a long way to the west shores of California in pursuit of his God given dreams. He is a master of the martial arts, holding 15 years of experience. Thanks to his talents he was given the opportuninty to work first as a stuntmen in films and gradually worked himself as a fight coordinator...
33. Pedro Cruz Pedro Cruz Producer, Los Domirriqueños
34. Giovanni Niubo Giovanni Niubo Actor, Lincoln Rd. Giovanni Niubo is an American actor born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami. Three months after his welcoming, Niubo and his family arrived at the "Sunshine State" Miami, Florida, where he was raised. His father Luis is American & Italian, born and raised in New York. His mother, Chelin (an interior designer) is Cuban with Spanish ancestry...
35. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda Self, Religulous
36. Ricky Ledee Ricky Ledee Actor, For Love of the Game
37. Ednita Nazario Ednita Nazario Self, Romance del cumbanchero
38. Alfonso Josè Alvarez Alfonso Josè Alvarez Self, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Alfonso José Alvarez, also known as Mister iconik, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He is an artist manager and educator who is the co-founder of iconik ARTISTS, Inc. His clients include Rob Campman (formerly Southstar), MyVerse and music producer Kameo. Alvarez began his career in the music industry over 20 years ago...
39. Roberto Alomar Roberto Alomar Self, Sunday Night Baseball
40. Teofilo Torres Teofilo Torres Actor, Che: Part One
41. José Ballesteros José Ballesteros Sound Department, El día que llegaron Jose Ballesteros (Graphic Artist & Web Master) has, since 1992, Been copywriter and in-house graphic artist for PromoAge Advertising Agency. Until 1994 he was responsible for the creation of brand characters and several special events including Coors Light, In-Line Skating Challenge, U-Ka-Lele and Jack Daniel's Acoustical Jam...
42. Fernando Arbello Fernando Arbello Actor, Barber Shop Blues
43. Mario Montez Mario Montez Actor, Mario Banana I
44. Cheo Feliciano Cheo Feliciano Soundtrack, Something Wild
45. Jose Reynoso Jose Reynoso Transportation Department, The Last Seduction
46. Carlos Ortiz Carlos Ortiz Self, Champions Forever: The Latin Legends
47. Benito Santiago Benito Santiago Self, Sunday Night Baseball
48. José Torres José Torres Self, Hozee Toresu Jose Torres was a member of the 1956 US Olmpic Boxing Team. As an amateur boxer he won the 1958 Inter-City Golden Glives Boxing Championship. Turned professional on May 24, 1958 knocking out Sgt. Gene Hamilton in one round in Broojlyn, New York. Was undefeated until 1963. With a record of 26-0-1 with 21 knockouts...
49. Ruth Fernández Ruth Fernández Actress, The Fiend of Dope Island
50. Diego Flores Diego Flores Art Department, In This Tricky Life
1-50 of 66 names.