16 names.

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1. David Chokachi David Chokachi Actor, Baywatch
2. Amy Lynn Baxter Amy Lynn Baxter Self, Playboy Girls of Radio: Talk, Rock and Shock
3. Amanda George Amanda George Actress, Don McKay
4. Keith Heisler Keith Heisler Miscellaneous Crew, American Dad!
5. Gia Steel Gia Steel Actress, Revenge of the Petites
6. Chris Alberghini Chris Alberghini Producer, Awkward.
7. Phoenix Farrell Phoenix Farrell Soundtrack, Transformers
8. Ali Ferrisi Ali Ferrisi Producer, The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman
9. Hayden Slater Hayden Slater
10. Philip Forman Philip Forman Actor, Smoking Philip Forman was selected by Matthew Modine and Todd Field to represent their co-directorial debut; in a short film entitled "When I Was A Boy" (1993); to which Forman portrayed both the lead and narrator. This obscure short film was showcased at both The Sundance Film Festival and The Museum of Modern Art's New Directors/New Films Series...
11. Shelby Slater Shelby Slater
12. Dale Livingston Dale Livingston Self, The NFL on CBS
13. Rob Gomes Rob Gomes Producer, Preachers of Atlanta
14. Christopher N. Carlson Christopher N. Carlson Producer, Die Reederei Waried - ein Kapitel der deutschen Technikgeschichte
15. R.S. Clayton R.S. Clayton Sound Department, Party Girl
16. J. Hilton Smyth J. Hilton Smyth Actor, Down to the Sea in Ships
16 names.