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1. Mika Abdalla Mika Abdalla Actress, Saige Paints the Sky Mika Abdalla, also known as Mikayla Abdalla, has been acting since she was 8. She is best known for playing McKeyla McAlister in the Netflix original series, Project MC2 (2015). She is also known for American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky (2013), Summer's Shadow (2014), Departure (2012), The Fandango Sisters (2012), and Barney & Friends (2008).
2. Kevin McHale Kevin McHale Actor, Glee
3. Kenton Duty Kenton Duty Actor, My Name Is Khan Kenton Duty began his acting career when he was 9-years-old in the Dallas Theater Center's stage production of "A Christmas Carol". He began auditioning for roles in Los Angeles after he was discovered at a workshop at the Young Actors Studio in Dallas, Texas by Hollywood talent agent Cindy Osbrink...
4. John Benjamin Hickey John Benjamin Hickey Actor, Flags of Our Fathers
5. Josh Blaylock Josh Blaylock Actor, No Country for Old Men
6. Zachary Mabry Zachary Mabry Actor, The Little Rascals
7. Nikki Moore Nikki Moore Actress, Kiss the Abyss
8. Kristin Adams Kristin Adams Self, Attack of the Show! Kristin Adams (nee Holt) is an actress, singer, and television personality best known for her work on G4TV's "Attack Of The Show", "Cheat", and "X-Play." She first burst onto television screens as a top 30 finalist during season one of FOX's "American Idol," and was then asked back as co-host and special correspondent for season two...
9. Dane Davenport Dane Davenport Actor, Flight
10. Joey Oglesby Joey Oglesby Actor, Fruitvale Station Joey was born on June 3rd, 1978 in Plano, Texas. He moved around throughout his childhood before ending up back in Plano where he graduated from high school. After attending Baylor University and studying Theatre Arts, he moved to New York for a few years. He then moved back to Dallas where he worked as an actor in both stage and broadcast for several years...
11. C.H. Greenblatt C.H. Greenblatt Writer, Chowder
12. Quindon Tarver Quindon Tarver Actor, Romeo + Juliet
13. Bryn Apprill Bryn Apprill Actress, Evangerion shin gekijôban: Kyu
14. Larry Caughlan Jr. Larry Caughlan Jr. Self, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
15. Devorah Rose Devorah Rose Actress, Storytelling
16. Keech Rainwater Keech Rainwater Self, Academy of Country Music Pre-Show
17. Kelsey McCann Kelsey McCann Actress, Dracula's Guest
18. Greg Buis Greg Buis Self, Survivor Born in Plano, Texas on New Years Eve 1975, Greg Buis is the youngest of four siblings (he has two brothers and a sister). He was raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and later went to study anthropology at Brown University. He lived in Santa Monica, California during his high school years. Along the way...
19. Josh Long Josh Long Director, For the Title
20. Hunter Holder Hunter Holder Miscellaneous Crew, Looper
21. Heda Patrick Heda Patrick Actress, Hold
22. Margo Rowder Margo Rowder Actress, Skunk Ape!? Margo Rowder grew up in Parker, Texas - home of Southfork Ranch (seen in the opening credits of the original "Dallas" TV series). Margo studied design and music at the University of North Texas and promptly moved to Chicago after graduation. There, she spent seven years in the art direction side of print/TV advertising before making the rare, lucky shift into writing...
23. Paul Lindquist Paul Lindquist Actor, The Meant to Be's
24. Doreen Murphy Doreen Murphy Actress, Donnie Brasco
25. Zach Zurcher Zach Zurcher Director, Californication
26. Channing Webb Channing Webb Miscellaneous Crew, Wops the Movie
27. Anson Funderburgh Anson Funderburgh Soundtrack, 21 Grams
28. Yusef Svacina Yusef Svacina Editorial Department, Boyhood
29. Nellsyn Hill Nellsyn Hill Actress, Where We Started Nellsyn is the oldest of three daughters born to Bunker and Lori Hill, both high school teachers in Dallas, Texas. She went to Prince of Peace Christian School and Creekview High School in Carrollton. In 2011 she attended the National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford...
30. Ian Lokey Ian Lokey Actor, Unbound Ian Lokey was born in Plano, Texas on October 11,1985. The older of twin brothers, Ian received his BFA in Dramatic Performance from the University of Cincinnati. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to continue a career in film. Ian also produces web shorts with his company Chicken Fried Comedy, co-founded with his brother Grant.
31. Megan Woodall Megan Woodall Actress, Dragon Ball Z Megan is an actress hailing from Dallas, Texas and currently living and working in New York City. She is a three time nominee for the prestigious National Irene Ryan Award. Megan was nominated for a Leon Rabin award for Best Supporting Actress in 2002 for her portrayal of Ado Annie in Oklahoma! As a freshman in high school...
32. Eric Dillow Eric Dillow Actor, Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
33. Pat Thomas Pat Thomas Self, Super Bowl XIV
34. Pallavi Chamarthy Pallavi Chamarthy Actress, Results
35. Jeff Hillary Jeff Hillary Actor, Unnatural 20: The Ballad of Steve
36. Dave Major Dave Major Art Department, The Fighter
37. Victoria Pennington Victoria Pennington Actress, Drowning
38. Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Self, 1986 NFL Draft
39. Leila Jones Leila Jones Actress, St. Nick
40. Chris Klug-Price Chris Klug-Price Actor, Speedland
41. Keith Kubal Keith Kubal Actor, Haru
42. Shelomi Sanders Shelomi Sanders Actress, Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love
43. Alex Goff Alex Goff Director, What I'm Drowning In Alex Goff is a writer-director for Second Circle Productions, born in Plano, Texas, known for directing the short film "Damn Pretty Thing" (2013). He has also made three other short films called "How to Become Somebody Else" (2013) "Bad Moon Rising" (2013) "What I'm Drowning In" (2013) and a feature-length film, Fatal Estate (2013)
44. Traci Borders Traci Borders Camera and Electrical Department, Zombie Campout
45. Dan Schreiber Dan Schreiber Producer, Bustin' Down the Door
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