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1. Alexandra Moen Alexandra Moen Actress, Dickensian Alexandra Moen was born in Pisa in Italy. Having an oceanographer as a father meant that she and her family - teacher mother and two younger brothers - traveled along with his work and,at age six, she moved to Canada and then to Bermuda, ending up in England, where she completed her schooling. She read...
2. Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña Self, Jackass: The Movie
3. Dario Marianelli Dario Marianelli Composer, V for Vendetta
4. Gillo Pontecorvo Gillo Pontecorvo Director, The Battle of Algiers Gillo Pontecorvo was an Italian filmmaker. He is best known for his 1966 masterpiece, The Battle of Algiers, widely viewed as one of the finest films of its genre: realistic though fictionalized documentary. Its portrayal of the Algerian resistance during the Algerian War uses the neorealist style pioneered by fellow Italian film directors de Santis and Rossellini...
5. Eliot Sumner Eliot Sumner Soundtrack, Filth
6. Roberto Farnesi Roberto Farnesi Actor, Tea with Mussolini
7. Paolo Conticini Paolo Conticini Actor, Parlami di me
8. Antonio Tabucchi Antonio Tabucchi Writer, According to Pereira
9. Nina Soldano Nina Soldano Actress, Paprika
10. Concita De Gregorio Concita De Gregorio Self, Effetti Personali
11. Aldo Ralli Aldo Ralli Actor, The Great Beauty
12. Andrea Balestri Andrea Balestri Actor, Le avventure di Pinocchio
13. Roberto Malenotti Roberto Malenotti Director, Cenerentola '80
14. Valentino Orsini Valentino Orsini Writer, Figlio mio, infinitamente caro...
15. Francesco Picone Francesco Picone Writer, Anger of the Dead Francesco Picone was born in Pisa (Italy) on the 9th February, 1986. Inspired by his interest in cinema, after finishing high school he attends a movie institute in Florence. However, his practical education begins in 2008 when he starts working for a television network in Toscana as a director, editor and videomaker...
16. Letizia Lezza Letizia Lezza Actress, Il peso dell'aria
17. Lisa Galantini Lisa Galantini Actress, Il gioiellino
18. Lola Braccini Lola Braccini Actress, Sedotta e abbandonata
19. Rita Forzano Rita Forzano Casting Director, The Red Violin
20. Aldo Reggiani Aldo Reggiani Actor, The Cat o' Nine Tails
21. Afro Poli Afro Poli Actor, Le fatiche di Ercole
22. Paolo Cioni Paolo Cioni Actor, I primi della lista
23. Piero Pierotti Piero Pierotti Writer, Erik the Conqueror
24. Gianluca Magni Gianluca Magni Actor, Un affare trasversale
25. Chiara Basile Fasolo Chiara Basile Fasolo Actress, Un matrimonio Chiara was born on January 26, 1991, in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. Then she moved to Rome and start her career in Tv Series. The last with the important cinema director Pupi Avati. She's working also in theatre plays and dubbling. She is trilingual, she speaks English and Spanish in addition to her native Italian...
26. Lina Nerli Taviani Lina Nerli Taviani Costume Designer, Habemus Papam
27. Faliero Rosati Faliero Rosati Writer, High Frequency
28. Chiara Paoli Chiara Paoli Actress, Un gioco da ragazze
29. Paolo Benvenuti Paolo Benvenuti Director, Gostanza da Libbiano
30. Indiana Adams Indiana Adams Actress, I Didn't Come Here to Die
31. Edoardo Carmignani Edoardo Carmignani Visual Effects, Augmented
32. Chiara Bellini Chiara Bellini Writer, The Green Years
33. Nini Dinelli Nini Dinelli Actress, Il carro sulla montagna
34. Titto Ruffo Titto Ruffo Self, Titto Ruffo
35. Tiziana Parenti Tiziana Parenti Self, S.B.: Io lo conoscevo bene
36. Lietta Tornabuoni Lietta Tornabuoni Writer, Cinecittà 50
37. Carlo Minello Carlo Minello Actor, I 3 aquilotti
38. Massimo Bavastro Massimo Bavastro Writer, Quello che cerchi
39. Matthew Lister Matthew Lister Actor, Working Stiffs
40. Cristiano Militello Cristiano Militello Actor, Box Office 3D: Il film dei film
41. Alessandro Golinelli Alessandro Golinelli Director, Ottavio Mario Mai
42. Paola Marchetti Paola Marchetti Soundtrack, Avanti!
43. Lorenzo Morganti Lorenzo Morganti Editor, Exit: Una storia personale
44. Ursula Ferrara Ursula Ferrara Director, Cinque stanze
45. Sergio Di Pasquale Luci Sergio Di Pasquale Luci Writer, Visioni di Palio
46. Sandro Salvini Sandro Salvini Actor, Terra madre
47. Soozie Tyrell Soozie Tyrell Self, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Born in the U.S.A. Live
48. Enrico Novelli Enrico Novelli Director, Un matrimonio interplanetario
49. Paolo Breccia Paolo Breccia Writer, L'uomo privato
50. Gabriele Caselli Gabriele Caselli Composer, Anger of the Dead
1-50 of 54 names.